Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Love..II part

whenever Valentine day is around corner, love is in the air, in everyone's mind and heart but

What is love? people seem to claim love to every third person,boys and girls promise to love each other, parents always say that they love their children most and so on.....But love ha kya?

Is it about expensive gifts even if some time they erode your finances?

Or is it  about some meaningless consumerism?

Is it pampering your children to the hilt and giving them everything they desire?

Is it  the money given by children to their parents and then live freely?

Is it  to see that your friend being cheated and keep quiet for the fear of spoiling the relationship?

Is it to see that your children are doing wrong but to keep quiet for the fear they will leave you or you will be in their bad books?

Each to his own but to me...

Gifts and celebrations should be always budgeted and within limit..those who save for the future and then spend always live a stress free life.

A loving parent should never give the children what they desire but what they need, as too much pampering makes them lazy, and unfit to deal with the realities of life.Parents are doing harm to them by making them soft targets for the harsh realities of live.Children should be brought up with values and taught the importance of hard work,they must learn to deal with NO also as life is not always so rosy.

Friendship shouldnt be based on statuses and life styles, rather on likings of each other's traits.

Parents need the good behaviour of their adult children more than their gifts and money..they should be given due respect and made to feel a part of their life, but since all this needs effort, most of the children want to get away with money.

To me if we love someone, we must look after the welfare of the person and if at any point of life he/she is going to get harm, we must help...and truth is supreme to me, to me love can never mean to justify the wrongs of our loved ones....Being truthful and right is also important.yes if one is broadminded, one can forgive, but i feel frustrated when i see some people being totally biased........finding only good with the people they love and all faults with the people they dont love....I never go that blind..and i feel i am doing a disservice to my loved ones by doing that.even if my enemy has some good points, I will praise him/her, and if my loved ones have some bad habits, I will try to tell them..though with love and quietly.
I absolutely believe in Kahlil Zibran when he says.....
Love is not only giving..its judicial giving and judicial withholding.


up↑take said...

Christmas is so commercialized in the west that some started saying "Keep Christ in Christmas"... Valentines day is also mainly promoted by shopkeepers, restaurants and pubs.

deeps said...

i dont know why we have to discuss on this topic!!

Renu said...


deep: its not about valentine day..its about shallowness of everything..


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