Monday, April 18, 2011


People keep asking evrywhere to everybody about the best compliment they got.And defining a best compliment will define our if we aspire to be wealthy, then we would love it if some one is impressed with our financial status and if we feel that beauty is supreme then we like it best when somebody tell us that we are looking beautiful...and so on.

I have been a very lucky person in my life in the sense that I have been getting so many compliments through out my life for something or other, but when I started thinking about them, I found that every compliment reflects the thinking and perspective of the person who is giving.....
In my childhood MY grand pa used to say..she is so perfect, so good and best it reflects his affection only, because children are all good and cute.
My mom had an extra soft corner for me because I was not naughty and would help her a lot in her chores.
My teachers loved me a lot and whenever I changed the college( which I did very frequently) they didnt want me to and insisted a lot that I was only because I was an exceptionally bright student.

I got lot of compliments for stylish clothes and all, but when I got married,my inlaws saw only my dark complexion and commented that nothing suits me, specially dark colours etc was only because they wanted to see that only.

But these compliments never stopped even after marriage, I kept getting for looking gorgeous, being efficient and much younger than my age, but the best compliment which i cherish and can never forget and gladdens my heart everyday is.....

दीदी आप बहुत अच्छी हो आप जैसा दिल बहुत कम लोगो का होता हा.didi you are very good and very few people have a heart like you.

It was given to me by my maid..Manda in Warora specifically but the same sentiments have been echoed by all my domestic servants wherever I live, and they cry so much when I leave, Once a servant even wrote me asking me to call him.
I thought why it makes me so happy instead of all those others about beauty, efficiency, being a good relation,etc..because I aspire to be a good human being first and this one satisfies somewhere that quench of mine.


Insignia said...

Genuine ones really lift your spirits than the shallow ones like "you are beautiful, good looking" etc

Enigma said...

That was well said! People see ONLY what they want to see.
If the people want to see good they see the positive side of the person or else even if the person is having more good points than the negative ones, all people will see is the negative points.

When compliments are given, the heart of the person who gives the compliment is reflected. :)

rama said...

So many compliments, in so many fields. That is good. Enjoy the compliments without thinking of the cause and the reason behind them.
A compliment is a compliment, and accepting it not only makes the receiver happy but also the giver happy.

Shrutzz said...

ahhh so nice, am sure its the best compliment!!!!! am sure you are a wonder ful person!!!

Sandhya said...

You are a good person at heart, Renu, so whoever compliments you, they do it genuinely!

sm said...

congrats for getting so many compliments.
like the didi compliment.

chitra said...

Well said Renu, One must keep looking for the positive in others and encourage them. only a few people realise this.

Renu said...

Insignia: true..and most of the compliments reflect the thinking of giver also.

Enigma;.yeah,they say lies in the eyes of beholders:)

Shrutzz;Thanks Shruti for being so generous to me:)..anybody praising my heart makes my day.nothing else matters to me.

rama:.Rightly said Rama..accepting the compliments gracefully is also an art:)

Sandhya: Oh are making me feel on the top of the world..thank you so much!!!!

sm: Thanks:)..yeah, to me being good at heart matters more than anything else.

Chitra: yes Chitra..positive behaviour brings so much bon homie everywhere.

Rachna said...

Enjoy the compliments. Sometimes, we hold back while giving genuine compliments. I work on that a lot. I have seen how a small compliment sometimes makes another day,and these days I don't even hesitate to tell a relative stranger if I appreciate something and watch their face light up. And, everyone loves compliments.

Bhagyashree said...

So very true. We see what we want to see; but it would be so nice if we look at both the angles always.
Would love meeting u some day, (want to see the person who gets so many compliments)

Madhu said... more compliment for have an awesome blog!
I was away, looks like I missed many posts. Will catch up.

Reflections said...

Nice post Renu and loved wht the maid had to say, tht is a true compliment:-).
For some reason I have always been very uncomfortable with compliments but after I started blogging I have learnt to relax & take whtever people say at face value:-).

Anonymous said...

"every compliment reflects the thinking and perspective of the person who is giving....." so very true.

Judging from your posts, you deserve to receive such nice compliments, Renu! :)

A said...

I compliment you on writing such a wonderful post :))))

sumukh bansal said...

Compliment and comment....... Nice prospect...

deeps said...

thats a nice thought ..
we need to be a lil careful about the compliments we get though...not everyone will say nice words about us and mean it too :)

Renu said...

Rachna: sometimes I feel shy but try to overcome that, even if some cab driver drives well, I tell him that you are a good driver:)

Bhagyashree:I hope you are are dissapoointed to meet me:)..but I would love to meet you, may be whenevr you make a trip to Chennai.

Madhu: Thanks Madhu!you made my day:)

Manju joglekar: Thanks Manju! and I am very particular that way, If I dont deserve anything, then I neither want it, nor enjoy it.

A:is that so?.then thanks a lot!!!

Sumukh Bansal:.compliments should be always genuine:) and same with comments.

deeps: thats true..thats why I say that people see what they want to see.we may have good qualities and bad qualities both, now its upto them what thyey see....but yes I never let anything go to my it good or bad:)

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