Friday, May 3, 2013


Lessons in Forgetting..Anita Nair
a very good, interesting book and with a purpose.Meera is a corporate wife happy with her parties, elegant settings and etiquette's.whereas her husband is ambitious and wants to sell her house to start a business. When she denies it( she cant sell it as she has no right over it, but she doesnt tell it to him), he leaves her.Then the story is about how she picks up her life, meets Jak(Indian American, also divorced). And Jak is looking for the people who destroyed her daughter because she found a clinic where infanticide is being practised for money.Its quite interesting to read how Indians see a girl who is born and brought up in US and the different interpretation of same things and behaviour by Indians and Americans. How sensibilities change with upbringing and environment.

Stay Hungry Stay foolish...Rashmi Bansal
This is a very inspiring book. It is a compilation of 25 stories of IIM graduate who became entrepreneurs..I was very impressed with Mr Venkat Krishnan..graduate of 93 batch, he founded Give India...A quote from him...We need the best minds in our country to think .what is the best human ideal we aspire towards. Rather than what is the next 30 Cr. flat I can buy for myself or whatever else I can do for myself..
Otherwise everybody is an inspiration in this book.

Who will cry  ,when you die..Robin Sharma
Nothing special, very routine advice for a good living..


Sandhya said...

I think I should look for this book, 'stay hungry...'. Thanks for the recommendation!

Rachit Aggarwal said...

This book is very nice. My manager is also referred here, Madan Mohanka for Tega industries.

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