Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This movie is about Jessica the story is real,but the treatment is different, theMusic is a big let down, the songs could be very meaning ful and emotional as the situation demanded, but they are a headeche, and bring a stop to the flow.WHat I liked......and disliked:)

Vidya Balan..She is done a good job though at some places she unnecessarily talks in an artificial slow manner, but all in all she is good.
Rani Mukherjee... She is effective in a no nosense way..but I dont know one thing..why a girl has to be shown swearing and sexually liberated sort to be competent and effective..instead of being a compliment I find it a slur on woman's reputation,I dont like to listen to those words even from a man's mouth,I find it a lack of grooming instead of beinmg manly or whatever they think... and girls dont have to ape boys in everything, specially if its a vice.This is one more gender equality at the wrong place.
They have made it in such a way to prove that ordinary man cant get justice, Sabrina gets justice only when a high profile journalist comes into the picture and mobilises the common people. Would have been better ,if they had shown a way to Sabreena to succed.
Then the star casting...Except thes two actresses, itlooks that they have saved on everything..Movie would have been very effective with good actors in the ensemble cast.just the way..PHANS GAYA RE OBAMA was, one need not to have stars, but actors are a must in any issue based movie. They bring that extra interest.But the actor portraying the role of socialite is superb in her nuances and gestures:)


Neena Sharma said...

I enjoyed the film a lot. It's not easy to turn a real incident into a gripping script because you can't take much liberty with it. Balan was so natural, but Rani got on my nerves.

sm said...

yes agree with you
music is not good

Bikramjit said...

have not had the time to watch this movie , will do soon hopefully one day ...


Jon said...

Totally agree with's not easy to turn a sensational incident into a movie...u ought to be a genius

Shrutzz said...

Hi Renu, how u doing.
I watched the movie recently in a DVD and somehow liked it.
I agree at times Vidya's dialogue to unnecessarily slow.
Its also personally scary that justice in India is available only when there is a tag with someone big supporting it.......

Sandhya said...

I saw this movie for an hour, I think, then left for some other work. It was just OK, until then, too!

Now, after reading your review, I won't take time to watch it, thanks!

chitra said...

I have also not seen the movie but thanks for the review.

Madhu said...

Renu, I also didn't like the swearing part. It was being used unnecessarily. In some places it was almost silly. I liked one part where the servant says "Kutti" to Rani and she responds "meine suni. Ab ja. Jaake coffee bana"...I busted out laughing. Dont know why!

I think the way they have shown Vidya is different from the actual Sabrina. From what I know, she also faced quite a lot of hostility and until Star TV and NDTV stepped in, the case was already closed.

A said...

Loved this movie.

Rachna said...

I loved the movie. It was gripping and showed in sad detail the events.

Renu said...

Neena Sharma: I agree, but then most of the time if they want they take what they call poetic liberty to make it better.

Shrutzz:..I also likedf the movie, but it could have been much better also...atleast in movie they could show some way to get justice other then influential names.

sm;music is non existent.

Bikram:..nothing missed:)

A:.its a good time pass.

Rachna:sometimes too sad.

Sandhya: you missed nothing great:)


madhu: I have a grouse against the people who make stereotype of everything.

dr.antony said...

I haven't seen it yet,and am surprised that many of you have already seen it.

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