New year resolutions

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.
Benjamin Franklin


Last year I took some resolutions I am going to introspect did I follow them

Firsts was never to complain..I couldn't do it so well...some people tried my patience and won .I tried my best to take the worst in my stride, but couldnt and failed myself.

Acceptance and acknowledgement... Here I have progressed a little, Except rudeness , I have got enough acceptance, for everything else. And yes I acknowledge everything and everybody in life, thinking that it will bring some good, but sometimes it happens that if you acknowledge some mandatory things, people may think that they are too good and not the person who is feeling grateful for small things , so it may i will have to be careful in my praise also:)

genuine..that I am always , everywhere, could never be a me speaking sweetly and then stabbing a person is much worse than not speaking sweetly..its better to show everybody your real self, so that none expects anything otherwise. I am trying to be happy with myself. Slowly slowly I am trying to detach myself with everything and everyone who brings negativity in my life.

not hurting anybody..I always try never to hurt anybody, but sometimes speaking the truth also hurts someone, like if you call a fat and lazy person..fat and lazy, he would feel hurt, though its now my effort would be not to speak at such times:)

Care for you environment..that I am born with..I cant see anyone wasting water, or using too much of plastic..rather I cant waste anything.

Consume I come at the top:)..I buy only what and when I hoardings at all..though I understood the meaning of hoarding very late:)..our indulgence deprives somebody.

Every year I think of taking a resolution of not accepting any gift of money or things from anybody except my husband, but dont because some people might not take it in right perspective,and I never go back on my promises even to myself, from my side, its my long lived desire, that I must live on my own, and the last decade(or some more years) of my life, I just want to live free of everything..responsibilities, restrictions and any obligations, there must be a time in your life when you can live in peace.....I love doing things for everybody but hate this fear gnawing at my heart..if I dont do this..he/she will feel bad..I want to be free of this heart and want to live bindaas( not that i am interested in doing something out of the boundaries)..just living free of any bindings and fears. Giving me freedom from all obligations is the biggest gift i may get...sometimes it makes me feel like a bird in a golden cage...from the elders to the youngsters, everybody has always had umpteen expectations from me.and i fulfilled most of them, but now I think the time has come for a change...the way everybody wants me to be cool and comfortable with them, let me be me too....all of us should be happy with what we complaints, no suggestions.

No more ambitions for me, except to see happiness all around me.Now only desire I have left is if I could touch a single person's life in a good way, I will think of my life as well lived


shail said…
A very happy New Year to you Renu. To live free of obligations and expectations... yes I can understand that desire to live bindaas :)
To re-discover I - The child.
Happy New Year - may peace/happiness be with You, family & friends for always forever. Amen.
Renu said…
Shail: ..Thank you shail!..I dont think at any age one can live Bindaas, because man is a social animal, but after fulfilling your worldly duties, one must be left free to choose everything.
Swetha Guptha said…
Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year!!!
Preeti said…
A very Happy New year to you Renu...freedom is about not having to ask / consult anyone before /after doing anythng ..its about sometimes not doing anything if u choose to ..i understand what u mean by freedom ...thats something thats most impt in my life ...and you are a wonderful person ..u touch many lives in a good way !!
Renu said…
SWetha Guptha: Thanks And wish you too!

Preeti:..A yougn person may not have that freedom, and people thing that elders have that, but its not like that....yes I would love a life where nobody tells me o do something..but please, I am not going to change myself into an uncaring uman being, no I would remain the same, do all the things, but I dont want any suggestions, till I ask for, sometimes I feel so irritated, when I am told..isey phone kar lo, usey mail kar lo, usey call kar lo:)..leave me free to do everything on my own:)

Thanks Preeti for the lovely words,people like you are a treasure to me.I cherish them.
Manjunath said…
Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year :)
SUFFIX said…
It is so nice of you mam, I wish you all the happiness and peace of life. I wish you very very Happy and Prosperous days of the year for all of you.
Manasa said…
Good one... Like you, even I speak to ppl on their face being assertive... :)

Hope you achieve your goal soon :) ATB.
Renu said…
manasa:..but sometime people assume my assertion to an aggression, this is one perception I will have to change:)

and thanks for the wishes !
Renu said…
Manjunath: Thanks ! and may god bless you with all you desire !!!

Suffix: Thanks ! and May god bless you all the happiness and fulfil all your dreams!!
Shrutzz said…
Happy new year Renu!!!!!
Sandhya said…
Happy New Year, Renu! Your main responsibilities are over...mine is still there. If the two children get married, I am free!

But we can never live bindaas, ever. Our responsibilities will be less, that is all.

Enjoy life, Renu.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mam,

Happy New year...I have been reading ur blog for some time now...

I can say only one thing...Even i have this habit of saying everything on face straight forward and ya how much ever you try to do it people will take it agressively only cause its just not we are saying...there is some thing else to it...Body language...

There is one way if u want to change it...But this is a longer process but yes it surely and definetly helps...Everyday in the night before sleeping think of every conversation you had with people...and then while you are doing such a activity in retro you will find some of ur words and jestures which you yourself will realise i should have said this like this instead of this...It truly helps...

I have gone through the same thing for years and now i am doing the same exercise and it does wonders...Cause your blog shows how pure you are and ur good intentions what we need to do is just say it in their way...and thats it!!!!

Hope it made some sense...

Renu said…
Shrutz: Thanks Shruti ! And I wish You too!

Priya:...Thanks Priya for those kind words! and yes whenever we say something with the opposite bady language, it is bound to be misconstrued...But I am a very restrained person and loose the control only in extreme situations.
Amrita said…
Thoughtful.... wish you a good year ahead Renu!
Renu said…
Sandhya: we can be Bindaas if we want to be.. I am not asking to do anythin unlawful or hurt somebody by my actions..we are way too mature for that, I am just asking for a little freedom from tidbits of life.

Amrita: Thanks Amrita ! wish you too ! and a chennai bloggers meet is being planned on 16th Jan, would you like to join?
Amrita said…
heyyy suree.. where is the meet happening??
Renu said…
Will keep you far venue is not decided..Sandhya told me and asked me to tell my friends, she also doesnt know the details yet..kanagu is organising.
Renu, please do this thing NOW!!
Go to a bookshop and buy a copy of 'Fire in the Mountain' by Anita Desai. It is the story of your life!!!
It is the story of a woman who has lived her life taking care of her family (kids, husband, etc). And then she 'retires' to a mountain to live her life in peace, without any restrictions and obligations. Then one day her grand-daughter visits her. She resents it initially and then her attitude changes. I have just started reading it.
But your last para is EXACTLY what the first part of the book is all about.
Renu said…
Rebel: I am :):):) to see you...yes I will surely buy that......I want to live within the family but without any restrictions on me:)

I think there should be an age or time for evrybody in life when one can be totaly free..though those who do it at a young age, wreck the family, so I feel its better to have that after 50:)
Very sane advice. We would all do well to follow it in the new year. Happy 2010 to you.
Renu said…
L.VEnkat Subramaniyam:..Thanks !..let me see how much I casn improve myself:)

Wish you too a very happy new Year !!!

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