Today the first news I read and it rose my spirits is....Sunday pastime: professionals turn vegetable vendors..
rice from the boot of toyota corolla, mangoes from a ford endeavour, vegetable from a santro.......on Sunday mornings at Besant nagar..professions are selling these, all organic, and most of them are doing it as hobby, as stress buster:) and some utilising their land.

Otherwise most of the things I read make me feel that we are not a grown up country but the country of juveniles..otherwise i cant imagine grown ups lauding Sanjay dutt and cheering him in Calcutta as he has suddenly remembered all the places where his parents dwelled, rested etc......

Then this srilankan crisis..its really sad to see innocent people trapped between devil( LTTE) and sea(GOVT). I really wonder where all the people were when LTTE bombed the innocents, even today its LTTE who are hiding behind civilians, nobody asks them to come out and fight like honest soldiers, if they are what they claim.The situation of Tamils there is exactly the same as that of our people in kashmir. But instead of urging the LTTE most of the people are telling govt. to stop.Though i have lost a few readers of my blog because of my frankspeak, but I want to say the truth without being biased. Any terrorist group and in any country must not be supported..come what may.

Yesterday we went to a wedding reception, there the bride was looking like a doll with all the jewellery..I counted , she was wearing 6 sets with armlets and waistband and then golden beads braided in her hair.The best thing about SHAPAD here is they serve you sitting. I never liked eating standing while decked up in fineries.One of our friend told me that each dish has a specific place on the banana leaf and it denotes its importance. he even invited me to come for a proper tamil food where his wife will tell me all the details also, I felt so bad as I was leaving......But here dessert is a very big casualty..most of the time it is watery vermicelli and one sweet or icecream. Second thing that I wondered about was that I went in a salwar kameez, could not dare to wear sari due to the heat and the bridegroom as well as few others were wearing Suits and were not sweating even so much as I was. But I pitied the children..young kids were dressed three piece suits, I know that they must be feeling very uncomfortable..for children the first criteria must be comfort, and then appearance.I like going to receptions here just for one thing..watching myriad color and combinations of silk sarees, and jewellery, I love watching them:) here I noticed that nobody pays any attention to foot wear, with beautiful sarees most of the women were in slippers...quite surprising for me.

And now friends, today I am leaving to Zurich,aqnd having butterflies in my stomach:) Of course I will keep blogging and give you all the details of the places I visit, so till then....


Reflections said…
U knw...even I've noticed tht....woman wear the most expensive sarees & jewellery sets but their feet & foot wear sometimes r so horrible tht it brings the whole image dowm;-S

And, WOW

Enjoy Renu & wishing everything goes according to plan:-))
Solilo said…
Renu, Have fun in Zurich.
Sandhya said…
I wrote a comment and it vanished suddenly. Well, forget all the problems over here and escape from the heat too. Enjoy Zurich (I envy you....!), Renu. Did you go to VTI? Did you like it?
Smitha said…
Have a wonderful time in Zurich! Its a great place to visit and this is a very good time to visit as well! Do bring back some snaps for us :)

As for LTTE - I totally agree with you - a terrorist is a terrorist - we just cannot have such double standards! And the parallel you have drawn with Kashmir is very valid too.. I also find it appalling that it is also part of the election manifesto - don't we have enough troubles in India, without meddling in another country's issues?
Renu said…
Reflections: yeah, footwear and feet were quite a sore to the eyes:)

Thanx for the wishes !

Solilo: Thanx:)

Sandhya: i ouldnt go to VIT, as I didnt have any space for gifts:)

Now the baggage allowance coming down to 23 kg, its quite low.

Smitha: I shall keep posting the snaps of every place, as my itenery is quite long:)

I dont know why people dont understand that if tomorrow somebody speaks about the minorities here, would we like, wouldnt we say its our internal matter? Secondly once anyone decides to live in another country, they have to take all the pros and cons of staying at that place. its not possible to live somewhere and defy them and their law and order.
I don't understand one thing: Why do they have so much weightage to jewels in a wedding? If it is about transfer of wealth, it is like encouraging the attitude of 'we have so much money so there is no need to work!' If it is about decorating themselves, or status symbol then it is silly! It is only my personal view.

Destination Infinity
Renu said…
Shruti: Thanx:)

Destination Infinity:..Jwellery is a favourite for women adorns them, makes them look beautiful and earlier it meant financial security for them.

As far as encouraging not to work..then hardy anyone wants to sell jwels for living and in today's timings it wont be possible not to work and be able to mangae by jwellery only.

In life somethings are there for utility and some for making it pleasant for u, choice is urs..want to live a frugal life or.......
Amrita said…
I am also still awed at how slowly things change out here.. up north nearly everywhere u have buffets.. i prefer buffets cos u dont have to wait for the hall to get empty and all...and its come eat go at ur pace.. and it saves wastage too since u pick as much as u wanna eat..
and north main.. theres more of money as wedding gift rather than gifts in kind.. i somehow find it much more useful...

and footwear hmmmm...its a musttttest must... earlier i always used to team sarees with high heels.. but since my marriage i have attended most weddings in family and in family functions one needs to run around a bit... so i got a nice flat kohlapuri as my stable footwear
Renu said…
Amrita; I p[refer the sitting system here and luckily wherever i went, i didnt have to wait:), plus I take only what want.

Yeha gifting..,.its better to give money specvially in weddings, so that they can buy things of their choice.

You know I prefer the comfortable footwear all the time, but in that also onec an find some elegance of somthing befitting the dress:)

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