Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A special candidate who needs our support

*Chennai: *At 30, E Sarath Babu of Madipakkam in Chennai seems to have
achieved everything. The owner of the successful FoodKing Catering Services
Pvt Ltd, he has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from BITS,
Pilani, and a management degree from Indian Institute of Management,

And, now he is contesting the Lok Sabha elections as an independent
candidate from Chennai south seat. He has chosen the constituency as it is
his home ground and also 90% of the electorate are educated.

"India has been witness to some sad incidents in the past 10 months. The
26/11 attacks, an MLA beating up an engineer to death in UP and a mother
selling her baby for Rs6,000 in Andhra Pradesh were defining moments for me.
I decided to join politics and bring about a change," Sarath Babu, whose
life reads like a rags-to-riches story, said.

Sarath Babu's mother sold idlis to support her children. Having seen the
harsh realities of life, Sarath Babu believes that youth have the honesty
and the ability to make the country a better place to live in. "I want to be
a beacon of hope for the youth," he said.
Sarath Babu is confident that he will achieve his goal. After all he had the
guts to spurn lucrative job offers and start a business of his own. The
catering facility, which started with an investment of Rs2,000, generates a
revenue of over Rs7 crore with branches in Goa, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,
Rajasthan, Bangalore and Chennai.

"I did not start my business to just make money. I wanted to create
employment. I would like to follow the entrepreneur- politician model to
uplift the poor. If I can inspire 100 people to start their own ventures,
they will in turn give jobs to about 300 people and that will make for a
healthy state of affairs," he said.
Many of you might have heard of Sarath Babu - The son of a road side idly vendor who under extrarordinarily difficult circumstances, did his engg from BITS Pilani and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad..and instead of looking for a job as most people do, decided to create jobs by being an entrepreneur in catering business... with an intention to support undeprivlileged people, a community that he too was once a part of. He is now contesting as an independent candidate in South Chennai Constituency which goes to polls on 13 May. Obviously he doesn't have muscle or money power. But we can help him with the power of Mouse and word of Mouth.

Source..email from his both alumni.


Smitha said...

Renu, I had seen this article and had wanted to do a post too!!

I totally agree, we should certainly do what we can do ti support him! This is one independant candidate who makes me incredibly proud! An indian, who has risen up, thanks to hard work and determination and now after all the effort, wants to make a difference not money!!

You are so right - 'he doesn't have muscle or money power. But we can help him with the power of Mouse and word of Mouth.'

I wish the media would come out and publicize more such candidates.. They are the truly inspiring ones!

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes !
Best Wishes !
Best Wishes !
Jai Ho !!!

Sandhya said...

I read about him in Times of India and in a Tamil mag. also. Yes, he deserves to be elected. We need people like him. He is becoming famous, though slowly. All the best to him.

Anonymous said...

Good to know such ppl r alive :)

Good luck to Sarath Babu :)

V need genuine ppl to contest elections..not those who beg for votes or make headlines for wrong reasons

Chronicwriter said...

i saw his videos in youtube.. inspirational speeches..

he maintains his humble nature even now.. sooper cool fellow...


Shruti SriHarsha said...

what a inspiring reality! great and so encouraging for us....wishing Sharath a great future and will do my bit of cascading this information.

A rebel all the way... said...

oh no..I did not know that he is standing for elections...i wish him all the very best and hopes he wins...:)

Anonymous said...

Read about this guy on Kanagu's blog too !!! hope he wins and more such enterprising young people join in politics !

Renu said...

Thanks everybody and I just wish and hope that he gets the same support from the voters also and wins.

Pixie said...

yea.. we need more people like him contesting these elections...

Let's hope that some good things comes out of this...

Shilpa said...


I remember reading about Sarath in Rediff some months back.
Yes, his is a very inspiring life story that can serve as an example for most of us.

Wishing him all the best and success.

Jayashree said...

Hi Renu...been a while since I stopped by...how r u?
I remember reading about him in TOI. Hope things go well for him.

Solilo said...

Renu, Read the same on Kanagu's blog too and I think some Chennai youth are planning to spread the word on supporting Sarath. We need such educated young leaders. Hope he wins.

muthu said...

hope tat he wins...... things need to change and a walk of million miles always need a first step....


hey I have written a few short stories in my blog... I would like you to read and comment on them......


Destination Infinity said...

It is also the people in the execution level (Read Government servants) who matter for implimenting the projects and schemes. But it is good to have people who have already managed successful businesses on board. Hope they have a slightly different intention for joining politics!

Destination Infinity

Shalom said...

I think I had heard of his company before. I can't vote for him, but my best wishes & prayers are surely with him.

Still thinking said...

Few days ago I heard Manmohan Singh say 'Please don't entertain Independent candidates, they can't do much and are nothing but spoilers'. And for the first time, I did not agree with him and nor was I pleased with what he said. Honestly, I cannot even imagine that he could say something like that coz I honestly think he's such an amazingly intelligent person.

And I totally affirm to what you've put down here...we do need more ppl (independent candidates) like these...we need an individual's word and thought power than party politics. From all that I see everyday, elections this time looks very, very dirty.

Deeps said...

Excellent,Renu!We are in dire need of people like Sarath Babu who can bring about a positive change in the country.I sincerely hope he wins!

Renu said...

Friends , I also wish and hope that he wins. My belief has always been that start at the grass root label, and if every local politician does his/her job well, country will develop very fast.
And Manmohan Singh, according to me is not a good prime minister...he may be a good economist and good finance minister but not PM. because as a PM we need someone...who has passion for his country, leadership par excellence and clarity of vision....rest the financial things and all other inputs can always be given by his advisors but vision has to be his own and charisma to lead and ability to connect with the massesd and classes both

Reflections said...

I've come across this article too. Reading it makes us believe there is hope for the country.
If people are smart enoff they'll def vote for him;-))....actually its the lower who vote thoughtlessly[well they r bribed thoroughly:-(] & ruins it for the rest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

I am unable to see your new post?!!

- Pixie

Anonymous said...

hi Renu,

Good post!

What we need is more such 'Jai Ho' stories like Sharath Babu's ... and I think RangDe.org has the potential to do so ... I have decided to give its cause a bigger platform ... will you please help?

Namaste :)

Renu said...

Hi Uniue Ideas ! Please tell me in what way i can be of any help, if its within my means, I shall be very happy to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thx. a lot, Renu ...

for now, if you can please spread the word about http://is.gd/tCb0 then i guess it will help ...

My goal is to get 200 more social investors for RangDe within a month (and since the cause is genuine, i guess they will inturn spread it further)


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