I was tagged by Destination Infinity and Dust unsettled for this. This is a very musical tag where the tagged is supposed to write 10 favourite songs--soulful,slow and melodious, in each of the languages they know or any two given by them. I dont know songs in any other language than Hindi,Plus I cant upload them, may be I will ask my daughter to do that for me:) if possible My favourites will be more than 100 and its very difficult to shortlist them, may be I will keep updating the list as and when I remember:), so the list starts like this...
  1. Aapki aankho me kuch mehke hue se khwab is..GHAR
  2. Aji is kadar yun na sharma is MASOOM....the one with Naseeruddin shah
  3. Beiraada najar mil gayi is SANAM BEBAFA
  4. Ham se nahi sahi gairo vse is PIGHALTA ASMAN
  5. Jis din se juda woh ham se hue is dil ne......non filmi..Sonu Nigam
  6. Na kajere ki dhar, na motiyon ke haar....MOHRA
  7. Arey dwarplaon kanhaiya se keh do.garib dudama kareeb aa gaya ha....this is a bhajan, I dont know from where, my nephew gave it to me and I just love it
  8. Maula mere le le meri jaan..Chak de.. and I likeD it more when Varun Badola sang it on Sahara reality show, he sang it with so much emotion.
  9. Ma tujhe salaam....A R Rehman.
  10. Najar se phool chunti ha najar...Ahista ahista..old movie with Kunal kappor and padmini kolhapure
Then i love the ghazals of Talat Aziz and music of OP nayyar, all songs of EK MUSAAFIR EK HASEENA, JAHANAARA BAZAAR etc.
I would like to tag.....
Nancy , Enigma , Frankly speaking, Sandhya, Piper ,solilo., Deeply dip and Pixie. and all of you may do it in any two languages you know.


Pixie said…
oh! Lovely collection!

i need to do this tag soon! :D
you are the 3rd person tagging me on this and I also have the previous tag about "holding hands" which needs to be done.

So many tags, so little time!!*sigh* :-D
Ordinary Guy said…
i have only heard 8 and 9...:) will listen to rest....thanks
Renu said…
Pixie: Take your own time, I dont believe in time limits or hurrying up anything:)

Ajit; its natural, becuase these 2 are only new, rest are old ones:)
aneri_masi said…
lovely list, Didi!
Bade Achche Lagte hai,
Yeh Dharti, Yeh Nadiya, Yeh Raina..
- One of favourite song
Renu said…
Aneri_masi: Thanx:)

Hobo: yeah this is very sweet song from Baalika badhu, that s why I said that I cant list all the songs in 10 no. only :)
Sandhya said…
Thanx Renu. Shilpa also has tagged me for this. I live on music. So it is very difficult to pick just 10 songs. Your list is very good! Bade my favourite too!hmmm. I'll start looking at 'you tube' in a day or two. I would love to do this tag. Hindi, Tamil, Kannada songs.
SMRITI said…
Nice Song choice Blog Mum :) esp Maula mere le le meri jaan and Ma Tujhe Salaam... Ma Tujhe Salaam still manages to give me goosebumps and that same patriotic ferver when it released so many years ago :)

I havnet listened to number 5,7 and 10 on the list yet. Will try to find and listen sometime soon :)
DeeplyDip said…
Thanks Renu! would love to do this one :)
and #2 is: Huzoor is kadar bhi na ittraa ke chaliye, khule aam aanchal na lehra ke chaliye :) (if you rem my tag - i am obssessed with correct lyrics! so pls don't mind!)
Haven't heard some of them from this list, so will do so asap.
Priya said…
Thaz a cute one. You can take the letter "I" for the tag and hope you enjoy it.
Reflections said…
Except for 6 I like all the rest:-)).

gimme some time with this Renu....I know the songs I like when I hear them but I have no ready list as will be noting it down as & when I recall.
Solilo said…
Aap ki aankhon mein kuch mahake huye se....

Love that song. Husband and me actually sang this duet couple of years back :)
Piper .. said…
Thanks for the tag! Would love to do this! My favs from your list are #1.2 and 9.
Renu said…
Sandhya: I know that you live music:) thats the reason u r tagged:) and take your own time no, hurry.

SMRITI: I was thinking that my choice will be off the track:), and there are a few more like....aaj ki raat badi shokh badi natkhat ha..shayad Haqeekat ka ha puraani wali:)

Deeplydip; I dont mind at all, rather thankful to you for reminding me..I always remembr the tune and sometimes mix the words.

Priya; Thanx:) i will do it as soon as my laptop is repaired:)

Reflections: Oh yeah, even I cant remember at a stretch and thats why i though I will keep on adding later on:).

Solio; ha na bahut sweet and romantic song, I just love this, now waiting for your list:)

Piper: :), Do itleisurely whenevr you bare in a mood and free:)
Swats said…
Maula mere le le meri jaan..Chak de i love it tooooo :)

i think its such a soulful, meaningful song..

nice choices :)
Sandhya said…
I love 'Maa tujhe salaam' too, Renu. Aap ki aankon.....Oah aapse bhi khoob soorath, aapki andaaz hai....Beautiful. I tried to remember 2,3,4,6,8,10. Will ask my sister. Need the tunes.

I too like Asha's songs of OP Nayyar. Who started this blog? Interesting, Renu.
Deeps said…
This sure is the tag've been tagged again,Renu!I know you must be tired by all these tags.No hurries,do it at your leisure:)
I'm sorry I couldnt find the post wherein you had tagged me.Do you mind sending me the link??
Deeps said…
Song no 2 is one of my favourites too.And I love OP Nayyar's creations too.Asha Bhonsle was sheer magic whenever she sang songs for him.
Balvinder Singh said…
Renu lovely choice, though never heard some of them . I love 1, 2 and 9. Will do the tag in due course.
Smriti said…
I love #1-3 and #10 Mommy! Which songs do you want me to upload - it would be $2 even per song :)!
Deeps said…
Oops,where did my comment go??Did it vanish or did I get absent minded again and skipped posting my comment??
Just wanted to say,ypu've been tagged yet again.No hurries,do it at leisure
Shilpa said…
I absolutely love your first choice :)
Brought back so many memories. I need to get that now.
arre i have just heard three of them....1st, 2nd and 9th....
but thanks for reminding me of the 1st listening to it on youtube now...amazing song :)
Patricia Torres said…
Excellent list!! I'll be singing all day now!! Thanks for sharing!
Renu said…
swats:you will be surprised that didnt even knoew this song till i heard Varun singing on Jhoom India, and then searched the song:)

Sandhya: Dont know who started it, but to me it came via Destination Infinity, a very interesting blogger.
Renu said…
Deeps; i will nevr get tired of tags, I told you I love doing them.
I will send you the link of the post where I tagged you:)
I love the spund of Dholak in OP nayyar's musice..its so Indian.

Balvinder: How could it be a nice choice for you, if you havent heard most of them:)...I thought we belong to the same u must have heard all of them:)

Smriti: mam i want free uploads , not with money:)

Shilpa: I love all those old songs from SAATH SAATH ETC:)

Rebel: oh thats my most favourite one:)

Patricia Torres; Welome to my space and thankls for appreciating:), hope to see u here more often.
J P Joshi said…
A very good selection of songs. Actually I love all the old evergreen numbers specially the O P Nayyar hits.... and the new ones like some songs of Lagaan... o ri chori maine pyar, Radha kahe ko jale, and Swades.. yuh hi chala chal, ram leela song, etc.
Renu said…
J P Joshi: Thanks:), I love madan mohan's musicalso, and one more thing about old songs is that they were written on situations and had meaning ful words.
Seems to me that you are also a music lover, why not take up this tag and let us know your choice?
Thanks for doing this tag. I am yet to listen to the old numbers. But will do them once I get the broadband access.

Destination Infinity
Renu said…
Destination Infinity: This was a very enjoyable tag, plus I have a wide collection of old songs, it was so difficult for me to choose:)
Swaram said…
Nice collection; so nice to see songs like Na kajare ki dhar finding their place here. I had done this tag too.

Can u let me know where I can find the bhajan 'Arey dwarpalon kanhaiya se keh do.garib sudama kareeb aa gaya '. Such nice lyrics.
Renu said…
Swaram: Welcome here and hope to see u frequently:)

I just love this kajre ki dhaar:)

I shall ask my nephew and then tell you about that bahjan, yes it has very emotional words and even sung with lot of feelings.
Vivek said…
Stumbled into your blog when I was searching for telugu songs for my fiancee( one of her assignments - neither of us know telugu :D )The song from Ghar is my fav (although I am a staunch Rafi loyalist)...when aankh is mentioned, I would love to mention Teri Aankhon Ke Siva by Rafi also a huge fan of Shreya Ghoshal (pl listen to Ankahee - Ek Pal Ke Liye Hi Sahi)..if you dont mind, I would love to carry this tag forward...
Renu said…
Vivek: Welome here Vivek !..oh that sone..teri lovely, I am also a fan of Rafi, have most of his songs.but here the I had to write only 10:)
I shall be too happy to carry this tag forwar, please carry on.
Vivek said…
Oh hindi list is ready :)

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