Sunday, September 28, 2014


I keep reading everywhere that why there are all the instructions and protocol for the children, why not any one for elders , parents and in laws, so i thought why not? lets have one which will appeal to them, and as it is giving advice, comes so easily to us Indians.....ask anyone whenever a match is lost..everybody must be telling you how the strategy of the captain was wrong, and how the batsman didnt cut the ball, and how the fielder lost the easy to play the game sitting in your drawing room:), its like discussing realistic movies and poverty in India over Champagne and caviar:), so here are the guidelines for parents and elders, take it at your own peril, the product is not guaranteed:)

You are born in this world to take care of your children only, so do it well, dont have any other thing in your mind or life.

A child is an individual by birth , so respect them ..even at the cost of your self respect:)( you shouldnt have any).

Before telling is a bad word..asking your children to do anything, tell them all the reasons and logic, but of course dont expect them to justify their actions.

Give them all the freedom...This is a free world and you may be sued for slavery, But of course if they do anything wrong..its your responsibility and duty to take care of that.

If they want to take all the decisions of their life without your consent..let them take...they are right , its their life, and dont ever say that...hamaare time me aisa hota tha..times have changed , but remember only for them, not for you--if you ever express a desire to become modern., dress fashionably .......then listen to them according to your age or..are you out of your mind?

They have every right to compare you with their friend's parents who...pamper their children silly, give lot of money and freedom, but you have no right to compare them with other children...u r spoiling their personality by continuous comparison.

Dont ever expect anything from them..obedience or anything else......You havent done anything special..all parents do that for their children,They have already given you a being your children.

If you are extra caring and are suffocating them, stifling their life, but if you dont, then you are dont care.

You may suppress all your dreams for their future, but they cant kill a single desire,an outing or their daily routine even for you, as it will be ruining their life .

and all this for the sake of being called a parent..the word means a person totally selfless and devoted to children.

List is endless..will keep adding:)..even you may add...

next part for inlaws:)


Sandhya said...

Hmmm...I am with you and agree all the points!

SG said...

Let me understand this. I was born in this world ONLY to take care of my children? and nothing else? OhhhKaaay.

Bikram said...

I do wish kids these days are more sensible


Renu said...

Sandhya: Thanks:)

SG: Thats what children think my dear:):)

Bikram:If wishes were horses:)......

Anonymous said...

Reality presented with hard-hitting, sarcastic humour!! I was reminded of Yuvraj Singh's 6 sixes in an over!!!

Was this post triggered by something you saw or heard?

sm said...

good method to explain both need to understand each other

Salomie said...

I was getting increasingly confused reading this post ... and then I saw it's been labelled under Humour :)

Renu said... see everyday..its a reality only ,presented in humour:)


Salomie:Reality under the garb of humour:)

Happy Kitten said...

At the end of the day the only relief is that there has never been a perfect parent or a perfect child :)
Parents keep making mistakes which the child hopes to correct with his/her child and and end up making new mistakes.

But as long as we try to enjoy the journey of parenthood all can be well I guess.

Amrita said...

Hmm even I was confused till I read Salomies comment which said it was humour.... I had missed reading that !
Well... if this aint humour then I think this is rationalisation of how things are.
Another addition that I would definitely make it :- Practice what you preach. Children may not listen but they watch. Whatever you do, you unto them directly or indirectly. So be very careful.

Renu said...

Happy Kitten: But the journey never remains happy only..its enough if its a peaceful one:)

Amrita:.Its true even if in humour:)..yes you have stated a very important point.practice what you preach..

Ashwini C N said...

Really? Yes Children have to be taken care of, but I dont think (just an observation) they are as difficult to handle, provided parents take the right approach :-)

Zephyr said...

Modern day parenting carries this business of giving freedom and space to their children -- even little ones --to ridiculous heights. The result is for all to see and suffer. The kids grow up full of themselves not taught or expected to respect anyone. Till of course they have kids of their own, but even then, they forget their own behaviour and begin moaning about theirs!

Renu said...

Ashwini:..This right approach is such a dicey thing:)..

Zephyr:absolutely we are bringing up self centred individuals..

Jeevan said...

I agree quiet not! Even though its a humor post. I think situations differ from one family to another and it is also depend on mindset of children and parents to make it positive... if a child makes a mistake, we can’t let them live with it. Parents has response, and no one is sure that every child use the freedom in good direction.

Renu said...

Jeevan:I like this..parents have a responsibility and they shouldnt shirk from it..


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