Sachin Sachin and more he is vevery where, coming out of everything. I really wonder why we people are hyper in everything, either we are vandalising cricketer's houses or making them God..isnt there any rational way of praising and living?

I dont doubt that Sachin is a great player, but it is his profession, he has raked in obscene amount of money through his play and he the only player good in his/her chosen field? or are there no other people who have excelled  in their professions?

I find this adulation for him or Amitabh bacchan or Sharukh really very childish, yes there will be fans of celebrities but people in responsible offices behaving like indulgent fans is so ridiculous..No behaving like fan is ok, its your personal choice but granting bounties and priviliges to them should have some rules.

Whenever there is a winning match, there is a race among politicians and state persons and some other businessman too to give plots, flats and cash awards to cricketers..with tax payers money of course...I feel that there should be a legislation regarding all such largess...and rules to see and check the parameters considered.

Now they have made a joke of Bharat Ratna, padamshree and all such awards, I never even read the list of awardees, because i dont trust them.

If anyone is good in his profession and and plays for money, he/she is good but not great. We place greatness very easily on people. Great are those who benefit the society, country, think of others also..I dont know what all these people have done for the society, but it wont be much because never hear from them , whenever there is a problem or calamity or any issue...
Instead I admire Azim Premji, Shiv nadar, Narayan Murthy..people who make money but share it...In a developing country, people like them are required, not those who show their opulence and revel in vulgur display of wealth like some other bussiness people.

Free distribution of anything cash, or kind need to be stopped to anybody by anybody....


Ankita said…
I fully agree. the money and other rewards given to cricketers are indeed in obscene amounts.

Liking and admiring someone is fine but escalating him to the level of God is a bit too much, after all as he has replaced somebody, someone else will take his place too.

All this hoopla is indeed childish.
Sandhya said…
I agree with all your points, Renu! It is vulgar to award Bharat Ratna to Sachin! He has played and made money. Dravid is there Kapil is there who won the only world cup for us. OK, atleast awarding Padma, I agree. But Bharat Ratna is not a mediocre award! Is Sachin in par with Shastriji?

Now, BJP says that if they form the next govt. they will award Bharat Rathna to Vajpayee. I like Vajpayee but he should not get this award because the govt. favours him. Dirty politicians, they don't hesitate to use our money to get votes.

Some people I know are criticising CNR Rao who got Bharat Ratna now because he criticized the govt. for not giving enough funds for research etd. 'See, this man is abusing congress after getting this award from them'. What is this? This award is given for the individual's achievement, not because he favours the party, right?
up↑take said…
Sometime back, a PhD guy from India was posting comments in a reputed technology journal, like "such an informative article, I commend you...".

I wrote to him to notice how others' comments are adding value to the discussion while his comments did not add anything. There is no place for adulation in a science and technology journal -- you should be analytical/critical.. or just shut up.

Some of us have taken adulation a bit too far. We compete with each other on this front.
Rama Ananth said…
I totally agree with you, these media people have literally made Sachin "Sachay Headache". I am sure he is not to be blamed, but still it has become too much.
Usha Menon said…
Very well said Renu.I agree with your opinion.
KParthasarathi said…
My observation below is general in nature and has nothing to do with awards to any individual.I will not go into the merits or demerits of the selection.
Why should the government distribute awards each year?Is this not a relic of the colonial past? Why cannot this business of recognition be left to the highest bodies in the chosen areas? Many countries in the West have for long ceased giving civilian awards and left the task to the professional bodies. A deserving musician can be honoured with the highest title by an all India musical body and a cinema actor or those associated with films be conferred recognition by all India forum related to that field just as an Oscar award is being given at the international level.. We have our own Sangeet Natak Academy. Literary awards like Booker prize are chosen by a panel of eminent writers, scientific recognition by Nobel Committee and exceptional cricketing skill by Wisden.We have our own national equivalents for these bodies. Why should the State tread into such areas especially when they hardly have the expertise to evaluate the contributions objectively? Can we for a moment accept that literary awards if given by government would be free from bias? In a coalition set up, does it have the strength to resist the pressures from the allies for their nominees? There would be a clamour for region wise quota and possibly based on political colour and loyalty to the ruling clique. By leaving the job of choosing the highly meritorious to the respective fraternities, we would have rendered unto Caesar, things that are Caesar’s with no room for allegations of favouritism or wrong selection.The practice of conferring civilian awards should be done away with.
SG said…
Agree with you 100%. Sachin is a great cricket player and a great human being. He got paid very well for his cricket playing talent. But what did he do for India to deserve Bharath Rathna?
Asha said…
Amen to your post, Renu. If there was a law stating that politicians should give awards and reward money from their salaries or looted wealth, there would be no rewards or awards. They are happily doling out taxpayers money.

If sachin gave away half or atleast quarter of what he earned towards nation building, then he is worthy of Bharat ratna. Where was the hurry to award Bharat ratna? All vote bank politics at play
Renu said…
Ankita: we have this habit of going overboard in everything.

Sandhya: your logic is correct...awards have become a joke now because of all this favouritism.

uptake: sometimes I think that we dont think at all...

KParthsarthi: I agree completely...but it is such a slur on govt. that they cant do a single thing without bias and favours.

SG: exactly..this is what i feel..

Asha: Free money is distributed freely...its really sad..

Dilip said…
Even though I am a Sachin fan we must never go over board in our praise. As it diminishes his image.

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