Friday, May 31, 2013


Just the other day my nephew was saying that people are neither good or bad,its vibes only we have good vibes with some and with some we dont...The same people are liked by some and disliked by some
And I have heard many people saying that in the outer world people love them whereas in family they are not valued...
Both above statements stem from the same....karma

In the first lets talk about vibes...what are vibes..we care for somebody, talk with love, spend our time, money on them, and do things for them and they get get good vibes from us..its our behaviour which gets us vibes, nothing else, if one misbehaves with some one, that someone will not good vibes from one..

The same person behaves differently with different persons...with one set of people he/she is all sweet, caring  ,polite and eager to please , and with other set of persons, she/he is arrogant, rude,and never ready to do anything for the result is obvious, first set of people will like and second one will dislike..

And all this is not because different people react differently, NO all people react almost same to love, care, affection and rudeness and arrogance.So the culprit here is not other people, but the person himself/herself.

People outside have totally different view of the same person, as they get to know only the best side of the person or the fake facade put up by the person, its only the people living with them, who know the real person and their verdict is real.....

So be good to the people....everyone, not your own family only and see that you will get only good vibes and appreciation. If you get criticism, then think about it, and introspect whether its true. If its true, then instead of blaming people try to change yourself.


KParthasarathi said...

While this is true by and large,some people dislike some other right from beginning even when no harm is done or good is done.It stems from deep seated prejudice.It cannot be determined.
It could be some flimsy reason that they are friendly with some whom the other dislikes.Some relationships are fragile and viewed suspiciously without basis.
No matter how others vibe with us,we need to be positive in the hope they will see the real us one day or the other .

Tara said...

True indeed but very hard to practice.

Usha Menon said...

Hi Renu,this is a very motivational post. You are absolutely correct when you say that instead of critising others we should look within and analyse our own actions and feelings.

Zephyr said...

But Renu, sometimes it is ghar ki murgi and so the person is not valued, being taken for granted. We have many people around us that way, don't we? While what you say about outsiders respecting someone more might be true in some cases, it is not always the case. But of course, one has to be sincere and honest in one's dealings with everyone, be it family or outsiders.

Renu said...

KParthSarthi...Some people are disliked instantly but always for some thing we perceive about them, it may be true or false..sometimes its our prejudices too..

Tara:hard but not impossible:)

Usha Menon: we cant change other but we can purselves mend our ways.

Zephyr:woh to ha...some relationships come with a baggage and there its all the more necessary to be only nice..not fair or just:)

Jayashree said...

Very true, Renu.

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deeps said...

well, thats why are human beings not some robots or animals for that matter...

Ashwini C N said...

Yes, how we decided on whether a person is good or bad is based on the situation that they are in and the situation in which we judge them. So it becomes kinda unfair on our part to judge them and not be good to them for some random event.

sm said...

what we give we get in return instantly or after some time but it comes back one day in one or another form

Sandhya said...

I agree with you, Renu! If some people don't like us, first we must think why they are like that with us. If we are sure that it is without reason, then we should just ignore them. There is no meaning in getting upset.

P.N. Subramanian said...

Vibes seem to be somewhat similar to the "Strokes" (positive or negative) in Transactional Analysis relating to human behaviour, If I tend to be critical about this nice post, you will be forming a negative opinion about me. Is it not?

Renu said...

Jayshree: Thanks:) Thanks for including me, I am honoured.

deeps: well for that matter exactly we must try to find the reason for positive or negative vibes:)

Ashwini: Yes, and its futile to judge anybody, thats not our job, god will judge them.

sm: i firmly believe in this rule of Karma..

Sandhya: you are so right Sandhya..

P.N. Subramniyam:...Nice and critical..:)

I nevr form a negative opinion with any criticism of my post..I form an opinion about anyone after knowing their ideology for living life..

I always welcome constructive criticism as it stimulates my mind and give me new way of thinking the same thing.

indu chhibber said...

Well said Renu.

Renu said...

indu chhiber: Thanks indu!

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