This is one book which I read at a stretch...8 hrs:)...very touching and interesting also. The story is about an American women who married an Iranian living in America for last 20 years and quite Americanised. But how he changes and once they go to Iran for 2 week holiday, he doesnt want to come back and wouldnt let her even. Then the living conditions in that country are so unhygienic and unpleasant to her, that she wants to get out at any cost, she can do so thru the embassy, but then her daughter cant as in Iranian law, children are under the custody of father. her daughter doesnt want to live in Iran, so how she fights the odds all laid against her, she has nothing in her favour and refuses to go back without her daughter. The laws are really barbaric over there and highly against the women. Its her arduous journey back to civilisation that is very chilling as well as inspiring.

If you want you can read the synopsis of the story here

After reading this book and thousand splendid suns, I would never want to go to these countries even as a tourist, i am so scared. And I realise the freedom we enjoy in India.My country is really great, After going thru such an experience only, one can value the freedom and democracy which we all seem to abuse all the time.


Reflections said…
SOmething is wrong with the post Renu....the whole post is not showing thru. The latter part of the post is blank.

Funny huh!!!!
Solilo said…
I have read the book and watched the movie too. Real story so scary.

I think at times it is impossible to adjust to another culture and it is scary too when you are alone in an alien land with no one to help.

Kudos to this brave woman!
Sandhya said…
Yes, our country is great. If we try, we can make it better, even. I have noted down the name of the book. Will read, when possible. Seems to be good.
Chronicwriter said…
i dont read books these days.. dunno why
Pixie said…
nice.. 2 posts on a Monday morning...
I'm still yet to wake up!! :P
and, its already noon!
Smitha said…
Renu, What you say about democracy and how we take it for granted, is so true.. Whenever I hear people saying things like 'India needs a dictator to set it right' - I get so enraged! We just do not value the freedom we have! Stories like this make us realise that we are so lucky that we are Indians!
Renu said…
Reflections; I dont know tjhe problem, whenevr I open it, its ok, chk it again.

Solio; yes its difficult in different culture, specially if you are from an open and free culture, but in all civilisations human welfare and freedom must be of the utmost importance which is not there.

Pixie; actually iw anted to schedule one for tomorrow but they got mixed up:)

This story shows the resilience of a mother and also that mothers are same evrywhere.

Sandhya: read it whenevr possible, its very interesting true story.

Chriz: writers dont read other's bookd:) what say?

Smitha: those who say we need a dictator should go and live in these countries and then say. With all the pros and cons our country is good, if not best to live.
Goofy Mumma said…
I have seen the movie... its horrifying. There is a Hindi movie called Escape from Afghanistan on the same lines, as is 'Shakti' if you have seen it. Scary, really scary!
Renu said…
GM: I couldnt watch was so boring, but Shakti i saw, and now when u say that i realise that here also a mother was in same position, but the novel is really very terrifying.
Bedazzled said…
i havent read the book but seen the movie .. its a must watch !! .. how much we take freedom for granted !.. i have heard similar real life stories in KSA also.. but obviously they r nt anywhere as horrifying as what betty goes thru !
Vetrimagal said…
Imagine!, They want to spread to the whole world! It is scary to even think of such conditions here.

But, we women have to be very alert.

Good post.

CHEERS Renu!!! am going to pick this book. Secretly am soo scared to visit few countries and feel soo safe in that case here!! Lemme read and share my experience:)
Deeps said…
Will pick up the book to read,although I can already foresee how terrifying it would be!But if in the end,the mother gets her daughter's custody and manages to free both of them out of the country,then I guess it will be worth the read.
Kanupriya said…
Well, sounds interesting. I have not read this one but looks like I will read it soon now :-)
Renu said…
Bedazzled: What Betty goes thru is just too much, but I always wonder why women fall in love from the men of these countries?

Vetrimagal: Really, its so scary, I think we all must be alert from any such intentions, and nip them in the bud.

Shruti: yes Shruti, I feel so safe in India, and yes you read the book and I will wait for your reaction:)

Deeps: This book is good on two its a real story and second she is able to manage and win the battle.

Kanupriya: It will be worth the read I can assure you, but you must twll me whay you think about it:)

Hobo: kiski?
Hip Grandma said…
I read the book and it was touching with a capital T. She goes through so much trouble doesn't she.Can't believe these things happen.

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