I think I have been blogging for 3-4 me blogging is an expression of my thoughts on everything.And in the process I met many wonderful people..some I liked as a person.whatever I could gauge thru their blogs and some whose writings interested me. But one thing I find very strange that even in virtual world, slowly slowly all the fake emotions come in commenting, people dont comment on the blogs where they like the content or have something to say, but on those who comment on theirs. Whereas i surf many blogs and read them..if I like the content I read them and go there, it doesnt matter whether they come to mine or not, because i am interested in reading and getting new perspectives.Sometimes I read the content and feel that I have nothing to say, then I dont say anything.
There are many bloggers whom I really miss and forgotten their links.
I like genuine people and genuine comments, I am not interested in increasing the nos or some statistics..So I want to tell everybody who comes here that if I comment on your blog, then dont feel duty bound to comment on mine, I go to everyone's blog for the content, never for reciprocation .


Insignia said…
yes blog world has been wonderful, one can share views and also learn lot of things. Its fine until everyone behaves fine and respect everyone's views. It gets personal then
Tomz said…
Thats a nice attitude from ur part..As I understood, I am here for two things, for self expression and for networking..Like you if I find somebody's content appreciable, I go to comment them, sometimes without expectng a comment back..It may be a selfish attitude from me to expect comments from other bloggers, as I value very much what I write in my blogs. SO it is normal for someone like me to find what others think about my posts..

Your post was a nice one :)
Jon said…
I For some of them I do folow because they follow mine. But they are quite few and many have gone inactive too! But I love many spaces and do follow even if they dont comment. Urs is one :)
Bikramjit said…
Yes Mam .. point noted mam..

I do hope my comments dont feel that I come for the sake of it .. if they do please do let me know ..

~G said…
I was telling my cousin exactly the same thing this morning. All the comments are sugar coated and too good to be true. Thankfully not many people comment on my blog now. Only the ones who really have something to say regarding the content comment now. And this happened when I stopped commenting on other peoples blog when I did not have anything real to say other than 'Wow', 'Cool' and 'Nice post'
rama said…
Same here Renu. I hate when people comment without anything too say, as if they are just doing their duty,or they would come at a time when they would have written some blog and come to comment in our blog expecting for some reciprocation. It looks so obvious. Okay if they have come read our blog and commented something about it, in a way to show that they can relate to it, or even if they don't agree to some points in it, at least, one is free to air their opinion. Or better still not comment at all.
I always see whether I can relate to the topic, if I can comment , but when i see I cannot relate to the topic, I just leave without writing something artificial.
I have stopped going to the sites from where i used to get people who would write utpatang comments just to show us they have visited and we too better visit them.
I also feel it is alright if you have written some thing that would be of interest to somebody , then there is nothing wrong writing to them that you would like them to visit your blog for you would like their views about that.
Shrutzz said…
okii Renu! I agree with you.
How you doing?
Rachna said…
True, some people are actually doing it for statistics. Sometimes, as you pointed out there might be nothing to write in the comments column. Yet, I feel that an encouraging word is always good. What bugs me is fake comments. When one can clearly make out that the other person has not even read the blog post properly.
A said…

In theory I agree with you. Usually I am very honest in comments. In fact most people I come across are honest in comments as I have begun to understand the meaning of comments better. Most people who are comment are bloggers and KNOW how to indirectly point out the deficiencies and I accept them.

If there is something seriously wrong in the blog, I email the blogger...
A said…
And I do not like to enter the word verification and do not like when people do not approve my fact I think moderation should be OFF. I had it on for sometime but I completely removed. Also no word verification is required as Google handles spam anyway....
Sandhya said…
It happens and sometimes people don't even read the post properly and just write one line as comment...sometimes feel sorry for them! Nobody is compelling anyone to comment isn't it?

I have learnt a lot by reading others' blogs and don't mind if they don't read mine, because I know sometimes my posts are too long and dry!
sumukh bansal said…
some time i do comment to increase the moral of the writer..

some time it make u feel good that some one is reading ur posts..

and also if u r reading a post and even if u find it boring then u can tell the writer that it was boring..
KParthasarathi said…
Well said Renu.I agree with you comments should not be on quid pro quo basis.The comments should be genuine and express the true feelings though care should be taken to avoid harsh words.It is also not possible to comment on every post one reads with time being the constraint.Sometimes we skim through.
chitra said…
I remember Insignia also writing a similar post. I have some close blogger friends and I like to visit their blogs and read and leave comments . It's not just commenting 'nice or good post'. that kind is mostly done when people do not read it.
Just to increase the no.. of comments or traffic I also do not blog hop. I also like genuine comments.
What I like abt your blog is you are straight forward and put across your thoughts with out fear.
Renu said…
Insignia:I read everything from the point of either entertainment or a new perspective, even if I dont agree with them it hardly matters, as all cant think in the same would be monotonous then.

Tomz: Thanks:)...what I wanted to say was that some people only comment on mine, whenevr I have commented on theirs, so it looks like a formality or shouldnt be so..evrybody loves comments, I am no different.

Jon:..I add all the bloggers to my blog list and read that way.Thanks for following me, I am delighted..

Bikram: Please Bikram:)....what I meant to say that If I like either the blog or the blogger then I go to that blog irrespective of their visits and I want myself to be treated the same way by others:)

rama: true...Actually what i dont feel comfortable is with idea of increasing me numbers hardly matter..yes if more people read myb thoughts, I would be happier, but not just increasing the no.

G;That is the test of genuineness.But I never change myself....

Shrutzz;.:):) You know I have a soft corner for you:)

Rachna:Yeah encouraging is good, but liking is different, second thing is that there are many bloggers who rarely comment on my blog, may be they dont find me upto their liking or standard, but I like their posts,and love reading them, so I go there..its my gain only.

A; I also feel irritated with word verification, but moderation is to stop spam..goodgle doesnt stop them completely.
I read the blogs as different point of views of different people.

Sandhya:You are such a nice person Sandhya.Both of us think alike:)

Sumukh Bansal:...Increasing the morale is fine but taking to absurd hieights is not.
Everybody likes too:)
Yes we cant tell anybody the negatives, but then we must not praise even..may be keep quiet.

KParthsaarthi: Harsh words should be eliminated from our vocabulary:)..I dont like people who speak them, whatever the reason might be.
deeps said…
thats an apt one and can be for anyone and everyone...

i would have liked to see the title something like 'comments' though!!

yes, it s up to each one to leave on or not, but got to be respectful while keeping one's own decorum...
manjujoglekar said…
Renu, this post made me think. I too usually comment on a post when I have something to say.

But you see, after blogging for a long time many fellow bloggers have become friends. So I also sometimes comment even when I do not have much to say after reading a post of theirs.
manjujoglekar said…
Renu, this post made me think. I too usually comment on a post when I have something to say.

But you see, after blogging for a long time many fellow bloggers have become friends. So I also sometimes comment after reading a post of theirs even when I do not have much to say. Just for friendship's sake. :)
Enigma said…
Lol Renu! What was that "Don't comment out of compulsion thing!" :p

let me tell you, you are a good person at heart and your posts reveal that. :)

Lately I haven't been visiting too many blogs, thanks to the exam period! :(
Renu said…
Deeps; As I said earlier..I dont like rude comments, neither I make nor like them.rudesness doesnt exist in my dictionery:)..I am always in a fix about the headings, I can write a post but when it comes to title I am lost.

Manju:commenting for the sake of friendhip is a good thing, but commenting for the sake of getting one comment....?

Enigma: Thank you dear..People like you make me a happy person.
Busy with studies?
Bhagyashree said…
My thoughts exactly. There are many a times when I read but do not comment bcoz the post may be either good or may be bad or may be I may not be able to comment at that time. Wordpress has an option of 'like' which is good-no commenting required then ;)
For many of us, blogging is a means of expression, a way to bring out our thoughts and so fake comments at least are not required
Pins N Ashes said…
I think the last thing any blog platform should keep is the statistics chart.. though it does give me a high when it crosses a certain number ;)
Jokes apart, I agree with you wholeheartedly, Renu. There are posts I really want a perspective on, and the comments are so irrelevant I feel angered that I had expectations .. It seems childish to just go to blogs and comment to get a reply or a visit to see that number on that chart!!
Happy Kitten said…
Agree with you.. even for me blogging is an expression of my feelings.. or a vent to questions that sometimes are not answered. I do feel happy when some comment and let me have a better outlook on the same..

Maybe I am selfish when I dont leave comments on every blog, even if I read them. It is partly due to lack of time and partly since there would be nothing more to add from my side.
Rhapsody B. said…

Interesting post, I do not take it personally if someone I visit does not do the same, like you i go for the content.

It is nice when people happen upon my blog and enjoy the content they read and share with me their views on what they have read because it allows my the opportunity to see anothers point of view, perhaps one I never considered. It is by no means an obligation though, just an exercise of ones free will.

Stay blessed and enjoy your week.
Reflections said…
Smiled when I saw this post Renu....just like u to be open about wht u think.
To be frank the blog world is a 'u scratch my back, i'll scratch urs' world. When I started to blog I'd be duty bound to comment on everybodys blog whoever has commented on mine but slowly it was getting to me coz while I did thk it was taking too much of my time & I ended my not commenting on so many blogs I really liked. But after I came back fr my break I feel so much at peace. Somehow I'm no longer duty-bound to write 5-6 posts a month or comment everywhere. U'd have noticed, the number of comments in my space has drastically dwindled. Honestly I'm so relieved;-D
Renu said…
Chitra: Thank you chitra ! sometimes I also write nice post, but only when I like the post and I have nothing more to add and never without reading.

Bhagyashree:yeah, specially I dont want those coments where people comment only because I commented on theirs.

PinsNAShes: actually there are many bloggers whom I like but neither I understand much about poetry, nor photography, except something which apeals to a layperson like me, so I dont comment.

RhapsodyB; exactly the same way I obligation:)

Reflection: nancy we know each other so well that we can recongnise even posts without names....I have stopped counting the comments:)
Basil said…
had goosebumps reading this post, as I am with u on this, and share similar experiences.
Oscar F. said…
So sorry my dearest friend Basil, I've been blogging and writing on the Newspapers & even on Online Newspapers for many years. NEVER DID I ASK FOR ANY RECOGNITION FROM ANYONE EVEN FROM MY FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET. Keep writing ... eventually you will be recognized.
Oscar F. said…
So sorry my dearest friend Basil, I've been blogging and writing on the Newspapers & even on Online Newspapers for many years. NEVER DID I ASK FOR ANY RECOGNITION FROM ANYONE EVEN FROM MY FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET. Keep writing ... eventually you will be recognized.

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