Monday, March 9, 2009


For last 5 days I was without my comp:( and it was as if life has just stopped:). and now i dont know what to write or where to start, seems to me as if I have lost the touch., So this post is about nothing special, just a pot pouri of many thoughts and things.
Since I didnt have computer working, so i saw a lot of movies..Ruthless people (its remake was i think..mujhe meri bibi se bachao) , Dear Frankie, Far & Away Donny brasco, Erin brokovich.
In Hindi there was nothing good on TV and nothing which I havent seen earlier.
TV serials...i have stopped watching Balika badhu, and so have most of my aquantances i talked to, as its going down the drain as it happens with all the serials. Now there is a new channel..REAL.. and it has started with a lot of promise.. i saw 2 episodes of a serial..NAMAK HARAM ( no resemblance to the movie except the corruption of bussiness houses).....Sachin Sharma has done a swell job and Narayni shastri is also very convincing as an IAS officer except that i am yet to see an IAS officer with a hairstyle of a model:). and then there is a new reality show...SARKAR KI DUNIA and few game shows.
Then I watched yesterday Filmfare lets have some gossip:)
The function was very spark at good performances, no good designers, absolutely nothing to watch for, Deepika as an anchor wore a saree looking totally washed out and blouse has become a total casualty in this generation,and Konkona was looking like a heroine of 70's. Bipasha always makes a mockery of dressing in an elegant indian saree, I wish she restricts herself to western dresses. indian dresses look elegant only covered .Total ceremony was so lacklustre. Om Puri, one of my favourite actor got a life time achievement award and was given by Amitabh bacchan, and I was waiting for some powerful speeches, but sadly both dissappointed me, both gave the shortest speech possible.
Shahid gave a performance and Kareena aplauded, but Shahid has lost his smile and a sad person performing is not a treat for viewers, Abhishek was looking like a clown, only Katrina was looking beautiful like a porcelain statue she is. Farhan sang but only Adhuna liked his song so much to get hyper excited,he is a looker and a good director also, but singer???? But see the irony......of our ways....he got more aplause than Sukhvinder( he didnt perform but came on stage to take his award for best male playback singer), we never aplaud the talent but the person.
Trying to avoid controversies, this time Imran and Ranbir were so sugary sweet that one could become diabetic:) Both were looking dashing but they need lessons, I sorely missed the combo of Saif and Shahrukh. Even Karan johar is now-a-days repeating himself all the time.
Earlier there used to be some good performances from comedians and others, now nothing was there...itni badi industry aur lag raha tha ki koi ha hi nahi.and i was surprised to see Rekha with Sindoor, earlier also on some channel they were showing like a detective serial that they saw her going to mahalakshmi temple with sindoor and all....aakhir chakkar kya ha? , nobody has the guts to ask her this question, so they keep guessing.

And then yesterday in our complex we celebrated Woman's day.......with games eats and then felicitating our women workers. and then i got two sms, which I am sharing with all my women friends:)

A woman of real beauty smiles in trouble,
gathers strength from distress and
grows brave through prayer. ( this is from my sister)

She is elegant,yet strong.
delicate yet powerful
beautiful yet dangerous
Tender yet bold,
She gives life,
she gives love,
She makes the whole world.....yes she is the one and only you.
Proud to be a woman.....Happy woman's day! ( This is from friend from blogville


Anonymous said...

Idea develops within heart.
Awards develops within brain.
When timing is correct, we the audience laugh. And yes, there is shortage of ideas when too much of events are present always.
I wish Aamir Khan part of event. It will be a good change.

Destination Infinity said...

Beautiful yet dangerous... interesting :-)

Destination Infinity

Renu said...

HoBO; Thats the a country overly populated we have shortage of talent in most of the fields?

Desrination infinity: :)

DeeplyDip said...

So true...without a comp we suddenly have so much time on our hands and don't know what to do! i was wondering why your posts haven't been updated...and now i know :)
happy women's day to you too...

Reflections said...

5 days without comp....must have felt like an eternity:-o

I didnt watch filmfare awards as such but saw a glimpse of Om Puri getting his award...he looked like he was going to cry & even my eyes sort of filled up. Actors of his calibre dont get their due most of the time:-(
...and then I saw Ranbhir & Imran falling flat on their stomach for something...& I found tht funny but b4 I cd find out what it was about...cut hubby changed the channel:-S

Shruti SriHarsha said...

I used to be grilled to the TV, during all award shows but not anymore. Its kinds getting bored:( I sit for sometime to check the clothes n accesories and am like thats ENOUGH!!!!

sukku said...

Glad to know that you got your computer back otherwise....

Piper .. said...

Hey, I kept wondering why you arent posting anything new! You are pretty regular that way! :) Thank God you have the computer working again! :) Dont you think we have becomes slaves to technology, Renu? The word doesnt sound right, but its the truth,isnt it? I remember this time in KOlkata, I didnt have a cell phone and a computer for about a month!! I almost went crazy! :):)

Solilo said...

So that's why you went missing. I have DVRed Filmfare. May be catch it by next weekend.

BTW I prefer Deepika to Sonam. I can't stand latter's I am Anil Kapoor's daughter so got everything on silver platter talk in every interview. All star kids irritate me to an extend.

Renu said...

Deeplydip: earlier my mom used to say that if a memebr of family goes out, we dont feel so much as we feel when TV is not working:) and the same is for comp. now.

Reflections: yeah:) it was like an eternity for me:)
Actors of his calibre dont get their due most of the time:-( and me think alike:)

Those somersaulting by those dudes was for comedy, but became a tragedy:)

Shalom said...

Hey, I also caught most of those movies. I was pretty depressed one night & Ruthless People was just the what I needed to get out of the dumps :D I happened to watch Dear Frankie, though not from the start and I thought it was a sweet film, and I keep catching bits and pieces of Donnie Brasco.

And "the blouse has become a total casualty..." that was brilliant!!!

hitch writer said...

@ Renu & @ Solilo : Naheeeeeeeee Deepika aur Sonam ke baare mein yeh sab sunne se behle (matlab padne se pehle) main ganwar kyo nahi ho gaya !!!

i love them both !!! and lots and both looked superb !!!!


Renu said...

shalom: I am wondering why such a spiritual person was depressed?

I liked all these movies, saw a few more, but cant remembr the names, Dear frankie was a sweet movie, though if it was made in India, they will get those two married:) i also saw Donny brasco in bits and pieces:)

Hitchwriter: It shows that boys will like any girl:), but seriously... both look good, but Sonam is better looking.

Ani said...

aww thts a lovely post..

thanks for stoppin by my blog.. :)

hehe so rekha with sindoor.. well i didnt get to see the filmfare awards.. n well by the time its telecasted here.. n i get to know about it.. well no comments.. hnnm so aakhir chakkar kya hai.. hnnm intresting gossip.. must say..

did hear about the tiff between ash-vivek flat mate didnt miss tht gossip bit..

n belated woman's day to u..
loved the sms.. makes me feel even more proud that i am a woman :) yes yes yesss.. wooaahhhooooo :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sugary and diabetic hosts, I somehow like conflicts, arguments and all of that...

Btw, since you're interested in movies, check out this endeavour by bloggers to award the best in Hindi Cinema.

The nominations are out. See the posts for nominations.

Voting lines will be open soon. Do cast your vote, It'll be fun.

And btw, Erin Berkovich is such an awesome movie innit?

Sandhya said...

Renu, I thought you were out of station! I was busy for 2 days and did not see this blog. So, Om Puri got an award (I did not see the F.F. award funtion). Nice.

I have not seen the movies, you mentioned.

Thanks for quoting my sms!

Rohini said...

stumbled on to your blog and have fallen in love instantly.. very beautiful way of writing. i stopped seeing Filmfare Awards for that matter any award ceremony since couple of years coz it all looks very monotonous to me these days.
i am following balika vadhu but am on the verge of giving up coz its as u said going down the drain.
have subscribed to ur blog, will keep coming back for more! :)

A rebel all the way... said...

Renu, I did not know that you watch english movies as well. Please don't get offended, its just that I guess you have never mentioned it on your blog.
But plz plz plz plz plz watch Shawshank Redemption if you haven't seen it already. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen. There is so much to be learnt from that movie, I could go on and on about it.

Renu said...

Ani: I saw ur comment on somebody's blog and then just remembred once i read a lovely post on ur blog, and how i could I miss ur blog now:).
I read any and everything:) so know about all the gossips running around:)

Rakesh; Me too like some humour,comments and kuch khtta aur meetha:)

Thanks for giving me the link, I am going to chk it now.

Erinbrokowich....just loved the movie, i am a fan of Julia Roberts from her pretty women days:) so as I chk any and every movie if it has Om puri, naseeruddin shah and the same with madam Rpberts;)and this movie is specially my type..issue oriented.

Sandhya: Thank u for sending me this loely sms! Om puri got Lifetime achievement award. I watch lot of movies:)

Rohini: Thanks for your comments ! you made my Day:)
Now i dont see these functions fro credibility but to see the latest fads and for entertainment.
I have so much to say on baalika Badhu, that i can write a full post, they have spoiled a beautiful serial.
Thanks for blogrolling me !

Rebel: No , I never feel offended, but take them as compliment:) see my level of confidence:). You see there are two things I am very fond of..reading.. I read everything..politics, issues, entertainment and MBs also and same for movies..i watch everything, even some korean, spanish movies also on World Movies. And i really value your suggestions, so i always take note of them and this one I will watch whenevr I can get a hand on it.

roop said...

hey renu

i was wondering about rekha's sindhoor too!!

did u figure it out eventually? ;)

Ani said...

hehe thank u for stoppin by.. hope to see u more often.. :)

n yes do let me know if u have more gossip on the sindoor.. :)

Renu said...

Roop: Welcome Roop on my blog !

Actually we also keep guessing:) because for her HE is only one person:) and may be he thought now atleast he can dare to marry her:)

waise bhi TV par bahur dikha rahe the kaise rekha ne AIsh aur Abhi ko gale lagaya:)

Ani: I shall be a regular now, earlier I didnt know how to keep track of blogs:), so even if i found something interesting, i couldnt go there again:)
As for more gossip:) see my answer to Roop:)

Ani said...

I know what u mean.. :) hnnm and thats interesting.. i didnt know she was lovey dovey to them.. ohhh whats happening now.. hnnmm

Amrita said...

U echoed my thoughts out there! Serli even i preferred the uninhibited satire of SRK and Saif... they seemed to b having a gud time out there and the viewers too did.. this time indeed it was alll sugar and no spice! and yaaaaaaa even I noticed Rekha.. and i hated the fascination with the gowns a La Oscar style No doubt Priyanka, Anushka Sharma, etc looked awesome but i wanted some one to b different
and allllllllll the sarees were such a drab.. someone teach them that sarees also look swell in colors like red, magenta, azure blue :(

Renu said...

Amrita; They dont know much about sarees I think, otherwise they wouldnt be in those designers ones and drab, we can find better ones on Chennai silks:)
I fail to understand the mindsets which make gowns...elite and salwar kameej..behenji.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the awards' ceremony either!

The last 2 quotes are lovely! :)


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