kya karen ham aise hi hain:)

I have come back after a lo0ng vacation. I was in my home town in UP.and one thing I realise every time I go there is that how much your mother tongue is important to you..there its so relaxing to speak Hindi and listen Hindi:).

And the next thing is never gets the same flavour anywhere else and then summer fruits, I havent eaten..peaches, apricots,berries, leechis  dussehri mangoes and many more for many years, here one rarely sees them.

But inspite of all this I am always happy to be my place, my routine everything.I really wonder when people want to live with children, leaving their own circle of friends, routines and life styles....May be that those living on their own have to work more, may have less what..I would any day prefer that...I love my independence too much to sacrifice that..


indu chhibber said…
Very true,one's own home is where one's roots are,but sometimes it is not choice but circumstances which push individuals to shift with their children.Many of my friends have been rendered single after their partner's demise and they could not live alone--their children too did not want them to live alone.
But yes ,coming back to your post,they are certainly not as happy as they were in their own homes.This too is a sorry outcome of old age.
SG said…
Glad you had a.wonderful time in your home town.
sm said…
home town native place one always remembers but independence is also important
Renu said…
indu chhibber: Actually I feel that people should change this mindset that old people cant live alone or they should live with the children...because then its not living just passing the life...yes they should do all that if they desire that but otherwise there are many options.

SG:I have a very loving family, so its always enjoyable. me independence and self respect comes before everything..
Sandhya said…
I too went to my native place recently and enjoyed chatting with my relatives and ate our food heartily and am back to the hot Chennai...but I am so happy to be back, like you! Our own house is always heaven!
Sometimes, elderly people have no choice.
These days, many elderly people have to live alone because their kids live abroad. I remember reading some years back that there were so many such people in Pune that they formed an association to support one another in case of any difficulty, and to have an 'extended family' to share good times with.
On the other hand, health or economic considerations prevent some elderly people from living on their own.
Whether by circumstances or by choice, on their own or with family, each person, old and young, must try to make the most of it.
Jeevan said…
I ever have been away from my home town more than a week… so I haven’t felt missing or emphasis so far.

Hope you enjoyed being at hometown
Renu said…
Sandhya:.very true Sandhya..coming home is always good.. ..Thats should be the philosophy of life..make the most of it:)

Jeevan:..Boys have that privilege:)
Enigma said…
I don't know how my other home will be. Still to go through that phase. But one thing I know is it'll always feel good to me to come to my parents house. :)
And just out of curiosity, which language do you have to speak if not Hindi?
Amrita said…
Hum bhi aise hi honge.. i also cant imagine living with children.. i would love my independence too much... the kids can come and stay with me if they want :P
Renu said…
Enigma:...:)..I am in Chennai and here most of the people dont understand hindi and I have to speak english:(

Amrita:ham tum to similar hain na:)
Salomie said…
Welcome back! I had noticed the long absence on your blog. This strikes a chord with me, especially as I too have just come back from a vacation to India. Visited my nani, who is now back living on her own in Mumbai after 8 years with her sons in the US. She has chosen to come back as she was mistreated there. It's a complicated story, but in a nutshell I learned some key life lessons that I realised are vital to enjoying old age: the importance of financial independence, the importance of having faith ... whatever keeps you spiritually and emotionally strong and guided on the right path, the importance of having a hobby or something meaningful to occupy your time, the importance of staying updated with technology, and finally the importance of having the will to live and not just exist.
Renu said…
Salomie: Thank you :)...those are very important points especially the last one..I feel that people hesitate in living on their own due to multiple reasons..but thats all true with living with someone also, so I would suggest to have courage and live on your own..even if your children are good..

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