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Christmas time

Now Christmas fever has started .so everywhere Christmas decorations and everything in the shape of Santa and other related items is available. It looks so festive.
But some times I feel  that this is where consumerism starts...Even my child wants and now..there is no end to gifts...we keep buying things, even if we have no place to keep them and most of the things are forgotten after 15 days.Aren't we wasting the resources?
Why we have connected everything with gifts and things?
Cant we enjoy with what we have?
Today there is no line between need and want..whatever I want I need that.Nobody wants to see the repercussions of this self centred nature.We are teaching the same thing to our children also..they want gift at the drop of the hat..
I feel totally disenchanted with this  trend...of shopping indiscriminately..

Me Time

I dont understand this me time concept at all...and I hear about it all the time.Earlier women were busy looking after husband , children, inlaws extended families, guests..list was long, facilities were less and so was the affordability and they hardly got anytime on their own, then it would have made some sense,  but the irony is that they never thought of it and never demanded. Whereas today when most of the women have nuclear family and there also they are not totally responsible for everything..everybody is pitching in, rest is being done by maids or restaurants:).

In our time for everything we made efforts, today..if you got up problem..have your breakfast at the cafe outside.dont feel like cooking order something...nobody is bothered about calculating how much damage its doing to their finances or health..

When they are already leading a leisure life, why do they need me time?..I am talking about women who are not doing a job...

I always feel strongly that both the sp…

Smile please..

I have been to Zurich many times and it is such a coincidence that 35 years back my husband was working in Annecy (France) and when we were there, then also we visited Zurich.And that time we saw museums and tourist places. But in all my other trips I enjoy walking in the old town or banhoffstrasse and just roaming around....I am really surprised that nothing changes here, everything remains the same, except that may be population has increased that also not so much as compared to other places.

Here, wherever construction is going on for roads or anything, everybody cribs that they do all this to create employment, they dont need it, road was already good enough.

One thing I really like here and would like to emulate is that everybody works with a smile, meets with a smile..nobody seems to be grumpy...though one of the biggest reason is they have enough money for everything, but still its a habit spreads energy.

Here in Silcity there is a restaurant..Vapiano,there they g…


Living in Chennai has made me averse to cold. So in Zurich, though its not very cold, I am still finding it uncomfortable and taking time to adjust.
Whenever we have any gathering here, topic invariably comes about India and its good and bad points. Most of the people will say that ...there purchasing power has increased so much,but otherwise it hasnt changed much..same dirty places, no infrastructure, no safety etc etc...girls have become so forward, drinking so much...

Though many points are true, but said like that irritate me so much..if everything is so bad why people come here, why cant they live without visiting India and mind it they dont come here for family only..they want shopping too...

India is still cheap for them because of all its underdevelopment only..once we have everything in order, we will not remain so economical. Yes we have many disadvantages, but the same is true in Zurich,one cant afford maid everyday, they charge 25 F per hour, so…