Monday, March 16, 2015


I am back home and full of i just wanted to start writing and when I couldnt sort out my though then thought of writing a few lines about Munich, as this is one one new place I saw in this trip.

Its a beautiful city and i found it very cheap coming from the Zurich:). Its a three and half hour drive from Zurich. So we stayed at Hilton..very near to the centre of Munich Marianne Platz. Most of the European countries have a centre where everything converges..shops and restaurants and some monuments also..We found so many Indian restaurants and very friendly to the pocket, though I feel some were run by Pakistanis, and can you imagine, they sell arhar daal as daal makhaani and its selling like hot cakes. They were always full of everyone but Indians.
In front of the hotel only one can find all cuisines..thai, mexican,italian, Indian all.

Then next day we planned to go to BMW Museums and Sea aquarium. Actually all the beautiful parks and open spaces were covered with snow, we could see only indoors.Sea aquarium was a delight to see and outside there was a lake and beautiful scenery with so many flamingos.Saw the museum, but i am not a technical person:)

For shopping its a paradise, everything was good and affordable.

Its a very big city with lot of historical buildings and I loved having the drive thru the city and then in the evening it was so beautiful to walk around the designer shops and restaurants.


Sandhya said...

I haven't read much about this place. Nice to see the beautiful pictures, Renu! So, your grandchild is grown up now!

SG said...

Thanks for the excellent travelogue. And, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Ankita said...

wow! lovely shots :)

Rama Ananth said...

Munich was really lovely , even we enjoyed our stay there during our Europe trip.
Welcome back to the blog world!

sm said...

nice shots
welcome back
waiting to read more stories from your trip

Ashwini C N said...

Lovely pics :-) It's really nice to read about the travel tales, for now we can derive pleasure from reading this :-)

Renu said...

Sandhya: he is sucha a chatterbox Sandhya..I miss him so much..always with me..'


Ankita: Thanks!

Rama:Yes Munich has its own charm..I loved the city.

sm:Even i hope to write more about place.only if my memory supports me:)

Ashwini CN:..and then you plan to see them:)

chitra said...

Here after a long time. Happy to see and know your were travelling. Nice pictures there.

Renu said...

Chitra: Thank you Chitra !


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