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I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample under foot.  Men are not superior by reason of the accidents of race or  color. They are superior who have the best heart, the best brain.  The superior man stands erect by bending above the fallen.  He rises by lifting others. ~Robert Green Ingersoll~

Why there is so much stress in life ? It is because we focus too much on good living standards Rather than "living with good standards" Unknown

"Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals, But because of the inactivities of the good people." - Swami Vivekananda

God changes appearances every second. Blessed is the man who can recognize him in all his disguises. One moment he is a glass of fresh water, the next, your son bouncing on your knees  or an enchanting woman, or perhaps merely a morning walk

No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No stream or gas drives anything until it is confined.  No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunn…

Love..II part

whenever Valentine day is around corner, love is in the air, in everyone's mind and heart but

What is love? people seem to claim love to every third person,boys and girls promise to love each other, parents always say that they love their children most and so on.....But love ha kya?

Is it about expensive gifts even if some time they erode your finances?

Or is it  about some meaningless consumerism?

Is it pampering your children to the hilt and giving them everything they desire?
Is it  the money given by children to their parents and then live freely?

Is it  to see that your friend being cheated and keep quiet for the fear of spoiling the relationship?

Is it to see that your children are doing wrong but to keep quiet for the fear they will leave you or you will be in their bad books?

Each to his own but to me...

Gifts and celebrations should be always budgeted and within limit..those who save for the future and then spend always live a stress free life.

A loving parent should never give …

What are they doing?

First in Maharashtra congress waived of loans of those farmers who didnt was like penalising those who were honest and paid..because all the farmers must be treated equally..why award the defaulters..there are many other ways of helping those in distress but this type of ruling sends a wrong signal...but who cares, if it was their own money they would think twice before spending...

Then in Delhi  govt. waived of 50% of electricity bills of those who were defaulters..what does it tell us..its better not to pay, you may get it waived off..why cant they reward those who are paying?

Telengana bill is passed amid secrecy...and tamasha..we elect people to take decisions in majority, and if majority of elected people is not in favour then why do it? Everything should be transparent and clear..

Now in TN Former prime minister's killers are freed....I fail to understand the feeling behind it..
Is it because they(govt) feel that killers were justified in doing what they did?..But …


Now a days there is promo on TV coming, saying Love is in air---its about love stories on firangi channel. Then everyday we hear some one saying- I have found real love ( saifexclaiming that for Kareena-just imagine a man having two children saying that---disgusting )What is love then?
When a boy looks for a beautiful girl as a life partner---is it love ?
When girls go for a well settled boy---is it love ?
When on the valentine's day big gifts are expected and sometimes demanded, is it love ?
or when on the mother's day or fathers days, gifts are given or they are feted, is it love ?
Then what is love. It may have different meanings and connotations for different people, for me love means-----
when a mother takes care of her child it is love,
when a father protects his children disciplines them (so what if he looks like a little over strict ) its love
When a husband of sixty years worries every time his wife is unwell, its love
When the children look after their parents emoti…


This is a story of three friends; Govind-the protagonist is a maths graduate and inclined for business, Ish is an unsuccessful cricketer but still very passionate about cricket and Omi who belongs to a rightist hindu family. The story is based in Gujarat. Its about ish; passion for cricket, where he patronises a poor muslim boy who has a great knack in cricket and all three friends protect him, sometimes putting their life at the stake . Its about Govind who teaches maths to Ish;s sister and falls for her defying the protocol.Ish's sister Vidya is also one of her kind, today's modern girl,bold with lot of spunk.Its about Omi, who is a son of a priest , but he doesn't want to be one. And in the back ground is earth quake, Godhra and communal riots.
I have read ONE NIGHT AT CALL CENTRE by the same author, it was an engrossing one, so I bought this one, but it is a very insipid novel with no life. Characters are mere caricatures of preconceived notions going on for years---l…


Today I met a young computer engineer. I am writing our conversation verbatim here:--
So, your wife also works ?
Yes, she is a lecturer in a Delhi college and co-writes books also. actually this the best profession for girls.
Dont say that :), times have changed now.
yes, but the values are same.,  the way a mother can look after the children nobody can.
But in the changed times ,father's are also doing the same.
No, aunty, you see when both are busy, and in the evening just 1 or 2 hrs are there,nobody wants to say anything to the kids. or if you have to leave them in the creche or with the servants(he is living with his inlaws.) they dont learn values and get spoiled.
Am I enlightened? ::))
I feel a little surprised,  there are still some who think that only home makers can provide values to kids...and then mother sacrifices her dream of a good career, and family compromises on  luxuries...Thats Ok, but for the woman to live a fulfilled life, its necessary to do what she wants to…


when I saw this book, I felt that OMG..this is such a thick book like Ramayana , will I be able to read it or more finish it....finish I did and the reread it again, because it needed it.It is a story of intrigue, betrayal, patriotism in different forms and so much.
This is the story of a don..Ganesh Gaitunde..his initiation in this world and rise, his womanising, killings and looking after his people everything..his fears, his spiritualism and his patriotism..
The second protagonist is Sartaj singh a sikh handsome policeman who is considered honest in police parlance due to his relatively less commissions than other members of his tribe. His mother was a refugee from Pakistan and has seen the grief during partition and has certain beliefs.
In between there are many characters..
Jojo ..a small town girl from south who becomes a television serial producer and a MADAM who supplies girls also, connects them with others.
Parulkar..a Senior  police officer connected with Suleiman ISa Musl…

Daughters are always so special !!

There is this story running around face book, emails and everybody is just ooooh are so special and all that...first read it:)

On the first day of their marriage, wife and husband decided and agreed not to open the door for anyone! On that day first, husband’s parents came to see them, they were behind the door. Husband and the wife looked at each other, husband wanted to open the door, but since they had an agreement he did not open the door, so his parents left. After a while the same day , wife’s parents came , wife and the husband looked at each other and even though they had an agreement , wife with tears on her eyes whispered , I can’t do this to my parents , and she opened the door. Husband did not say anything, years passed and they had 4 boys and the fifth child was a girl. The father, planned a very big party for the new born baby girl, and he invited everyone over. Later that night his wife asked him what was the reason for such a big celebration for t…

safety .how

In my last post I asked a few questions and most of the people agree that we take everything very lightly..but why cant we start a change...I have a few suggestions which we as a responsible citizen may follow..

In any adventure game, before participating, we should gather as much knowledge as possible about everything that may go wrong and what precautions we must take, then check the institute or instructors whether they have got certification and followed all the safety norms and regulations.

Whenever we have incidents in amusement parks, we must boycott them for some time, their financial loss will teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Whenever travelling through ferry always see that its not over crowded, and if the boatmen dont listen, then get out of it..I myself saw this over crowding when I went to Omkareshwar.

Whenever there is a riot, dont encourage the gossip and rumours, try to help everybody irrespective of caste and be an active member in community meetings and v…