Saturday, November 4, 2017

Customer service

Today I realized what is customer service and the changes in the attitude of big stores and small stores.
Today i just went to a near buy local store for vegetable shopping and I bought two packets of milk,also. while billing i realized that one was leaking and when I tried to pick it up, it wet my dress also. But the counter person says that you will have to pay for this as you have done it. Whereas I am a very particular person, I didnt put it below heavy items or anything, and he was so rude that if I had a choice, i would never go that store again. Though i called the manager and he said that I am not supposed to pay for this.

Now if I go to a reputed store, big one, the person there would first take note of MY inconvenience, and apologize for that and clean the mess and would never ask me to pay for this.Customer satisfaction is a big point there.

Most of the local kirana stores  keep the prices arbitrarily,and then they complain abut hyper stores eating their business. So many times I find big difference in prices in velachery and T nagar only..I like big stores because they make shopping enjoyable and economical too by giving so many offers.


SG said...

I agree with you. Customer service in India, especially at smaller stores, is zero.

Sujatha Sathya said...

Yes big stores are attractive because of many factors and one of them is service

Renu said...

SG;Especially courtesy is absent.

Sujatha sathya: I have just realised that.

sm said...

agree with you
this happens with everyone
once i also fought milk paid him money and later realize milk pacekt was leaking but Kirana store person was not ready to change the packet but later he changed it as people started to gather.

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