Do the clothes make a man?

As Vivekananda said that  in western culture may be clothes make a man but in our culture character makes a man..And how i agree to this....

Today whenever i see the people starting kid's fashion zone or designer clothes or something like that I really feel sad that they are going for something so artificial and giving the children wrong direction

So many people, even my hubby says.if we can afford why not? doest everything comes down  to affordability/..Not according to me..for children, its about giving them a right perspective in life, emphasis on the right things and secondly there is a time for everything.Once they become adult they may decide in which direction they want to go, but in their childhood it becomes important to teach  them sensitivity to the environment and society,and value of good morals Take care of their academics and sports and hobbies.

I dont mean to say that we dont need good clothes or when parents themselves are decked up in labels, why should the children be left out?It is because children out grow the clothes very fast and secondly they feel that clothes are more important than anything else, because they are too young to understand the dynamics of life..

A person will always admire and respect  Narayan Murthy irrespective of his clothes...Clothes can bring appreciation and envy, but not the respect to anyone. Thats the reason i feel that we should give more importance to.. what we do than what we wear..

Now many people will say why cant we have we can if we have become an icon for our kids..with our morals and value..It should be in that order only..first character then clothes, not the vice versa.

what is your take?


Jeevan said…
No variation from your views! Clothes lives up to a limit of covering our body and to appear good, but what stays forever was their virtue and attitude and intention to be good.
Sandhya said…
People dress up their children according to their status, I feel. If they can afford to spend a lot for a single dress (just show off, maybe) it is their wish!

Like it was at our home, most of the elder son's clothes went to the younger ones! Uniform too, we used to stitch a bit long, both shirt and pant, 3 sets and use the same set for the next year. It became a bit short at the end of the year!But it is changing now. Well, everything changes, Renu!
KParthasarathi said…
I agree with you that character is more precious than adorning the body with expensive clothes.But I would say that one should be in clean clothes,not necessarily expensive but appropriate to the occasions.There is a tendency to pay much attention to the ephemeral body than to the soul.
Anilkumar Kurup said…
Yes you are right. And clothes have only a limited use, to cover your nakedness , I mean physical nudity but cannot help to cover the nudity of character.
Renu said…
Jeevan:Thanks jeevan..yes I feel that too..

sandhya:But the change should be for better:)

Kparthsarthi:That is a must dress according the time and occasion and be neat and clean...

Anilkumarkurup...As i said earlier clothes should be appropriate but labels dont make a difference to the person.only outward appearence.
Loco mente said…
I completely agree with you. Even I dont understand why parents spend so much money on kids clothes. Anyways, children wear uniforms to school and their outings are lesser. So minimum the better.

And as you said, character and infusing moral values is more important than being extravagant and spoiling them!
Man makes Clothes .. not the other way round ...

Renu said…
Loco Mente: Thank you so much !

Bikram:..I hope people understand this,,

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