vice and virtue

Today i find lots of changes in the fabric of society, it has become a polyester from Khaadi, No stain is bad, it can be washed, however dirty you make it, still it can look clean, not like Khadi--which is to be maintained sprightly clean, cant take a single spot.

Earlier even a hint of some bribe, scandal used to make big noise in the society and a big embarrassment to the person. Its not that there were no tainted persons , or no corruption or no opportunists., because greed is a human quality, so existed in all the ages, everybody knows that Mahabharata took place only because of Duryodhana's greed. But there was a stigma attached to every vice, so whoever indulged, did so on the side,and when confronted would not accept it easily.
See how the times have changed.Today nobody has any scruples, instead of feeling ashamed they will start telling you the names of hundred other people who are corrupt and all that। क्या सब के चोरी करने से चोरी चोरी नही रहती ?

here i want to say that -------I am afraid that............if the majority is corrupt, then there is a chance that tomorrow corruption may be converted into a virtue------------.I feel scared of living in that society.......................where journalists start supporting the politician only because they have been very candid in the dealings or feelings.( It happens on TV so many times that if somebody accepts the dealings he is glorified)


indu chhibber said…
It is a sad commentary on our nation that people brazenly justify their wrongs.And look at the law-so sluggish.Even if corruption is proved does the nation retrieve the loot?The thieves are happy that they provided for coming generations.
sm said…
majority are corrupt and our system and laws encourage to do corruption
yes today we have already started converting illegal into legal
Jeevan said…
very true and there are perhaps chances. because we are expose to those very easily and abundance these days. schools/colleges should teach more moral subjects to students, at least to balance it perhaps.
Enigma said…
Already some part what we hear/see are paid news. :(
It's sad but true.
It does appear on a number of occasions that we, as a society, have started believing that the end justifies the means.
Avada Kedavra said…
Agree.. almost everyone these days is corrupt or greedy or wishing bad for others. :(
Renu said…
I think someone shud bring out a code of conduct to help in reducing corruption..may be we are increasing it unknowingly..
Zephyr said…
Renu,I would put the blame squarely on the need for self glorification and being in the news and catching eyeballs. Towards this end, scruples are thrown to the wind and nexus between the corrupt person and media begins. Who can deny that media is no more objective but runs after stories that would increase their TRPs momentarily? Remember during the height of Radia tapes and some TV anchors coming under fire for bribes? What happened? They are acting holier than thou and being held up as role models! Like you, I am not looking forward to the day when corruption will be legalised. No, definitely not.
Renu said…
Zephyr: You are absolutely right..everything today has its own agenda..But as an individual we can change lot of things, if we apply our rules to ourselves even..

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