Monday, January 11, 2010


I went to a party Mom,

I remembered what you said.

You told me not to drink, Mom,

So I drank soda instead.

I really felt proud inside, Mom,

The way you said I would.

I didn't drink and drive, Mom,

Even though the others said I should.

I know I did the right thing, Mom,

I know you are always right.

Now the party is finally ending, Mom,

As everyone is driving out of sight.

As I got into my car, Mom,

I knew I'd get home in one piece.

Because of the way you raised me,

So responsible and sweet.

I started to drive away, Mom,

But as I pulled out into the road,

The other car didn't see me, Mom,

And hit me like a load..

As I lay there on the pavement, Mom,

I hear the policeman say,

"The other guy is drunk," Mom,

And now I'm the one who will pay.

I'm lying here dying, Mom....

I wish you'd get here soon.

How could this happen to me, Mom?

My life just burst like a balloon.

There is blood all around me, Mom,

And most of it is mine.

I hear the medic say, Mom,

I'll die in a short time.

I just wanted to tell you, Mom,

I swear I didn't drink.

It was the others, Mom.

The others didn't think.

He was probably at the same party as I.

The only difference is, he drank

And I will die.


Moral of the story..sometime we pay for the mistakes of OTHERS, we can do only onething that we are never those..OTHERS.


Balvinder Singh said...

Renu, this was very touching. No more words.

Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes

Thanks for sharing


Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post.

Rush said...

good post ...a very strong true message with a hilarious touch.

SG said...

Very sad. I always tell my wife "it is not enough if we drive carefully...We should anticipate other guy's mistakes also while driving".

Renu said...

Balvinder Singh: I also felt very touched..

Swati..Me too..BTW I was missing you, as you forgot me for a long time.

Babli: Thanks for the wishes !

Wish you too a very happy and prosperous 2010 !!!

SG:..I also felt very sad..eveen the other day we had an accident here in Chennai in which bus driver was in a hurry to finish his duty and rammed into an auto on a the people who suffered were auto travellers,for no fault of them and their driver even

Renu said...

Rush: I felt very sad after reading it. BTW what are you doing now'a'days?

SUFFIX said...

So sad, Shaking!! on somebody's irresponsibility, an innocent loose worthy life. Time to change!!

Shrutzz said...

very true about the moral...

and Renu, thanks for those supporting really in a bad phase, trying to get in terms with such things....HUGS!

Dreamer said...

That is so, so sad. I liked the moral a lot too. Thanks for sharing with us, Renu.

Sparkling said...

I feel sad.

I'm just glad that I drink and sleep.

Renu said...

Suffix:..yes this compels everyone to drinking so nnecessary?

Shrutzz:..shruti..tough times never take care .

Dreamer:..Story igot in email, but moral is mine observation:)

Sparkling:...keep on doing that:)

Chatterbox said...

Bitter reality of life :)
Thanks for sharing this eye opening thought provoking post.

Keep up the good work Renu :)


Manjunath said...

Nice one i remember it reading as a forwarded mail some time before

PG said...

good you shared it here.

Renu said...

Chatterbox; Welcome here ! and Hope to see you more:)

Manjunath:. These thoughts need to be reminded periodically.

PG: You are here after a really long break, one day i was just remembering you and missing you.

Thinkala said...



Jayashree said...

Very touching....
Btw, I like your new template.

Renu said...

Thinkala:..very sad

Jayashree: Thanks, BTW even I saw the template after you ,as my daughter changed it:)

BTW i have mailed you about chennai bloggers meet.

Manjunath said...

Hey now your blog looks nice...... good theme...

Anonymous said...

OMG That's creepy!

Wish that never happens to anyone!


Chanz said...

this was so heart breaking... loved it

btw u have been tagged... check ma blog

Renu said...

manjunath: Thanks! I will have to add all the links I had earlier:)

desigheeandcoffee: Welcome here! and hope tosee you often ! would never happen, if somepeople take care not to drink and drive. really touches the heart.

Thanks for tagging me, i would do it soon.

Maddy said...

'very touching

Sandhya said...

Felt sad, reading this. My husband always says that we should be careful while driving, anticipating other's mistakes too.

Sandhya said...

This page of yours looks entirely different and nice.

Manasa said...

Had received this as a fwd.. very touching..

For a moment, I was wondering did I visit a wrong blog.. Nice template Renu :)

April said...

Dear Renu,
Where are my comments? I left 2 comments here just 2 days ago. It seems like my previous comments has disappeared or eaten. :(

anyway, how are doing? I was away for a while and didn't comment here. Was quite busy and couldn't visit your blog and others too. :(
I've to catch a lot of earlier posts here. Will back soon.

Take care. :)

A rebel all the way... said...

Lovely poem...and very sad as well.
And I love the repeated usage of the word 'Mom'. Adds the sensitive element the poem requires.

Phase Shift said...

There is an organization in the US called Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They are very active on this issue.

Ofcourse, Indian feminists will never come close to anything like that.

Renu said...

Maddy: yes and I am happy that this post brought you here:)

Sandhya:..I asked my daughter to change my older one....I dont like people who take driving very lightly with lots of over confidence.

manasa:..This time colors of this template are totally different..I am happy that you find it nice:)

Rebel All The Way: hey mama"s boy:)...This is a very thought provoking and touching story>

Renu said...

April:....I was not moderating regularly, so you couldnt see your comment.

Where have you been?

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