Friday, October 3, 2014



Its a beautiful book . Its about a retired muslim couple residing in Vizag.Both are very progressive minded , secular and intelligent too..specially Mrs. Ali.Their widow niece adopts an orphan Hindu boy and loves him like a mother, but both Hindu and muslim fanatics trouble them, they find it better to put that boy in an orphanage than living with her as family.Then there is widening of roads in cities without taking into consideration the problems of people living there.So many issues are corruption in electricity department,hindu muslim interactions,and one gets many good insights when Mr. ali is reminiscing about his childhood and all, when young people took interest only in their profession and family and older people were into religion. and he finds it dangerous that today youngsters are getting into religion and becoming fanatics..not a good sign.according to him..
Over all very interesting, and tell us that even if people are truely secular and good, life has many road blocks for them..


Anonymous said...

It is certainly not easy for a person to be truly secular and good. The number of fanatics may be less than the number of secular persons in every religion, but most fanatics are extremely vocal, sometimes violent as well. Very few secular persons are vocal. The real tragedy is that most secular persons prefer to remain silent.

radha said...

Is this a new book? Will look for it tomorrow, when I make the visit to return the library books and borrow some more. Seems very interesting.

SG said...

Thanks for the nice introduction of this book.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting book, Renu.

Yes, I think that it's true that life has many roadblocks- even for people who are trying to do good......

Jeevan said...

The books sounds like a social reference.

Renu said... Yes I realised this after reading this book that simple kind deeds can be so difficult..

radha:I dont think so..I am a member of, so there I found this book interesting..

SG: Books are my pleasure..

manjujoglekar:Really..when I read the book, incidents are so natural and so are the problems..

Jeevan: It is Jeevan It is..

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