Arey! Mr. Sharma hasnt come today..said Mr. srivastav to other friends..they were all retired people who used to gather in the evening in the park. Just then they saw Mr. Sharma he seemed very happy and had a spring in his gait. He told his friends  that just now he had got the phone from his son that he was coming home for two weeks.
Sharmaji was a middle class man, and he had a dream that once his son grows up, and gets settled, he(sharma) would sit in the balcony in the morning, with his wife and drink tea, read newspaper free of all responsibilities. But his son decided to go he was coming for a few Mr. sharma thought that he can fulfill his dream for atleast 2 weeks, his wife legs would get some rest now..DIL will look after the house, I will play with the children and enjoy their company.

There his son and family were thinking about their India trip, son said..I am so tired of all these deadlines and all the work, I am going home,and relax, papa is there , I will ask him to complete some of my paper work also. Wife said..I am so fed up of cooking all the time and taking care of the children..I will just sit can look after the kids and cooking..

When dreams clash..everything goes down..kya hona tha, son went back earlier than planned..parents were totally dissappointed..nobody remained happy.

This is the synopsis of a story i read in a magazine and thought of it..why it happens?..Its always the wrong expectations.

Lets take the parents first..They always postpone their life for children,instead children should be a part of their life, not life  itself..If they need help they must employ a domestic help..may be cut some other expenses but spend on getting help..They must save for their retirement, instead of providing only for the children,nothing for their old age.

For the children..when they go home, they are grown ups and their parents have grown old now, so instead of taking help, they should try to help them. For relaxing they must take another holiday...on their own.


SG said…
What can we do? That's the way the world is.
radha said…
When children come home or we visit them, even though our bones are old, I want to make their life comfortable. As long as they appreciate it and not take it for granted, there is happiness for both.
Renu said…
SG:But we can change our attitudes.

radha:Thats good but sometimes parents are not capable of doing much, then they look forward to some relaxation when children are around.
Sandhya said…
This is every household's story! No expectations, no regrets!
Renu said…
Sandhya:true sandhya, but we cant be a saint like that..why not make this a better world by fulfilling responsibilities?
Ashwini C N said…
Very well said and analyzed. I always tell my mom and dad that they should give importance to their wishes to, rather than always focusing on my sister and me. They end up sacrificing their lives for kids and it hurts to see parents hurt by their own kids late. Expectations must always be set clearly, else things go haywire.
Renu said…
Ashwini CN; very true..expectations always build up when we go out of the way..
Jeevan said…
Quite agree! First let us aware what we really need, before expecting others...I think that many of us are not ready to think about others rather ourselves alone. Expectation is something leads to disappointment, but we can't stop expecting. So keeping it at least or within a limit could do best.

singhalalok said…
Ghar ghar ki kahani banti jaa rahi hai yeh.
I know of a single lady (her husband passed away long back) and her son is in a legal battle with her because of their property...what world are we living in :(
Renu said…
jeevan:Very true..we can top expecting..

singhalalok: ...Its frustrating to see such people..but we can do something to bring a change..

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