We were jubilant when Anna hazaare won the first round, but the witch hunt has started to derail the campaign...and then madam says she doesnt believe in smearing politics.Since hazaare praised Gujarat and Bihar, he became political in other's eyes...The people selected in the committee are being scrutinised with a microscopic eye just to demoralise them...aagaaz aisa ha to anjaam kya can only guess.

Daily i read about some that national label player travelling in gen. compartment and then thrown out of the train. fire in rajdhani express and etc etc...I always feel that all the govt..central and state must decide upon a uniform compensation for everything..otherwise sometimes people get very unfair treatment.It must be equal rewards in all sports, equal compensation in all accidents and deaths.Not like now when.if media highlights any particular incident, then victim gets help from all quarters, otherwise many more such victims are left to fend for themselves.


ver well said. i think u tried to say about arunima event.such things are really very embarrassing
Jon said…
as far as I see, the system is corrupted. We cannot say the LokPal committe will remain afloat over the dirt
Tomz said…
very thoughtful and relevant post indeed
sm said…
thoughtful and yes if media stop reporting no one will help them.
dr.antony said…
They are all waiting to pull the legs.So deep are the roots of corruption!
rama said…
I really feel all the din created by the ruling party would die a natural death. Their desperation is so transparent. The fight has begun, and I am confident all these minority of cynics that we see around too would fall in place. For don't we all know the good has to struggle, and there would be blocks on the path, but once we are focused on our goal nothing can stop us in getting rid of the evil.
People have woken up. and they know the you can fool some people for sometime , but not all the people all the time.
For example: the old paper, bottle wala, was telling us he had gone to Chennai with his wife to vote, and when asked whether he took the money and other things offered by various parties, his wife said no, they never took such freebies, offered, and they have never taken, they felt that they must vote for the change and voted to the party they believed would bring about the change in that state.
Such maturity in such poor people is a definite sign that things have changed/ or are ripe for the drastic change to happen.
Now the news channels/ reporters too should grow up and act responsibly, and not report all the nonsense propagated by the ruling party to sabbotage,for once these corrupt people realize that there is no one who would listen to their nonsense they would have to automatically shut up for good.
I have great faith in our country, and the cynicism of a few people who have nothing better to do than to just indulge in nit picking, would soon be crushed under the greater voice of the whole nation.
Sandhya said…
Now, media snoops everywhere and in a way that is good, I feel. Arunima got money for best treatment.

It is going to be like this hereafter, Renu, with so many channels looking for 'sensational' news!

Anna Hazare has to be brave enough to face gaalis like other politicians do. Once you become popular and critisise the 'govt.', then peace in life is gone. They will hound you.
Bikramjit said…
Well i wrote on this myself, and moreover the first round is not won yet, the govt has agreed to bring the bill .. now it passes or not is a different story ...

Regarding talking on gujarat well I really beleive he should not have done it , No matter how much good or how much development has happened in gujarat they had a genocide of mulsims .. so to me that is wrong anythingbuilt on mass murder of human and no justice done is WASTED development.

What anna hazaare has done is a very good thing and I do solemly hope that it succeeeds but the problem is even if Anna Hazaare is Corruptless and a SAINT , its the people around him and IT is good tht they are being scrutinised minutely yes they should be for , if they are all good then this wave will do wonders , and i do hope they all pass with flying colours and are genuine people without anything ot hide.

Why are they afraid of the scutiny if they have nothing to hide , If it was me i would say bring it on because if all this scrutiny brings nothing then it would be so very great for this cause.

and also i do hope more youngsters join tooo ...

I do wish this continues and something comes out of it ...

Rachna said…
One can expect the politicians to try all the tricks in their hand to derail the process and stain the reputation of those on the panel. They have to realize that they must stay on the panel and keep the process transparent.
The politicians will not take it easily, of course.

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