Tuesday, November 7, 2017


If you worry about mother you should do this.

If you want to make your parents happy you must do this.

This is the least you can do after what we have done for you.

Have you heard all these sentences? I hear all them all the time from so many people. Is it the way life has to be or should be?? NO..Everybody has one life even your children, so let them live independently. And blackmailing them with the  sentence that their end is near so they should fully concentrate on them  is again misleading because life and death both are very uncertain, nobody knows how long he/she is going to live whether young or old.

I see many parents outliving the children.so.We consider the parents children  relationship very sacred and selfless but is that really so.I dont think so. In most of the families I see that parents are main reason for the conflicts in life.

I would never like to send my children on a guilt trip for anything and everything.I want them to fulfill their dreams and live a happy life.For me if they are happy, I am happy. I dont feel the need to call them for every little thing.Or make make me the centre of their life..No I am a part of their life and I want to remain there.

I feel that if parents have money, many problems can be solved by that,But if they dont have then children should provide for them but children shouldnt be asked to do the service of an attendant after a particular age.Yes its the duty of children to see that their parents get food, medicine ,clothes and all the care, but devoting 24 hrs to them is not good for children even..

Everyone needs to have a happy life to spread happiness all around.

In the next post i am going share some experiences about children being obsessed with their parents and the result of that:)


SG said...

As you correctly said money can solve most of the problems. Parents need not be dependent on children. Children will respect the parents. Money talks.

Sandhya said...

Parents should be there when the children need help and vice versa. But it should not be treated as an obligation. As you say, everybody has to live their life happily. Parents should try their best to keep some retirement money for themselves so that they need not expect their children to help them financially too.

Renu said...

SG: But many parents want children at their back and call.

Sandhya: yes, but many parents make the children feel guilty when they cant do everything parents desire.

Loco mente said...

Worth a thought... You said it right... There has to be a certain sense of independence in this sacred relationship of belongingness! Waiting for your next post! Quite curious! :)

Renu said...

Loco mente:Thank u:)

sm said...

yes money solves majority problems
but same time if kids are good money becomes big problem for old parents.they can do anything to get the money from parents.

Dilip said...

A very pertinent question to which there are no right or wrong answers. Children must be brought up to be independent and stand on their own feet. The best example is of birds whose little ones are set free as soon as they learn to fly. Its only in advance age or extreme compassionate situations must children take responsibility of their parents.

Dilip said...

Hi Renu my comment is not showing up?

Dilip Naidu said...

Wonder why my comment is not showing up?

Renu said...

sm: yes i see in the news everyday, for that parents have to be alert.

Dilip Naidu: sorry for the comment not showing up !

Many parents emotionally blackmail and take advantage, but they are parents so revered.


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