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Most of the people see what they want to where is the education and awareness?.

 There is this gentleman who never finds any fault in his own siblings or family,sometimes even justifies their wrongs,... whereas its known to everyone that his brother is a manipulative person and is very self centred, and looks after his own interest only, sometimes at the cost of others even.

Then there is this woman, who is always exploiting her inlaws,....but is unable to see that they care for her, and on the same time her husband thinks of her as a clean hearted person.

Then there is this person who takes lot of pride in being right in everything but where his wife is concerned , he has no idea about her.for him she is very simple, has no requirements, never spends anything, whereas she is just opposite of all this,

I see this all around me..we get all righteous and good only where others are involved, but when it comes to our own family, we  become blind to their faults.And then how can w…


Lately i keep listening to everybody saying that they have got the beest values or their parents imparted them the best.but the otherside is always without any kind of value...I really wonder, if everybody is so good, why is there so much of rudeness, and misery in the world, and where is the otherside.

There  was this lady who will thrust this sentence everytime there was a misunderstanding..

MY PARENTS have given me good values, and I cant live without them..
(mere mabaap ne hame bahut acche sanskaar diye hain ham to kuch aisa waisa kar hi nahin sakte)
.And I saw her behaving in the worst possible manner to her husband, and his family and she had no qualms about taking taking advantage of the family..leave aside siblings she didnt even care for his parents..

Now this is the values she had been brought up with:)

Then there was this young man who will claim very forcefully the same thing:)
Now this young man got caught in making money so much that he forgot his old friends, family ev…

Is discipline a bad word?

Today i see everybody disliking the word..discipline..they want to do everything they like, whether its food, outing, clothes,sleeping, getting up.Nobody thinks that all this routine in life for eating in time, sleeping at time, and doing things in discipline was not made to please others, but for self only.But since these habits show the effect in long term, people realize only when they have any problem.
Todays parents dont want to discipline children at all, they give them  and let them eat at whatever time and whatever junk food, all in the name of it love? I dont think so, I believe in Khalil Zibran when he is judicial giving , judicial withholding.
Today its all about affordability, if parents can afford they will buy all the junk .be it in food, clothes, toys, without giving a thought to how much damage they are doing to the planet and even their own child..
In my own life i see many indisciplined people who were brought up with love but no discipline, and …