Friday, May 22, 2015

DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X... Keigo Higashino

This is a crime thriller, but one of its own kind.A genius mathematician  sees a sales woman at a restaurant and starts liking her..they are neighbours too.That woman is harassed by her ex husband and at one such time he is killed by her daughter. After that how that neighbour helps her makes the story. The conversations between this mathematician and his Physics friend are very thought many insights into the maths and once he tells a student why math should be studied..
All in all very very good book worth a read..

Very interesting book..its about a middle class Muslim family settled in Vizag.Father is running a matrimonial agency and son is an idealistic civil engineer.In between there are many side stories about father,s employee Aruna, and many agencies customers etc.Its so enjoyable to read about day to day normal life and people.s travails...About BT cotton seed, farmers plights, widows condition in society that...I liked it.

The Power..Rhonda Byrne
I read her Secret and liked it so got this one. Initially its good to read and i agree to this point also that power lies in our thoughts and feelings and they bring to us whatever we imagine. But it seems to me that writer goes on and on repeating the same thing and sometimes without any logic.So it becomes boring..


Jeevan said...

first one sounds me interesting... and thoughtful

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, greetings and good wishes.

Interesting synopsis of three books.

I envy you because you have read three books and I have read only one book fully during the last five months. That book is a very old book with the title THE FALLING STAR. It is about the Indian Mutiny from the point of view of an English soldier.

I am now sitting with one book for days unable to complete it === THE HUNCH BACK OF NOTRE=DAME by Victor Hugo. I really don't know when I will complete it.

I know reading is important.

Best wishes

Renu said...

Jeevan: yes it is.

Joseph Pulikotil: I keep on reading continuously..approximately two books in a week..but unfortunately havent read what you are reading..

dilip said...

I too was immensely inspired by Rhonda's book The Secret. I guess The Power seems to leverage on the success of The Secret.
Thanks for the tip.

Renu said...

dilip: Most of time writers of such books are good in first one all is repition.

Loco mente said...

I have read and enjoyed DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X. Thanks for sharing!

SRS said...

I enjoyed devotion of Suspect X too...pretty good for a translation from the original version

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