Tuesday, April 21, 2009

..Kuch aisa bhi

lately i have been feeling very lethargic and not feeling like writing anything.
Now there is something which interested me......

In a couple..Aakash and Anita..both are working AK is earning less and not getting promotion for last two years inspite all hard work , he is very frustrated and that reflects inn his day today behaviour. An is a very devoted mother to their young daughter who has a hole in her heart and needs to be operated as soon as possible whenenevr she is in good health and for that operation need to take care, which both of them being extremely busy are not able to do properly.Once she is ready to be operated...Ak gets a project which will be completed in 2 days and for that he will get promotion also...so he wants it to be postponed for 2 days only......but it is too late and the daughter dies on the table, he is shattered and his wife also goes away as she holds him responsible for the loss.
What do you think about it?
For me it is a very tough situation to decide the right and wrongs but in the end I can say only one thing that at the time of grief both the spouses must support each other instead of starting the blaming game.

KK is a big industrialist, meets Devika, falls in love and they mary and life goes routine where KK is always busy with his bussiness, not able to reach on even any personal occasions, but when devika gets pregnant he is jubilant and arranges everything but she aborts as she doesnt want her child to grow without father, he is crestfallen and they drift apart and look for a divorce....but then they realise both of them are wrong and patch up and start a new life.
Here its a good advice to the men to take out time for the family and for the women to see the perspective behind their busy husband.

Amit a mumbiaker marries Shuchita a girl from Jabalpur..very happily married but the chinks appear in their armour slowly......Shuchita being a small town girl is extremely suspicious of the free behaviour in Mumbai...suspects her husband all the time....here once in a party she calls one of his friendas Bhaiya..and everybody makes fun of herand she gets hirt,..this thing even i dont like....we make relations..bhaiya bhabhi etc because they put a boundary on a realtionship and we believe in the sanctity of our relationships, thats why in Indian environment a father can nevr think of dating his son's girl friend (like in Bold and beautiful), a MIl can nevr eye her SIL,---------yeh bhaiya ur bhabhi hame ek bandhan me bandhte hain aur ham apni maryada ka paalan karte hain, isme koi pichdapan nahi ha, na hi naam lene me koi adhunikta......

The fourth couple is a young boy who is not getting any flat in Mumbai and for that he tries deceit, but when he realises that he could be breaking somebody else's family for getting his home, he repents and clears everything and then he gets his flat also:)

This is the story of Sirf:)

Yesterday i went to meet Cess..my blogger friend... at YWCA and then we went to Spencer plaza and she did some shopping, then we had lunch at Pizza hut. She is a very sweet girl, and i really enjoyed our time together.


Pixie said...

The whole thing - especially the first story is so messed up.. I feel bad for the parents.. they made a movie out of this as well - can't remember the name - it was 1 story narrated among 5 or 6 stories told.

the remaining - well, again it depends on well you can make the other person understand or how well we draw boundaries... how neatly we can first adjust...

Some people - its of no use explaining anything to them - they remain stubborn and do not change their views... it's difficult to live with such people.

Renu said...

yes this is the story of movie Sirf:)

Some people - its of no use explaining anything to them - they remain stubborn and do not change their views... it's difficult to live with such people.....who would know it better than me:)

Shilpa said...

Ah! when I read the third story I thought it was very familiar. Seems very commonplace.

Relationships are so complicated. Actually, may be not. May be, it is our outlook that makes it so complicated. A small change can make life much easier.

Renu said...

Shilpa : a`ctually nothing is complicated, we just make it so by our assumptions and ego.

Pixie said...

Yay! mine was the first comment!! :P

Smitha said...

Renu, I missed tagging you earlier - have updated the post and tagged you too :) Apologies!!


Please, please do this tag - would really love to hear your side of it :)

Renu said...

Pixie: :)

Smitha: Thank u for tagging me, I will certainly do the tag, just give me 2-3 days.

Smitha said...

Renu - Do take your time with the tag :)

As for this post... All the stories are quite thought provoking, aren't they? I guess, it is a different thing being in their shoes.. It might not be so easy to be understanding when their precious child is no more..

As for the rest, yes, it is important to compromise and make adjustments - for both partners.. Onesided adjustments are bound to cause resentment...

But a very interesting post, all the same.. Makes me want to watch the movie.. You do watch a lot of very interesting movies :)

Anonymous said...

God - The director/writer and we the actors no matter we like the story or not.

Destination Infinity said...

In the first story, I think the father needs to look out for a different job. If the promotion depends on two days or a particular project only, then it is a hopeless job.

In the second one, the lady should have atleast tried to enquire about the schedule of an industrialist before marriying him.

In the third case, I am with the girl from Jabalpur. The difference between various relations is blurring in big cities like Mumbai and it is definitely not admirable! There is a limit to greed.

Is it so hard to even get a flat in Mumbai? I sometimes wonder what drives people to that city!

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

I was just wondering why you are not posting anything. This one is nice.

Maintaining relationship is not easy. Openness should be there between the couple. First they should heed each other's opinion.

In the first story, the boy should not have died. Once it happens, both the parents should support each other in the tragedy and try to carry on, instead of discussing who did what.

I will try to watch this movie. I don't seem to have time nowadays. Had been to Bangalore for a couple of days and had guests at home. My time is full! Take care.

Renu said...

Smitha: yeah its not easy to be understanding.....but I think its always difficult tobe understanding, and we must treasure what we have instead of mourning what we lost.

I am always interested in human relationships and stories which give me something to think about, so:)

Hobo; yeah, but we can always learn a lesson.

Destination Infinity:...he knows its a hopeless job, but he is not getting anything else also:(

here Ihave seen that most of the girls marry a rich man and enjoy his wealth but baulk at taking his busy schedule or responsibilities.

Sandhya: yes maintaining a relationship is the most difficult job and we need to be caring, trusting and sacrificing.

So you also made a trip out of town:)...I am busy with my packing and shopping also:)

Smriti said...

Okay, first of all I must say that you have written this in the most interesting manner Ma! When I started to read the stories, I was wondering what are you getting to :).

My brain is too tired right now to think about what happened in these stories :); but I'll say that they're good food for thought.

Rohini said...

the stories especially the initial ones feel familiar but the solution is always a jumbled up one.. separation is definitely not the solution but a little thinking from both ends can do magic. we are adults and if we are old enof to have kids and help them grow, we better grow up ourselves.

and with the mumbai-jabalpur one, i don't see anything wrong or right in addressing someone as bhaiya. as u said naam leke bulaane mein koi aadhunikta nahi hai... but bhaiya aur bhabhi kehna bhi koi galat bat nahin hai.. all my husband's friends are quite older to me. almost 6 yrs! a person that elder to me and not being a colleague or something, i would not feel very comfortable addressing him by his name. so i address him the way hubby addresses him K bhai, i feel its all about how we differentiate each person from the other.

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Hey Renu, how you doing. I have watched this movie good one. Sometimes not a very hit movie from box office, turns out to be a good one! what say?

coming to the medical assistance here, I agree with you. Its such a nonsense, I got to know yesterday. Am very unhappy about the system here. am managing with the crocin...as you said, prefer a doc back home than here.

Hip Grandma said...

don't you think that blaming the spouse and separation on account of it, is increasing these days?Tolerance in a relationship seems to be a thing of the past and those who tolerate are labeled weak.This may be true to some extent because the weaker person gives in and the stronger one takes advantage of the situation.but one should weigh all aspects before thinking os a divorce or separation.you mean to say all four stories were combined in a single movie?good approach instead of spinning each one into a separate movie.

Renu said...

Smriti: Thanx:) and why your brain is so tired?

Rohini:I always believe that its only he time of adversities that bring out the real character of ours...so people who leave at this time are really cowards.

Calling by name whether older ,friend, relative is a western culture, not Indian, so anybody following Indian culture is not backward at any cost from my point of view..for me they are all personal choices, though i prefer Indian culure.and certainly making fun of our own culture.....really irritates me and cant hold that person in high esteem ever.

Shruti: How are you now? feeling any better?

i always watch most of the off beat movies:)

I am laways scared whenevr I visit abroad as fas as theiur medical system is concerned, I ntake lot of medicines with me, but still just pray to God..please dont make me fall sick:)

Renu said...

Hip GrandMA: Yes, intolerance is increasind day by day and i try to do whatevr I can thru my blog.

Those who give in happily are not weak, they are the stronger personality in any relationship, weak are those who give in due to pressure , not voluntarily.
I think to maintain a relationship, one needs the strength of character, and I cant respect those who abandon their family or spouse at the time when they are needed most.

These were four couples in the movie, related like..one man worked with the second, second with the third's wife like that.

Chriz said...


if i were in india, i could have caught up with you and cess.. was planning to meet her too when she came down.. but sad that i couldnt make it


Renu said...

Chriz.are you not in Chennai? I thought you are here only.

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