This latest suicide of a film star and arrest of her boy friend tell us the flaws of modern living and thinking. Today all youngsters want to have a relationship, but whenever something goes wrong, they blame everything on the other person.In a modern society if one wants to have a trial life, one must be prepared for heart breaks and breakups.And one more point is shown by this incident that either girls must accept that they are made differently, so behave accordingly or be ready to face the consequences.

When one gets friendly, there is no guarantee that you will get a life partner first time itself. Any one of the couple may not like other after sometime, and he/ she has full right to break it and none should be blamed for it, because they were not in marriage.

Today everybody wants to have his/her cake and eat it too.But life doesnt go according to the people. One can never pressurise someone to love or marry, and infact it wouldnt do any good to marry a person who doesnt want you.

I totally dislike the parents who initially allow their children total freedom without any boundaries and then when something goes wrong, instead of accepting their fault or their children's, start putting the blame on their partner.

In an adult world nobody should be held responsible for any other person's life, when one is free to live life the way one wants it, one must take the responsibility for one's actions..and here is the crux..very few are ready to take it..

We must accept that every culture has its pros n cons, and this is the cons of modern society,if the girls want to go into relationships, they must make themselves prepared for heart breaks and unwanted pregnancies, its their choice.


Chatty Wren said…
Agree with you on taking responsibility for one's actions, true measure of maturity! And every culture has its pros and cons!
SG said…
Yup. You are absolutely correct.
Usha Menon said…
Renu I agree that every one is responsible for his/her actions.
I agree. It is very important to take responsibility of one's choices. I think teens these days give up too easily.
sm said…
agree with you
Quite a sensible post. I something wonder why people try to play God in our society. They want to diktat each and every decision in the lives of their children and protect them from harms way. That is just not possible in today's world. Let people take their own decisions and be responsible for it as well. Will give them strength to face the challenges thrown at every corner in today's world.
Avada Kedavra said…
Agree with you. One cannot force the other person to marry them and must be prepared for breakups when they are entering the relationship.
Renu said…
Chatty wren: yes, we want to enjoy the freedom but avoid the responsibility that comes with this.

SG: Thanks!

Usha Menon:Its ridiculous to torture someones else for anyone's suicide.

Goingbeyondthepages.Again, a lot of responsibility lies with parents and their upbringing..

sm: Thanks!

Ramakant:.But children take the freedom, not the consequences.

Avada todays scenario,its ridiculous to blame the other person for breakup or anything..

Rahul Bhatia said…
Agree Renu , it is time each adult takes responsibility of his /her life!
indu chhibber said…
Renu this is the first post i have read & i agree totally with what you say.Dating should be used for getting to know each other;& if A does not like B, he should be free to break off.Hold the intimacies till you are sure of the permanance,but today the scene is entirely different.
Parents are quick to blame the opposing party.For this,they don't even desist from revealing ugly details of a bygone soul.Strange!!!!
Renu said…
Rahul Bhatia:..yes, why we have this habit of always blaming others for problems in our life.

indu chhibber:if boys and girls want to live freely and have physical relationships, then they must understand the consequences too..Here the boy is being victimised for no fault of his...having affair or relationship is not illegal..
rama said…
Now a days it has become mandatory to have some ill feeling in relationship, and when things go wrong for various reasons they simply put they simply put the blame on the other person, whether it is a boy or a girl, leaving them to fight for their innocence.
Now that fellow may not have been so innocent, but since you know about the kind of person he is, it is not right to have relationship with him. They are all the aya gaya ram type of people. Plus because of the various bitterness in her career front it is quite natural for her to find somebody to put the blame on and just commit suicide.
However, like all rich and worthless boys he too will escape.

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