Monday, June 25, 2018


Now a days whenever we are in a group, discussion veers towards retirement and where and how we are going to settle down. Since my group comprises of people in 40,s..there are lot of dreams and aspirations about retirement. But with that many are seeing with their parents what is the ground condition.
Many people think of settling in their home town, whereas their whole life they have been at other places but such is the lure of home town. But I will say think about it, nostalgia is good but practicality is different..may be there is nobody left whom you can bond with, because many people of your age may have to shift near their children and places have changed. Like i cant live in my home town any more, I like Chennai way better than any other place.
Some people want to be near their siblings and relatives...about that what can be said, except that by the time we retire, relationships dynamics have changed a lot,fondness may be still there,but not much closeness, and sometimes the end comes early and most of the people are more into their children.
Then its about independent house or apartment..everything has its own pros and cons..with independent house, one needs a watchman, gardener and maid for 24 hours, if one can afford all that, its easy to maintain, otherwise its better to have an apartment,because at least now you wouldnt be restricted in your retirement period. one can go and plan trips.

My personal dream is to live frugally  in a small village in a small house with lots of greenery outside..just with nature and God.or somewhere in community living.


Jeevan said...

I love to live in little towns rather that big cities.

SG said...

Excellent post. You can go back to the place. But you cannot go back to the time.

Renu said...

Jeevan: Me too:)

SG:Thank you !yes but nosalgia is so strong in some people:)

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