Monday, April 13, 2009


I saw this Movie just now and a good and different movie. This is the story of a middle class couple...Irfan Khan and Shobhana whose child is autistic. How this changes their life...neighbors shun them, MIL blames Shobhana, Irfaan gets frustrated and they are living an insipid life...where mother is always trying to treat her son, though the doctor says that he is not a patient, he is just differently abled, the boy Bodhi is very much interested in painting but both parents totally ignore that, they specially mother wants her son to be a mathematician which she couldnt be. Just by coincidence Father comes to know about Doctor Satya(Anupam Kher) who has made a medicine which can change the brain, he gets it and once in a fit of anger injects her son with that. The son is changed, he becomes a wizard in maths, his mind works faster than a computer, becomes a prodigy, starts doing shows, gets endorsements and become a star, but he is no more their old loving son, but an arrogant, cruel, teenager who is into everything including drugs etc. Now the parents want their old son who was not so sharp but human.
here a line by the doctor ( Rajat Oberoi) is very poignant..why all parents want their children to be doctor or engineer, when will they understand that every child has his own liking and sphere, and then......Think before you dream because your dream may come out to be true.
and at one place Shobhana also says...geniuses come and go, but its only good people who make this world beautiful to live in.

The movie is a little slow in the beginning, but then gets the speed:), there are 3 songs with beautiful words.

The gist is....sab ka apana apna asmaan ha.

last week i went to Hyderabad, there in our building there are three young couples, all three men are very nice and social and helping BUT only one of them leads a happy social life, whereas the other two cant do much, why? Because their wives are not interested in exerting themselves at all, and this set me thinking.......A man's good nature comes to naught if he doesnt get a supporting wife, and so it is very important for the girls to have a caring nature, and it shows the importance of woman in this world:)

One of the highlight of my trip:)........I met blog daughter:) and thoroughly enjoyed my rendevous:)


A rebel all the way... said...

hawww....what about men who are single? :(
the movie sounds nice...will download it...isn't it somewhat like Taare Zameen Par?
and your aasmaan comment reminded me of a couple of lines that a very good friend in my MBA days used to quote :
" zindagi mein har kisi ko mukkammal jahan nahin milta....kisi ko zameen nahin milti, kisi ko aasmaan nahin milta "

Reflections said...

Wow...u met Smriti huh!!!!
Cooooool Really;-D!!!!!!!!

"Think before you dream because your dream may come out to be true."
I say the same thing about wishes:-)).

Preeti said...

looks like another interesting movie that get lost in the start studded stupid stuff .,...anyways now even Irfan is a start :-)
its really ironic that even 90% of the parents want their wards to top , be in IITs and IIMs.... who will go to other coleges ..

One of my cousin is interested in fashion designing and is being pressurized by parents to do engg ...he has amazing sense of fashion , cloths and all ..what a waste ....

hope things will change ....and I really loved the line .." think before u dream..'

and Its nice to know that u met your blog daughter must have been good ..:-)

Sandhya said...

Welcome back, Renu! I will keep this movie in mind. Seems to be interesting.

Deeps said...

That was an interesting review to read.I'll surely watch 'Apna Asmaan'.Shobhana is one of my favourite actresses.

Thank you for sharing,Renu:)

Indyeah said...

Thanks for the review Renu:)
I had no clue about this movie...and didnt have any clue about the earlier one as well(in your last to last post I think)
quite offbeat movies..will def catch them:)

these lines are so true
geniuses come and go, but its only good people who make this world beautiful to live in.

and the apna apna aaasmaan line is so so true...

Destination Infinity said...

That sounds like an interesting movie. I accept the message offered by the movie. Glad to know that such good movies have been made. Thanks to you,

Destination Infinity

Diva said...

I guess I will never know what my parents feel for me (their over-concern, their insecurity, their pain, their fears) and will only understand it when I become a parent myself..

Anonymous said...

Food for thought - that movie...

the remaining part of the post - will come back and comment! :)


Shilpa said...

Wasn't there a serial on DD with the same name? or was it Thoda sa Aasmaan? Confused.

Anyway, talking about supporting wives, what about supporting husbnads? Why expect only the girls to have a caring nature? Aren't marriages all about balancing life's priorities. Isn't it chauvinistic to expect only one person to do that?

manju said...

This sounds like a nice movie, Renu! True, of what use is intelligence without a heart?

Renu said...

Rebel; Oh Rebel, I wish so much and pray also for you to get married, want to see you always happy:)

Its on the lines of TZP but goes beyond that and shows the consequences of parent's ambitions.In life happiness is not something which can be banked upon certain things or conditions...its always your state of mind.

These line you have quoted is my favourite song from the movie...ahista ahista (old one).

Reflections; yeah I met Smriti:) and felt like meeting some long lost friend, didnt feel like a stranger at all.

Preeti: This is what frustrates me that movies like RNBDJ OSO type get so much of hype and certain good movies come and go without many even knowing:(

I always tell anybody who is willing to listen..give your children wings of freedom and roots of support.

Renu said...

Sandhya: yes watch it, its avery different and interesting take on ambitions of people.

Deeps: This movie gives an insight into if everything becomes true what we wish, it may not be such a good idea at all.

Renu said...

Indeayh: I always watch different things, for me run of the mill soaps or movie dont do:)

And this movie strengthens my line of thought that happiness is a state of ur mind, one can never say that I will be happy if this happens or I get this......Once a homeopathic doctor in Indore told me that we have 4 elements in our body and if we try to reduce one, other one increases and destroys the balance, so never try to reduce to ur wt thru unnatural means. its a long story, but i found his ideas very true.

Renu said...

Destination Infinity; Interesting movies are always being made, but sadly they are not publicised.

Diva; You are lucky if your parents have nevr imposed their ambitions and insecurities upon you:)

Pixie: come back and tell me witing for ur response:)

Shilpa; it was thoda sa asmaan I think:)

Anyway, talking about supporting wives, what about supporting husbnads? Why expect only the girls to have a caring nature? ......Shilpa I have written clearly that all the boys are very caring already,but still women are the lords of the house, they only make and break
There is nothing chauvinistic about being good and is the intrinsic nature of a woman, and I just want them to etain that.

manju: I see many people who are very intelligent and and are progressing ahead, but their family life is so unhappy, and I cant admire them, for me intelligence means..firs make your family and yourself happy, then go outside to do social service or charity.

Chronicwriter said...

i love irfan khan's acting.. no wonder he was used by vodafone...

and regarding what parents want their child to be, it is every parent's duty to find what the child is good at and try to nurture that talent...

Varunavi said...

Happy new year renu :)

Still thinking said...

Good to have you back! :)

I've an associate who has a daughter who is autistic and you're so right, she is just differently abled and a genius in her own right. I'll check out the movie soon.

'geniuses come and go, but its only good people who make this world beautiful to live in.' - I quite liked this line and I feel so good :P

And I like Albert Einstein as well :D

Solilo said...

Renu, So you had a wonderful vacation. :)

I read about this one after TZP's release when a friend mentioned that movies like TZP get so much exposure because of star value but the same subject treated with more reality in Apna Aasman didn't even make it to theatres. Sad!

Nice review.

Smitha said...

Renu, Seems like a very interesting movie! Have to try and catch it! Shobana and Irfan Khan are both great actors and this movie seems very interesting! Happiness certainly is a state of the mind.. andI guess we would be a lot happier, if we were just happy to count our blessings..

Kanupriya said...

Yea even I have seen the movie & loved it too. Many a times parents burden their kids with their over ambitious expectations & in turn lose their child's happiness & innocence.

Bedazzled said...

sounds interesting .. will have to watch it .. thnx for the review

Renu said...

Chriz: Oh I just love Irfaan khan, he is so magnetic and versatile.

Parents inflict irreversible harm to their children without even knowing it and without intending to, thats the irony.

Varunavi: Wish you the same and how did you celebrate it?

Still thinking: I remember a movie..apna jahan where Deepti naval and naseeruddin shah have a handicapped child and one of the friend visiting them feels very uneasy in his company...this is the attitude of general public, we always want to see external beauty.

ANd me too:) I am always attracted to intelligence, never to beauty.

Renu said...

Solio: thats the reason I always write about the movies I watch and like, doing my part as a conscientious citizen:)

I really like Hyderabad very much, its truely cosmo and very comfortable city:)

Smitha; Its a good movie and makes you realise many things and one among them you said..count your blessings:)

kanupriya: and the sad part is that parents nevr even realise it, and in reality they want their children's happiness only and end us ruining that.

Bedazzled: My pleasure:)

Sandhya said...

Renu, please visit my blog and take the award, which I am very happy to give to my first best blogger friend!

Shalom said...

Now that I'm at the threshold of being a parent, I think that's one of the most important lessons to remember at all times: accept my child for who s/he is & nurture whatever abilities God has blessed her / him with.

And I totally agree about the "man's good nature comes to naught if he doesnt get a supporting wife". And you met Smriti!!!! Yayyy!!!

Renu said...

Sandhya: Thank U Sandhya ! I am really honoured and will put it up very soon, these days I have been very busy as this month end I am leaving for Zurich.

Shalom:...accept my child for who s/he is & nurture whatever abilities God has blessed her / him with.....this holds true for most of the relationships and if we follow this we will make our life very pleasant.

See here I was emphasising about the importance of woman, ----I feel its very important for the women to be caring and sharing.

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