Sunday, May 27, 2018

Life lessons

Now a days I see lots of messages where govt and systems are criticized and then many where the other side is being shown, and  i think why not spend the same time bettering the system, so i feel that..first we should change ourselves and then only start showing mirror to system or govt, because nothing works without people..govt. is nothing but people here are few areas where we can change ourselves..

First one is paying taxes, we should hide our income and pay full tax, shouldnt take any recourse to find loop holes in the system. one should get unauthorized constructions in their homes. go the right way.

Never try try to find short cuts or jugaad for any legal recourse.

Do not get your children admitted to schools where donation is required....May be inconvenient but thats the price we should be ready to pay for a better country.

Dont try to find your son/daughter an admission in colleges through money..let them study according to their are made by passion to study, not by money.

Dont give any bribe anywhere,,,may be you may have to run around be prepared for that inconvenience.

Last but not the least..dont give respect to money but to values, ethics and honesty...earning shouldnt be equated with success.A fulfilling life can be lived with limited money but empathy for others is very important.

Once we can do all that then only we get the right to point fingers to others.


SG said...

Agree with everything but I have a question on the first one. You wrote "shouldnt take any recourse to find loop holes in the system.". Why there is a loop hole in the first place? When the Government make tax laws why they purposely create loop holes.?

indu chhibber said...

Good advice Renu.One more thing niggles me these days-whenever we buy groceries or something costly,we must ask for a receipt.

Renu said...

SG: You are right, but we can change ourselves only.

Indu chhibber:Good suggestion Induji! I always ask..

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