Friday, March 27, 2009


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Ultimately i saw Delhi-6. And everybody has written so much about, so I wont go into the details, for me...
I t drags at places with an over dose of Ramlila and black monkey.
For me an interesting movie is the one where I get irritated with any interruption the way it happened with fashion, but here I went out to get tea:).
it has Cliche...hindu muslim characters with their fixed specialities:)
Whenever Abhishek smiled, I knew he is going to take the photo from his mobile:).
Roshan is a lovable grandchild who takes everything so sportingly, even the children born and brought up in India are not so accommodating.
Liked the shots of....statue of liberty in chandni chowk,
Bittu eating jalebi in times square.
and the song...genda phool
and in the actors..Abhishek, Sonam and Divya dutta, felt very sad to see Atul kulkarni in such a bad role, I liked him very much in Satta.

This is directed by Mani wonder its so interesting, i still remember his earlier...16TH DECEMBER. Its a very different type of movie....This is the story of a they are made and how much danger they face, and their mentors also put their life at stake for them.

Kailash( Sameer Dattani) is a Mukhbir, recruited by intelligenc officer..Om puri who is an honest , hardworking officer, its different the way he recruited him as is explained by him that all the mukhbirs are made that way only.
Once Sameer a boy of 18 gets arrested for some crime he didnt do even, and he is all alone in this world, and Om puri leaves him no option..either go to jail or become his informer and then he is trained well. But then Om tries always his best to save him in all tricky situations, and ultimately dies in saving him because his wife took a promise from him not to let kailash get killed, as many of his informers have been.
Then Life ofSameer forms the he goes thru everything..he wants to get out, but once Ompuri is killed he gets a new resolve to avenge his death and goes there willingly with a new mentor..Rehman(Sunil shetty) another upright officer. and then starts the killings, betrayals by govt. officers..the story is chilling at times but very gripping.
and the end saves it from being morbid.
Great movie with great actors, really wonder why didnt they publicise it well.


Destination Infinity said...

I am more intetested to see the second movie. The first one I may see later.... Its interesting to see how movies throw bipolar situations at us - Good or bad etc. There may be so much inbetween the two, on a practical consideration which the director may not be interested, perhaps!

Destination Infinity

Renu said...

First one is routine, nothing new, but Mukhbir is totally different and shows the complex working of police and intelligence, worth a watch !

hitch writer said...

Geee... you didnt like Delhi-6 ?

ohhh i loved it !

now need to check out this Mukhbir !

Renu said...

hitch writer; Wouldnt say..didnt like it:),is quite OK type, nothing new about character or situation:)

SMRITI said...

I thought Delhi 6 was alright in parts...loved the songs...My papa loves Genda Phool song :)

And Dad got Mukhbir months ago and we still havent seen it...Now that you reviewed it, I think that's going to be on my agenda coming weekend :)

Renu said...

Smriti: yeah it was right in parts:), though nothing mind blowing:)

Watch Mukhbir and then tell me how did u like it? though its a little violent but it s a necessary part in a story like that.

Pixie said...

I hadn't even heard of Mukhbir till I read your post!!

I enjoyed Delli 6 a lot... it was easy on the eye with no hamming... the city was the hero and AB junior - has done a good job :)

Will watch Mukhbir... I liked what I read about it here - I'm sire I will enjoy the movie too... :)

Still thinking said...

Delhi 6 was a bit disappointment, especially after RDB I expected a lot from Rakeysh Mehra. Anyway, it takes time for brilliance to become a habit! :)

The DVD of Mukhbir is lying with me since months now and I always gave it a miss, I think I should see it now. If I disagree, I'll be back here Renu :D

How are you doing?

Ordinary Guy said...

first time, I am reading about a review of Mubkbir.... :) now I need to watch it..... :) Thanks..

Reflections said...

I'm jealous;-/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piper .. said...

Havent seen either of the movies. But now I must, after reading your reviews! :)

Renu said...

PIXIE: I enjoyed Delhi-6 in parts only:)
watch Mukhbir and tell me your verdict:)

Still thinking; I think Rakeysh Mehra has this habit of going into the abstract, which is not very entertaining..I like social messages with entertainment:)
Watch Mukhbir and come here, I would love to discuss the movie:)

I am busy planning my trip to HYD:)

Ordinary Guy;...See:) I am DIFFERENT:) like different type of movies, but its really sad that in India movies are also nwevr publicised impartially.

Reflections: why? Now you are free, why not watch all the movies like me:)

Piper;Watch Mukhbir and tell me how did u like it?

Kanupriya said...

Have watched Mukhbir & liked it too, have not watched Dilli 6 till now, but heard its not that good...but I love all songs of Dilli 6!

Reflections said...

My dear Renu, kids r at home for 3 weeks after final exams;-o
plus I dont watch hindi or english movies when the kids r around. dont feel too comfortable;-P.

now my younger daughter will start 1st std in april, so both kids will come home only by will get some free time;-D

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen both the films..But I had interviewed Sammir Dattani 4 Mukhbir..finally it released!

Indyeah said...

:D I loved Dilli6:)and the songs were awesome...will watch mukhbir now..thanks for telling us about it:))had no idea that such a movie was there:))

Renu said...

Kanupriya: thank god atleast somebody else also watched it:) I mean Mukhbir:)

Reflections: Yeah thats true, Hindi movies either have too much of violence or exposure:(.

I have so much of time on hands that i dont know how to pass:)

Swats: How did u like Sameer? he is good in this movie. Why dont you put your interviews on ur blog?

Indya: :), I know, everybody liked it.
About Mu7khbir..I felt sad, as everuything else, here also Is ee that movies with big stars and big budgets get prominence only as if these thwo are prequisites for a good movie.ven a reputed paper like TOI also behaves in the same partisan way....a Trash movie with big stars is reviewed first and a good movie with small stars is notacknowledged at all.

Chronicwriter said...

i wanna catch up with some bollywood flicks too :)

Sandhya said...

Renu, What happened to my comment which I wrote 2-3 days back? Hmmm..let me write again.

I wanted to watch Delhi-6, because I liked the songs, now will think twice!

Mukhbir is a new name for me. Since you said it is good, I will look for a DVD, now!

Renu said...

Chriz: Sure do:) specially Mukhbir:)

Sandhya:....dont know will chk again.

Delhi 6 is Ok, not good, but Mukhbir is a very gripping story.

Shalom said...

I didn't know that was the plot of Mukhbir, sounds interesting. Hope to catch it someday.

Preeti said...

I know I will love Mukhbir ... thanks for the review ..will catch it and let u know how it is ...

have u seen Firaq ..I am waiting to see that as well ...

DElhi 6 was Okie ..and good in parts ..I came out happy as I came back with few scenes and humming genda phool ...
the scene where thousands are praying in jama masjid is my fav ...

Renu said...

Shalom: I had read somewhere about the plot, so when I saw the name, I couldnt leave it:)
Watch it you, will like it.

Preeti: I will wait for ur verdict on Mukhbir:)

I think may be Delhi-6 is for youngish crowd:) because veerybody is praising it.

I read the review of Firaq on Indyea's blog and read about it in papers also, and what I have gathered is..its a biased view, so I dont want to see it at all.

A rebel all the way... said...

I haven;t seen Mukhbir. Saw Delhi-6, and liked the second half of the movie. The songs, obviously, are amazing. And yes, the ramleela and the kala-bandar sequences are overdone. So much so that the entire ramleela thing actually gave me a headache.

Solilo said...

I have so many movies in my list. Hardly get time to even watch one.

Mukhbir sounds interesting. I liked 16 Dec. Whatever happened to the lead girl in that? Dippanita Sharma?

Renu, How was Sonam's acting? Did she have a substantial role?

Have you watched Welcome to Sajjanpur? I loved it though some others didn't. I guess sometimes you need to know the village or have met certain characters to like a film like most Delh-ites loved Delhi 6.

Renu said...

Rebel: thats the problem that it was a good movie and nobody even knew about it.

For Delhi-6.. same here, I also got a headache with the overdose of ramlila and monkey bussiness:).

Solio: December 16 was a happy ending:)

Even in Delhi 6..I liked the family parts..Sonam is looking good,but in between that monkey business and ramlila is over done and very boring, though I know delhi very well , all those balli maran, chandni chowk, nai sarak, as I lived in Noida for 7 yrs.
Even that Hindu muslim comes as a cliche...characters so filmy..that of Rishi kapoor

I saw Welcome to Sajjanpur, loved it and even recommended it in my review:)..that is too good, so real, I like this type of movies.
For a change watch mukhbir.. a hard hitting movie at the reality of the life of an informer and dilemmas.

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

m here to tell u that m bak in blogosphere, wud love to have u read my latest post and leave ur valued comments! :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

m here to tell u that m bak in blogosphere, wud love to have u read my latest post and leave ur valued comments! :)

Hip Grandma said...

I think I'll watch Mukhbir.Seems different.

Sandhya said...


Have you seen 'mammo'? I remembered that movie when I saw Surekha Sikri and Farida Jalal in 'balika vadhu' today. Both were sisters in that movie also - sisters separated during the partition. Farida comes to meet her sister from Pakistan and her visa expires...the story goes like this. It was a very good movie.

Renu said...

Sansmerci: welcome back my dear new bride:)

Hipgrand ma; Yeah thats the right word:) its different:)

Sandhya; Oh yes Sandhya, I saw Mammo 2-3 times, its a lovely movie and that grand child is today's Kunal Khemu I think.

Deeps said...

Even I liked Delhi6 in parts only,esp pavan malhotra's performace.Like you,even I felt the Ramlila episode and monkey man episode were over the top.

I so want to see Mukhbir.After reading your review even more so.hope to watch it when I'm back.

Thnx fr the reviews,Renu:)

Niedhie said...

Delhi 6 I watched only for Abhishek Bachchan... Din't like it much... I criticize him a lot and still am a big fan of his. I contradict myself :)

Post something new... We are all waiting...

Renu said...

Deeps: exacxtly You know even I liked Pawan malhotra's acting, but towards the end i dont lnow what happened, he just peters off.

See Mukhbir and tell me how did u find it?

Miedhie: Since i like Amitabh bacchan, I am unable to totally dislike Abhishek also:), if the movie is good..woh chalega:)

haan roj sochti hoon kuch likhne ki, par kabhi kabhi pata nahi kya ho jaata ha, bus yunhi:)
Thanks for missing the new one:)

Deepak Chauhan said...

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