We want good governance
we want clean roads
we want no corruption
we want everything but from others, on our own we dont want to do anything..
If judiciary is sentencing a  person we protest, we destroy national property, we stop work in offices, we close the schools.only because that person was kind to us personally..what is it ultimately..only US..nothing else, we bother about self only....

Why cant we go about everything in a civil way, or we want to say that whenever judiciary gives a verdict in our favour, we shall be democratic, otherwise we cant respect law of the land orthe highest institution even.

I always thought that south is more educated and more intellectual, but with this attitude, I am rethinking...none of the intellectuals have come out and said that we must honour the verdict and if we want we can appeal against it.what do we want..anarchy....or that law should have different course for different people.....everybody is thinking of his own benefit only...

So far I thought that only congress breeds sycophancy but NO people here win hands down...


Rama Ananth said…
Ans she is sitting in the Jail letting all these tamashas going on in big screen TV provided for her highness. Can't send strict instructions to her party members and supporters to go about their , at least in this way she will retain some .
But the way things are going we have lost respect for her and and she has lost all chances of ever coming back.
What a tragic end to such a resourceful and intelligent lady. Her whole career has gone down the drain.
This should be a lesson to other corrupt leaders to be careful, for "kannon ke hath bade lambe hote hain".
Sandhya said…
I think our South is flourishing by its people and not by governance. Politics is a filthy game everywhere. Nobody will have guts to come out and give statement. The fraction of fanatics might not keep quiet. I wonder how Kunha is going to live in peace. Hope the fanatics allow him to live without any hardships.

Even I felt bad when she was arrested. She is the only well read, sensible politician here, in Tamilnadu now. Karuna's period is over. Now, we will wait for some miracle to happen and a good leader come out to keep peace here, in Tamilnadu.
Anilkumar Kurup said…
Who said southerners are enlightened lot?
The Tamils are one of the most foolishly emotional in this country.
That apart, the vile side of man is in all. Only that it manifests differently with different intensity in all of us.
Renu said…
Rama:The way lawlessness is being shown here...its a no man's land, very sad state to be where people are so educated...

Sandhya: Excuse me for saying this..but why did you feel bad.because you dont have faith in judiciary or being sensible and well read absolves one for all crimes...No Sandhya..such opulent corruption in a poor country should be opposed all the way..I am hoping to see our Mayas and Mulayams also going the same way..

Anil Kurup;..:) .I always thought that education brings enlightement:)
SG said…
Judiciary is not perfect either. First it was September 21 for rendering judgment. The judge decided to postpone it to September 28, without giving any reason. Why? On September 28, it was supposed to be at 11 am. The judge postponed to 4 pm. Why?

Legal scholars and educated people think it is to take personal vendetta. Application for granting bail should be made to the Karnataka High Court. They are closed on Sundays. The High Court is closed the entire week (Sep 29 to Oct 4) due to Dussera holidays. The High Court is also closed on Monday, October 6 for Eid. So, the earliest she can apply for bail is after spending almost 10 days in jail. The uneducated party workers get angry at that. Even educated people get angry.

The Karnataka High Court asked a special judge to hear the case on Monday, Sep 29. The government prosecutor came to the court and said he has not received official orders to represent the government in this case. So the judge postponed it to October 7. Some one has to spend time in jail just because the government has not appointed a prosecutor to represent the government? No wonder the party guys are angry.
SG said…
Sorry for the typo. It was Sep 20 and 27.
Rahul Bhatia said…
Sad story oft repeated everywhere, Renu!
It pains me when I say that we are extremely selfish people. Each person is only bothered about himself/herself and his/her near and dear ones.

I agree that education brings enlightenment. Unfortunately, a person who has acquired educational qualifications is not necessarily educated.
Jeevan said…
I think people are enlightened in different way that is enough to make only money! What’s happening with the issue is nonsense and i have no different though on this... nothing injustice happen and everyone knows the truth but still making trouble for their selfish. This can be stopped by just a call from jail. But I don’t think she dislike this... because she ever discouraged her party men over praising her at every occasion.
Renu said…
SG: I know..nothing is good in absolute terms, but then they can complain about those particular glitches..but destroying properties and spreading lawlessness is not the way for civilises people specially those in power..atleast now she can show her leadership in containng her cadre.Even Subrato roy is also facing these problems..and is in jail for last 6 months..But thats no excuse to show complete disregard of law of the land..

proactiveindian.com: That we know..but how to bring a change?..one of my friend always says..that they are literate not educated..

Jeevan: I know, people went to ludicrous heights to show their devotion to her and she lapped it all without any dislike..

Bipin said…
We should not do others to start doing things. Each one can start in his own humble way. But wealth and fame, will not come our way. If ready to forego the illegal wealth everything will be right.
Renu said…
Bipin: one has to decide the priorities..do we want wealth and fame at the cost of integrity?

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