Tuesday, July 3, 2018


There was so much of hype was going around this movie that I had to see this one. Now this is supposed to be the biographical,but its not exactly a bio, because neither they have covered whole life, nor everything in any particular period. They have chosen a few aspect of Sanjay dutt,s life and elaborated on that only.that too in a very selective way showing only good part...so quite disappointing in that way because it looks like a PR exercise.

There is no mention of his first two marriages, even daughter, nothing much about his professional life and liaisons or friends except two. its only about how Sanjay was wronged by media, friends etc etc..

The best part of the movie is Vicky kaushal who plays a genuine friend of Sanju..he is so adorable that he lights up the scree when he comes up.Next best thing is Ranbir kapoor, he has done his part quite well and then Paresh Rawal is just excellent.Manisha koirala doesn't look like Nargis dutt and looks so haggard and jaded. Diya Mirja looks beautiful but expressionless..just wooden.And Anushka sharma is the biggest joke here..she looks more like a fashion model than a famous writer and just cries.
Music is also nothing to write about.

Its a one time watch to just see how well provided, and pampered children also ruin their life and how good parents take care of their kids and the best part it teaches us is that friends must be chosen with lot of care..here one friend destroys him and another always stood by him.


SG said...

Thanks for the warning.

indu chhibber said...

So many bios are being made today.I don't know what he has done to have a film made on him.

indu chhibber said...

There is a flood of biopics these days but what has Sanju done to deserve a movie about him?

Renu said...

SG: :)

indu chhibber: he has done so many wrong things that if anyone makes a real people will atleast learn what not to do..

sm said...

yes agree with you
I also like the character of his friend.
Anushka looks beautiful ,fashion model well said.
it is not a biopic movie.

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