Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Think about it....

How could celebrities be so insensitive..like Hema malini said that widows shouldnt gather in Vrindavan...Are the widows coming there on their own will? Do they have any choice? Are they enjoying there? They live a pathetic life without proper food, clothes or entertainment.Being a woman, least she could do was to empathise with them and give them better conditions.
Secondly, if one thinks that way..isnt she an outside in Mathura, even in Mumbai?

The same can be said about Raj Thackeray..why he always says that he will stop people coming from outside..what is outside? Did he stop NSG from saving Mumbai people? why was he silent then?

I remember once I was in Warora, and one Kannada person worked under  my husband, and he called us for dinner, and there his wife  in very naive way said that lot of north Indians have settled in Bangalore now and there is no place for us..and all that, and her husband felt so embarrassed..( we are north Indians)...:)..And they wanted their children to settle abroad:)

On one side we talk about MNCs, globalisation and open economy, on the other hand we make boundaries in our own country..Most of us want to go to foreign countries for better prospects and want to settle there, and when some body from our own country wants to settle in our home state we cry foul? what sort of mentality is that?

Its time we do what we say...I wont say that have a big heart..NO there is no big heart needed here, because  every citizen has the same right in the country, they are not giving something of their won.one can stay anywhere...nobody is being generous...instead be human..live and let others live..

Demand civility, ethics ,and morality, not segregation on the basis of caste or language.Yes anyone and everyone must follow the law of the land and cultural ethos of that place where you live..think of your neighbours also.


SG said...

I agree with everything you said except the Vrindavan stuff. How about if the government relocate all the homeless people in your neighborhood? Would you like that really?

Renu said...

SG:.Those widows are there because its the birthplace of Krishna..

Though it may sound cliche.but i dont want to live among criminals, rest are all fine..with homeless people I will find something worthwhile to do atleast..

Avada Kedavra said...

I dont think people in Bangalore don't like outsiders. Bangalore has always been a metropolitan city and there are more tamilians etc in Bangalore who have been living for multiple generations now. The problem is only with north Indians I guess. Because what I have generally observed is that they never adapt to the culture of the place they are living in. They do not want to learn the local language. They think Hindi is what everyone should speak. Also these new extensions with only North Indians don't even have south Indian restaurants or anything remotely resembling South India. If I were so willing to live in North India, I might as well move to Delhi right? That's why I don't want to stay in those areas, because it is not Bangalore.

SG said...

I understand those widows are mostly sent from West Bengal. Why don't the West Bengal government take of them? If I were WB Chief Minister, I will be ashamed.

Anilkumar Kurup said...

In another country even if it was a Banana Republic, men like Raj Thackrey will be shut out for ever in some dungeon. A nuisance and a menace to social living.

n America people describe themselves as " from south of America or from the west coast , not south American or west american,

Rama Ananth said...

I also feel a person must be spontaneously blend with the surroundings, learn the language or at least learn to manage with few important words. ALso with the North Indians, it has been a very bad habit with them that , they still refer to all South Indians as "Madrasis", and they don't bother to learn that Madrasi is a person who belongs only to Madras.
They must brush up their geography.
And also, all south indians don't eat only idly dosas and sambhars. The South Indian languages are each totally different from each other. There are so many differences, so just saying he/ she is a madrasi is a kind of insult to the entire south of India.
I used to have a Punjabi friend who confessed that she felt very bad in not knowing that South is so different, and believe me she is an architect, she at least must have learnt something in her school. However, after coming and living in Bangalore, she understood how blind they were to this fact. I am sure you also must have realised this once you came and settled in Chennai.
WHen we go to any other state, we always learn to blend with the locals automatically, and though we may not be able to speak their language with perfection we can somehow manage, and that itself makes them endearing to us.
When I was in Calcutta, people used to think I was a Bengali, till I spoke in Bengali. WHen i was in places like Agra, Delhi, Lucknow, people used to think I was a local, and luckily my Hindi was and still is very good with no SOuth Indian accent. They loved to talk with me in Hindi. When I was in North East, I knew a little bit of their language too, though now though now it has been a long time,I may not anything.
It is really very bad on the Bangalorians to behave in such a manner with those boys from the north East.
They lack awareness about our country, which is why our government should popularise these states, make the whole world know about the people of these regions and about these people who are so good and welcoming to people from other parts of India.
Please don't feel offended, it is my experiences, and I am just highlighting the root cause behind all this.

Renu said...

SG: if politicians were good we wouldnt have any problem at all:)

Anil Kurup:.its a form of racism only..

Rama Ananth: I agree and disagree both and giving you a detailed reply in my next post

sm said...

it shows that they need to study more and understand more

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