Friday, April 29, 2011


When we were young there used to be lot many strikes..I have seen many industrial strikes, but never seen any benefit out of them. Then came the time of reforms, globalisation and all those unions dissappeared. But govt organisations are still battling with that..some time postal strike, transport strike, and AI every year has a strike.I dont understand why people lobby for govt job, if everything is so bad there? or is it really bad there or people get accustomed to a life of leisure and freebies so much that they abhor working?..Now Pilots are privileged people in the sense that they have a very extra salary comparison to other professions in India..and if employees always think of their own self only and not bother about the organisation, then what would be the result?  they will not have a job at all.
Earlier their high salaries were justified saying that they have erratic hours..but in today's world who is not working like that?.Most of the industries have night shifts and people work there for much less.
No other airline gives freebies, but their employees dont even go on strike like this every year.

In this open the jobs security must go for even govt. jobs...if the people are not satisfied with their jobs, they are free to find employment anywhere else..why dont they do so?

And salaries must be free car, travel, house or anything..everything should be added to the salary and let them use it as they want.This is what happens everywhere other countries.It will save lot of paper work and lot of wastage of national treasure like fuel etc.

Strikes should be banned completely..its loss of production time, money and national loss.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I think I have been blogging for 3-4 me blogging is an expression of my thoughts on everything.And in the process I met many wonderful people..some I liked as a person.whatever I could gauge thru their blogs and some whose writings interested me. But one thing I find very strange that even in virtual world, slowly slowly all the fake emotions come in commenting, people dont comment on the blogs where they like the content or have something to say, but on those who comment on theirs. Whereas i surf many blogs and read them..if I like the content I read them and go there, it doesnt matter whether they come to mine or not, because i am interested in reading and getting new perspectives.Sometimes I read the content and feel that I have nothing to say, then I dont say anything.
There are many bloggers whom I really miss and forgotten their links.
I like genuine people and genuine comments, I am not interested in increasing the nos or some statistics..So I want to tell everybody who comes here that if I comment on your blog, then dont feel duty bound to comment on mine, I go to everyone's blog for the content, never for reciprocation .

Sunday, April 24, 2011


In continuation for my last post.........

Whatever Modi did was wrong, but can one wrong thing blinds us so much that we dont want to see what good he is doing..and another thing is..that the same onus lies on congress to..for 84 is said that establishment supported them..but they are still ruling the country and nobody hates them and they also show that holier than thou attitude.whereas Modi is made a pariah why? the injustice to one community is more important than the other one.and why people forget the people who burnt the train..why this selective memory?

I wouldnt say that people selected for Lokpal panel are saint, but for a bigger cause we dont go nitpicking..secondly why all these instances are coming to light only now..if they evaded any tax or anything,why the govt. allowed earlier? why nodody thought of it earlier?  why now only?..or the people raising the fingers ..are they above board?..I dont think that any other govt had so many scams?..Present govt has broken all records of corruption and taken it to another label altogether, and still they can hood wink the citizens..I feel sad for myself and my fellow citizens.

Yesterday I read an article by Chetan Bhagat in TOI and I agree to him whole heartedly...that people in their hate campaign are forgetting that Modi is taking development route in Gujarat.

If we can forget 84 riots, then why not now?

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We were jubilant when Anna hazaare won the first round, but the witch hunt has started to derail the campaign...and then madam says she doesnt believe in smearing politics.Since hazaare praised Gujarat and Bihar, he became political in other's eyes...The people selected in the committee are being scrutinised with a microscopic eye just to demoralise them...aagaaz aisa ha to anjaam kya can only guess.

Daily i read about some that national label player travelling in gen. compartment and then thrown out of the train. fire in rajdhani express and etc etc...I always feel that all the govt..central and state must decide upon a uniform compensation for everything..otherwise sometimes people get very unfair treatment.It must be equal rewards in all sports, equal compensation in all accidents and deaths.Not like now when.if media highlights any particular incident, then victim gets help from all quarters, otherwise many more such victims are left to fend for themselves.

Monday, April 18, 2011


People keep asking evrywhere to everybody about the best compliment they got.And defining a best compliment will define our if we aspire to be wealthy, then we would love it if some one is impressed with our financial status and if we feel that beauty is supreme then we like it best when somebody tell us that we are looking beautiful...and so on.

I have been a very lucky person in my life in the sense that I have been getting so many compliments through out my life for something or other, but when I started thinking about them, I found that every compliment reflects the thinking and perspective of the person who is giving.....
In my childhood MY grand pa used to say..she is so perfect, so good and best it reflects his affection only, because children are all good and cute.
My mom had an extra soft corner for me because I was not naughty and would help her a lot in her chores.
My teachers loved me a lot and whenever I changed the college( which I did very frequently) they didnt want me to and insisted a lot that I was only because I was an exceptionally bright student.

I got lot of compliments for stylish clothes and all, but when I got married,my inlaws saw only my dark complexion and commented that nothing suits me, specially dark colours etc was only because they wanted to see that only.

But these compliments never stopped even after marriage, I kept getting for looking gorgeous, being efficient and much younger than my age, but the best compliment which i cherish and can never forget and gladdens my heart everyday is.....

दीदी आप बहुत अच्छी हो आप जैसा दिल बहुत कम लोगो का होता हा.didi you are very good and very few people have a heart like you.

It was given to me by my maid..Manda in Warora specifically but the same sentiments have been echoed by all my domestic servants wherever I live, and they cry so much when I leave, Once a servant even wrote me asking me to call him.
I thought why it makes me so happy instead of all those others about beauty, efficiency, being a good relation,etc..because I aspire to be a good human being first and this one satisfies somewhere that quench of mine.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Patiala House

Mr reddy is the richest politician.he declared his assets 77 crore in 2009 and today he has 500 crores....I think he should teach business management in IIMs..nobody can multiply better than him.

Same is the case with most of the politicians..if one can get wealthy just by being in politics, then I think everybody should get a chance and none should be allowed to stand in election second as to give chance to more people.

Yesterday I saw PATIALA has taken a very good point to discuss..parent's domination over children and their desire to seek obedience even if its at the cost of their children's happiness.Rishi Kapoor is the patriarch who doesnt want his son to play cricket  and so be waht if his son never smiles again and lives a dead life..he is not worried and makes merry all the time. His son's unhappiness doesnt bother him at all, he takes pride in his I hate such parents....and even so obedient sons.... Being a parent means that your children's happiness is the most important thing to you, I could never be happy knowing my child is unhappy, and if the reason of his/her happiness is me, then I couldnt live even .and for that I can do anything, tolerate anything...
About the star cast...Akshay is good but age is catching up and I dont understand why people take Dimple Kapadia..she looks horrible. Anushka Sharma is very natural and good, she should go places.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Immense support that Anna Hazaare got in his fast shows that Indians are not fed up of corruption.It has now reached beyond the limits of endurance.If you want to know more about Anna Hazaare , you may read it here.Yesterday most of the businessmen were saying to media that they want India to remove the rampant corruption and the same is voiced by everybody and I thought then who is involved in all this..Is it only politicians.?..but they cant do it all alone, they need people who give them money?

At times as now everybody shows a face holier than thou, but for corruption, each and every citizen is responsible in some way or other.....
Taking freebies from politicians during elections is also a way of increasing corruption..from where do they get money to spend on them? thru collections.....collections from party people or others..everybody will get it back thru some  favoured policies or licences etc, and those will in the end bring people forward in all spheres of life who dont deserve to be there.
So the first step should be to pledge that we will not take anything we dont deserve thru merit and hard work.We must justify our salaries or profits we get.
Say no to reservation everywhere.
Spread education.
Be entrepreneur and provide employment.
Learn to share.

I meet a septuagenarian who has been an administrator in the govt and he is retired now, he tells that he never ever even called home in duty hours, nor allowed the family to call him, unless it was an emergency as thats the time devoted to job and he got paid for that , he couldn't use  it for personal work. and his son has taken the same ethics from him, he is a CEO of big firm and he does the same. no calls to and from family, friends...This type of sincerity is worth admiring in today's world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This movie is about Jessica the story is real,but the treatment is different, theMusic is a big let down, the songs could be very meaning ful and emotional as the situation demanded, but they are a headeche, and bring a stop to the flow.WHat I liked......and disliked:)

Vidya Balan..She is done a good job though at some places she unnecessarily talks in an artificial slow manner, but all in all she is good.
Rani Mukherjee... She is effective in a no nosense way..but I dont know one thing..why a girl has to be shown swearing and sexually liberated sort to be competent and effective..instead of being a compliment I find it a slur on woman's reputation,I dont like to listen to those words even from a man's mouth,I find it a lack of grooming instead of beinmg manly or whatever they think... and girls dont have to ape boys in everything, specially if its a vice.This is one more gender equality at the wrong place.
They have made it in such a way to prove that ordinary man cant get justice, Sabrina gets justice only when a high profile journalist comes into the picture and mobilises the common people. Would have been better ,if they had shown a way to Sabreena to succed.
Then the star casting...Except thes two actresses, itlooks that they have saved on everything..Movie would have been very effective with good actors in the ensemble cast.just the way..PHANS GAYA RE OBAMA was, one need not to have stars, but actors are a must in any issue based movie. They bring that extra interest.But the actor portraying the role of socialite is superb in her nuances and gestures:)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just the other day I was flipping the magazines that I saw Week where they have profile many youngsters who have chosen to do something different either for their country  or the passion to go back to roots whatever it is , it is admirable...I would like to spread it....

As written in WEEK 30th Jan.....
  1. Chhavi Rajawat...She is on the front page.She is an IIM grad and she quit her job and now is Sarpanch of Soda village,looking after its development.
  2. Joshua Hishey ..He is 30 yrs old and is founder of studio in Dehradun and he is involved in preserving locla handicrafts, He and Richa are involved in organising comp. classes,graphic design workshops etc, they want to make community strong and independent.
  3. Divya Baja 27...She is founder of Miracle foundation in Banglore which helps rehabilitate women drug addicts.
  4. Masarrat Daud Jamadar,27.She is an NRI, she started the 8 day academy to give education to the under privileged.
  5. Usman Ahmed,34..he is empowering farmers in Kashmir to grow potatoes with new techniques to increase the yield..this type if initiative I like best, as he is using the local crop only to help.
  6. Jithin C nedunath,24, kochi..he is the co founder of MAD.make a difference..that educates underprivileged children.
  7. Abhishek Sinha , 34and Abhinav Sinha30 started EKO a low cost financial and mobile service for poor..its thru mobile and anytime service.
  8. Pallavi Renke,32..Solapur, she is devoting herself to the upliftment of denotified tribes.
There are many more like them, I have stated a few, their attitude to life is worth admiring, Not everyone can have the same passion and courage , but still if we could put in our two cents and support them, it would be enough .Life is not all about reaching goals and accumulating luxuries and wealth.

Service the interest of others and life will service your very interests. Fundamentally, the measure what you will be given in life depends on what you give.


I was always of the opinion that we are better off because we dont have divorces so much.because i feel that divorce always makes a very St...