Friday, September 9, 2016


Recently I was in Hyderabad for renting out my flat. and i cameto know that society association has decided not to allow landlords to let houses to bachelors, I find this very strange.I asked them that tomorrow your son goes somewhere for job or education and people denied him flats , how will you feel?
But they were adamant and when I talked to my nephew , he gave me enough to think about, how bachelors suffer..

  1. For them its very difficult to find a suitable dwelling due to people'e aversion to bachelors and whatever they find they end up paying more than the usual rent, though they may not be getting a high salary.
  2. Most of the people in surroundings, still consider them child and dont give them respect due as a tenant.
  3. They are admonished for everything they even if they are celebrating bdays, they are asked to stop music and stop disturbing people, whereas other residents may have pooja or bhajan or marriage ,whatever and may disturb them for whole night or day.
Isnt it time we introspected our attitude...we shouldnt be prejudiced for anything.Yes while giving them on rent, we can have conditions about cleaning or any damage or coming and going, but not giving them is unfair. Its a kind of racism only.


Amrita said...

Yes I know it's a kind a disservice to bachelors. I don't know what is the problem in apartments since they have separate entry and exit. I would understand if someone was renting a room within a house or say a floor where the entrance was through the house.
But again it can not be guaranteed families keep house any cleaner. I have seen a lot of dirty family homes.

sm said...

fully agree with you
this happens in majority societies and to avoid fights no one complains a typical Indian attitude it will not effect me

Loco mente said...

It also shows that marriage is prerequisite to b considered grown up... Responsibile and respectful... Thats really awful... Isn't the decision to b single or not a personal one... As you said it's a type of racism too !!!

Renu said...

Amrita; Its very unfair and biased thinking and that too by modern educated people.

sm: I tried to convince them but nobody listens to me, as it is I am considered an outsider there:).

Loco mente: very sad state in a country where people want to show themselves as progressive.
..If i had space i wouldnt mind even keeping a boy as paying guest and take care of him lovingly, bcause i know how lonely they feel, away from home.

Ankita Sharma said...

it is indeed, pple do not wish to change their rotten preconceived notions.


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