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 country club resort

 rooms at resort
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 outside restaurant at resort

Trip to goa--here the journey is as beautiful as the destination.The last 2 hrs train journey is too good to be worded, the train passes thru dense tropical forests, tunnels and sometimes at one side u see a huge valley lush green, a pleasure to watch, then some falls also, and Dodh sagar falls is just amazing, the water falls from a great height and with so much of force that its completely white thats the reason its called so.I would recommend everybody to go to goa by train not by air:)

We had our tickets till Vasco, but the TT told me that everybody gets down at Margao(Mudgaon), so we got down there. The station has a very good restaurant with almost everything available and in very reasonable prices and its clean also.But since we had our bookings at country club,it was better for us to go till vasco, any way we took a taxi,and since the distance is quite a lot ,this is very unnecessary expenditure,he charged us 890/, actually there were other options also, like a train goes till Nuvim and from there u can take a taxi or one can go by bus, but since we were new and it was evening time, we didnt bother.Margao is south goa and country club is in north, so we had a one and a half hr journey and in a way saw whole goa, we crossed Panjim, Mapusa and then reached Anjuna-country club

At the first sight we just loved the resort,its so scenic,with swimming pool in the centre and a shack restaurant a small water lanes with ducks and all, and top of that lighting.And food there was very good,service also good.
We booked a studio, and in that 3 adults or 2 adults 2 children can accomodate. we had microwave with convection,fridge, TV, electric kettle, sofa which could be converted into extra bed, and a small dining table. all in all very comfortable./ What i liked most was we could make our own tea:)

Day-1 we went to Ajuna beach,it was 500 yards from our place.Anjuna flea market is quite famous, bus sadly it was not there as it was the off season:(
Actual beach is little far of and needs walking, so everybody goes at this place where its rocky and all sort of shops are there.since the weather is here very humid, everybody wears shorts, capris and sleevless tops and sandals.
In goa roads are very narrow but well constructed and bikes are the most popular mode of transport, everybody hires them as this is the only way u can see real Goa..There is nothing available for short distances so either one shud have strong legs::)) or love biking to explore Goa.It has vast areas of vegetation everywhere in between, very few multistoreys, and all the houses have 50% of there area left for lawns.


Reflections said…
Hehe....just chking out ur first post.
I used to go to Goa with my friend & her parents. They had this timeshare scheme with Sterling resorts. It was pretty good & I remember enjoying the trips very much.
Renu said…
yes, I have nvbeen to so many places, but i loved goa a lot, its a perfect place for vacations. We stayed at country club, its not very plush, but quite good and food specially was very good there in their restaurant.
Sandhya said…
I feel like going to Goa now itself. You have narrated very beautifully, Renu. We had been planning to go there for a long time. Mangalore to Goa route by train or road too is beautiful, I have heard.
Ash said…
Interesting, and nice pics... have been wanting to go to Goa for a while now!
Renu said…
Sandhya: I also want to go again, if you ever want to go there you can ask me to book country club.

Ash: Thanks Ash, its a nice place..
Harman said…
thanks for sharing,,the place looks very inviting
Renu said…
Harmnan: It is Harman:)
rahul aggarwal said…
beautiful ..

archiving this post in my mailbox as i have plans to visit Goa before the year ends !

thank you ma'm !

Amrita said…
Even I love Goa. Should make a trip. And how did you go from Chennai? Is there any direct train? I last rembr there was only one once a week I guess.

Lovely pics too!!!
Renu said…
Rahul: sure and if you want to stay in country club, tell me in advance:)

Amrita:Its an old post, I went there when I was in HYd.
rama said…
One can never get bored in Goa. It is the best place to relax,The pictures of the train looks good and you also look good.
Bikramjit said…
I so have to go to GOA never been there

lovely pictures

Renu said…
Rama: Thanks Rama ! yes Goa has so many activities going on..

Bikram:..make a plan:)
Rahul Bhatia said…
Lovely post Renu! Brought back of memories of Goa where I lived for two years overlooking a beach and traveling on the route you described so well:)What a bliss it was!
sm said…
looks you enjoyed lot
nice shots
Renu said…
Rahul Bhatia: You are lucky to have lived there:)

sm: Oh yes, thats why its my fav place in India.
Amrit said…
I have been to Goa. It is very nice. Nice temples
Renu said…
Amrit: I like the beaches there.If you are fond of temples come to Chennai.we have some really grand temples.
Goa is great as also this post.
Renu said…
P.N.Subramanian: Thank you sir! But most of the credit goes to Goa only..

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