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I feel very frustrated when some famous people say that politics and sports should be  kept separate or music and politics should be kept  separate. arent sports and music a part of our life and arent our soldiers a part of our life? If our hand is hurt our eyes cry, can we keep them separate and say dont feel hurt?Our soldiers are not killed, they are BEHEADED...shouldnt we  say in one voice.we shall not tolerate it?.Is it politics to feel for our fellow countrymen?...

How can people even think about AMAN KI AASHA  and SUR SHETRA with this back ground. We are considered weak if we think humane.War is not the answer and so is these culture exchanges..First we must make ourselves strong in all respects..internal, security and border security..and traitors should be punished, cleanse our own society, only then think about any cultural or otherwise exchanges.


It is about India, Indian people, their quirks, moralities, food everything. She has written and covered almost everything about our lives and since this book was written in 2008, situation has changed. She thought Mayawati and Hillary Clinton will be heads in their respective place but it didnt happen..She has hyped Vijay Mallya..look where is he now and same with Amar singh..India is changing at a higher speed than she could visualise.  The only thing that rankles me is that for the things she ridicules and in the same line she accepts that she also does the if evolved people will also not make effort to change then how will it be done.
But the book is written in a fluid way and very interesting to read, I wanted to quote many sentences here, but I think it would be better if you read it..
worth it, try it

ENGLISH AUGUST..Upmanyu Chatterjee
I am puzzled why some writers are hyped so much..heard a lot about this book and there was a movie too but its…


It is normally seen that whenever there is a death in any family, visitors talk like this..

They didnt see a good doctor, otherwise this would havent happened..

Nobody cared much..

They could have taken the person to a big city for treatment..

I would like to ask whether the outsiders love the person more than the family?
Have they done anything for that person when he/she was alive?
Doesnt always the family do the best they can?
Who knows about families constraints and problems?
and last but not the least have you come here to be a support or give them more grief and regret?

People defeat the purpose of their visit by their suggestions and criticism, grieving family needs support in every way,nothing else, so try to give whatever you can but please no suggestions and no ifs and buts...


Just as i wrote in my last post about the mind set of people who think that English speaking and smartly dressed people get more respect, yesterday one of my friend told me a real incident..

He went to bank for some work and was sitting there when he saw a man, dark complexioned(another of our prejudices), dressed in dhoti could speak only Tamil,he had a draft for 5000/..and he needed money immediately for her daughter's delivery. But the clerk over there didnt help him instead he said that you deposit in your account and you will get it after 2 days. But that man needed money that day only, he had the urgent need, her daughter was in hospital, he said that bank could deduct some charge and give him the amount..but nobody in the bank listened to him and offered any solution.So this friend of mine called him and asked the details and then told the officer over there that they could always buy the draft..there is a provision in bank.but they gave excuses like..we have to see the re…