Saturday, March 21, 2015


This writer is writing sequels in a real sense where the characters are same and story begins where the last one ended.The story is about Bitcoins, ATM heists, bank frauds, gaming and then people who are not what they seem to be.Money laundering of politicians, ambitions of bank officials, politicians colorful life and its consequences, even murder, everything is woven beautifully in the story. Thanks to this novel I came to know a little bit about bit coins also.
Quite an interesting book...the only thing I didnt like was that though most of the people are in gray area , but some get their due, whereas others enjoy may be true in real life, but here it becomes pessimistic.And though its writer's prerogative to build his characters, I would still say they write for the readers, because nobody writes for self I hope in his next I find justice.

Now reading Mountain of light by..Indu Sunderesan.

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