Thursday, February 6, 2014


when I saw this book, I felt that OMG..this is such a thick book like Ramayana , will I be able to read it or more finish it....finish I did and the reread it again, because it needed it.It is a story of intrigue, betrayal, patriotism in different forms and so much.
This is the story of a don..Ganesh Gaitunde..his initiation in this world and rise, his womanising, killings and looking after his people everything..his fears, his spiritualism and his patriotism..
The second protagonist is Sartaj singh a sikh handsome policeman who is considered honest in police parlance due to his relatively less commissions than other members of his tribe. His mother was a refugee from Pakistan and has seen the grief during partition and has certain beliefs.
In between there are many characters..
Jojo ..a small town girl from south who becomes a television serial producer and a MADAM who supplies girls also, connects them with others.
Parulkar..a Senior  police officer connected with Suleiman ISa Muslim don
Shridhar Shukla..Hindu swami, who wants to annihilate the country first to bring new good order
and many more RAW and secret agencies, and its about how police in Mumbai make money..and all that but one thing is clear that those who live by gun ,die by gun.
The only thing that I didnt like was the abuses in the language, may be I havent seen or lived with such people, so it very repulsive to me to talk like that, secondly all policeman talk dirty about any woman who goes there..its very..what should I say..I cant respect anybody or his work if they behave and talk like that, though sometimes they are doing good work..

Theodore Boone..the activist..John Grisham
Theodore is the teenage son of lawyer couple and in a project becomes the activist against the people who want to profit without caring about the environment or animals.Its a book for teenagers only


rudraprayaga said...

Nice review,Renu.

Renu said...

Rudraprayaga: Thanks!

Renu said...

deeps: your comment was deleted by mistake..even I was thinking that I may not be able to complete it, but it was quite interesting...

Jeevan:Initially it looked like to me but then:)

Ankita said...

Hi have heard a lot abt this book but as it is really tick, I could never gather the courage to read it :P

Renu said...

Ankita: But its quite engrossing inspite of all the minuses:)

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