Sunday, October 12, 2014


Here is a conversation between mother and her son ( ..I wrote this post 5 years back...since the original conversation is in Hindi, I am putting the translation in brackets..

When she eats something

Son;---mom kuch khaane se pehle soch liya karo sugar ha , thoda parhej karo
            ( Think of your sugar before you eat ,eat less)
when she doesnt eat.....

Ma kuch khao, aise kaise chalega, agar sugar low ho gayi to.
( Eat something, I dont like it, sugar level will go down)

When she works......

ab itna kaam na kiya karo ki haalat hi kharaab ho jaaye, thoda rest kar lo.
(Dont over work yourself,you will get fatigued, rest a little)

when she rests....

isiliye to aapki itni fat ha, main jab bhi aata hoon aap rest hi kar rahi hoti ho, thoda active rahiye tabhi theek rahengi.
THis is the reason you are so fat, whenever I see you, you are resting, be active, then only you will be fine

When she gets dressed...

ab itna bhi na saja kariye, aap age ke hisaab se rahiye wahi accha lagta ha,mothers aise nahi acchi lagti ha
Dont over dress, dress according to your age, mothers look better dignified

and if she doesnt then....

thoda theek se baitha kariye, ab boutique me customers dekhte hain aise accha nahi lagta.
Dress well, it doesnt look nice in front of other people.

agar woh discipline demand karti ha to..
ab aap old fashioned baat kar rahi ha,  yeh to hame na bataaiye ki aapke jamaane me kya hota tha,ab times change ho gaye
(You are being old fashioned, dont tell me what used to happen in your time,now times have changed)


Usha Menon said...

Very interesting! Ghar ghar ki kahani! Mothers can never do any thing on their own. Children will definitely comment.

SG said...


Rama Ananth said...

Really true and also very funny.

Ashwini C N said...

You know how people say, whatever you do there are people who will always blame you for something or the other. That is why, when people say something I try to see if they are helping me or if they are just saying because they have nothing else to talk about and I react accordingly.

sm said...

yes happens in all homes i think
may be little bit different but happens

Renu said...

Thanks :)


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