Monday, September 22, 2014

Palace of Illusions....Chitra bannerjee Divakaruni

Palace of Illusions....Chitra bannerjee Divakaruni

I had given the requisition of this book two years back to my library and now got it....very interesting book. It is the story of Mahabharata from the side of Draupadi. The story starts from her birth and ends when she dies. I has many lessons for today even...She goes to an Ascetic and told three thing which she should be careful dont always speak your mind, dont get too angry and dont laugh at somebody as they may bring catastrophes in your life and family. And the same thing happens..In her Swayamvar, to save her brother, she insults Karna,and in return she loses him (in her heart she always loved Karna) , and makes him an arch enemy of her husband.Then she laughs at Duryodhan and sows the seed of destruction, and last in her Vastraharan, she takes a vow of not plaiting  her hair till Dushasan is dead..In the same way all incidents are there due to some reason, and its always karma  and everything is explained very well..worth a read..

Sunset Club..Khushwant Singh
Its the reminiscent memories of three old retired friends, one Mr. Sharma, another nawab saheb and third is a sardarji who i feel is khushwant singh.As usual its a bawdy description of their life and exploits.

Read many more books .like James Patterson's and some  Indian writers, but nothing worth mentioning..please suggest me some good books...


SG said...

Nice Synopsis.

sm said...

useful review book looks interesting the other side

Sandhya said...

It is nice to know that you read a lot even now! I am not able to concentrate.

Draupadhi's story is interesting! No, I won't say 'I will read'! I am a lazy woman now as far as books are concerned!

Dilip said...

The first book Mahabharata from what you wrote interests me. I'd love to read it for sure. Thanks Renu.

Renu said...

SG: Thanks:)


Sandhya: Once you start this book, you will enjoy:)

Dilip: Its from my fav. writer:)

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