Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It is very very heart wrenching to see the people suffering there and locals loosing their everything for no fault of their own.Everybody knows why it happened..due to rampant corruption,and construction without considering ecological impact.Nature take its own toll when you abuse it. I just hope that we have learned a lesson.

It is very disappointing to see that  we have so many billionaires , million ares but nobody ( leave aside a few like Tatas and M& M) has come forward to help. And what about our bollywood.....nobody has bothered to think beyond box office and their own earnings.The need of the time is to be generous, if all big industrialist com forward, we can rebuild Uttarakhand area within a few months. and the main focus should be on locals who lost their homes, their business everything.

And after all this I thought what any person individually  can do in the long run.,,,

  • Pilgrimages are for once in a life time, today if anyone can afford they want to go everywhere every year and put a strain on the infrastructure of that place.. and its considered faith and belief in God..To worship god and see him we dont need to go there everywhere, he is in our heart and home and in every human being.We must not make them crowded by going frequently. And if we can , then very old and children need not to go there as its not a picnic spot.
  • constructing a vacation home in hills should be discouraged, as for the luxury of a few, many of the locals are suffering due to rampant construction.We must not look for a vacation home there.
  • Hills should be preserved in their natural way..no more comfortable roads till the top for affluent, Horses should be the for of conveyance as they dont need broad roads and it will increase employment too..of course road are needed to connect the places, but not for sight seeing.
  • Inflow of tourists must be monitored according to the infrastructure of that place.
  • Everything local should be preserved and encouraged,be it food or other items..no more fancy shops.For that we must eat the local fruits and cuisine and buy only local products from there.

After all that I saw a report today  which said that while rescuing, old,invalid, children and  WOMEN were given preference..now did any woman say there that they are equal and shouldnt be given preference?


Found In Folsom said...

See how Japan recovered after the earth quake. With so many resources, why can't we?

Dilip said...

Excellent review on the Himalayan devastation. Your recommendations and observations are right on spot.

I guess the corporate and Bollywood know that the India Army and Airforce men are there to do their duty with daring and disregard to their own lives.

Cheers :)

Jeevan said...

I agree with your points! Leaving nature as it is good for everyone.

Jeevan said...

I agree with your points! Leaving nature as it is good for everyone.

up↑take said...

This is the best piece on the subject I read so far. Our planners should read this.

SG said...

Very tragic.

rudraprayaga said...

I support the facts shown here.Though we have learned a lesson where as the selfish politicians haven't at all.They may build any hell on earth for their gains.

rama said...

Very sad, however have we learnt anything from such tragic happenings?
We still find plastics strewn all over the various hill stations despite boards put everywhere not to do so. We build ill legal constructions for the sake of money, we take mother earth for granted defile her, it is not as if the residents of these places were not aware of the way their land was getting abused both by them and the travellers. However, now everything has gone, their livelihood, their holy temples, everything, even when things are set right(we don't know how long it might take), the place would never be the same ever. It is a lesson for all of us to know: we get only what we give, and we should never take mother earth for granted ever.
And we should also learn to respect the brave people who have been relentlessly saving people taking considerable risks, and stop cribbing that the facilities are not good etc.

Renu said...

Found in Folsom: we will also do, but in how much time..thats important.

Dilip: its very sad, but poor indians give more than rich ones..

Jeevan: we are under the illusion that we can do anything and change anything but nobody can dominate the nature..

uptake: thanks a lot for appreciating it:)

SG: more so because we brought it on..

rudraprayaga..nobody learns a ny lesson:(

rama:what you say is so true..we are complete cribbers and latch on to luxury without thinking about consequences..

Usha Menon said...

I hope that the conscience of the'people who matter' is aroused.Such a mass scale devastation should shake them out of their slumber.

Renu said...

Usha Menon: for them we cant say, but from our side we must start doing our bit..

Anonymous said...

Right observations. Anyone with respect for environment will not destroy the place with promotional pilgrimage tours. This areas should have limited access and funding done by the establishment for livleihood of natives. As far the holiday homes for the rich they can catch a plane and enjoy in other places and leave our hills alone.
Pattu. Gardenerat60

Ruminating Optimist said...

Equality unfortunately is claimed only in the context of rights, not in terms of duties and responsibilities.

Renu said...

Pattu: T%here ia so much that we also as an idividual can do, but how many people do that?

Ruminating Optimist: looks like we think alike:)

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