Kahani.........Everybody praised this movie so much, that I had to see it and it was worth it.Just the type I like..no frills, no fancy dresses and locations, all real people.....Vidya Balan comes as a  fresh breeze and Kolkota comes alive in this movie.Its a suspense movie, so no point in telling the story.I miss the melodies in today's movies....

Yesterday I watched Vivah for dont know which time, may be6th or 7th, and though it has many silly things like girls always too shy and with certain mannerism and poor people with huge mansions, still it mesmerises me because of Shahid and Amrita Rao...and two song specially..haan yeh haq ha and haar phoolo ka nahi...
I feel the movie is good if it remains with you a long time after watching it and it happens with this.Romance like this is much more hypnotic than those of in you face type dealings.

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This movie has total new idea.here people celebrate divorces and shops are full of gift items for the occasions.
Madhavan is a specialist in divorce management and later Bipasha joins him.But when they break a couple much in love(MIlind Soman & Dipanita sharma), they starte regretting and then try to bring them together.While breaking was so easy, it was really tough to bring them together. Highlight of the movie is the location of Greece..its really beautifully picturised and Dipannita looks awesome in gowns.Bipasha also looks good, but Madhavan who was my favourite once when he used to come as Subbu in Ghar Jamai, he has really let him go, grown so fat, heroes cant be accepted like that.Omi Vaidya has been given the duty to make us laugh, but its all  over the top... Helen is charming in the role of granny...I dont understand why they cant get rid of cliches..like christians wearing only gowns and dresses, here in chennai there are so many christians who are  my friend, but there is no difference in living style, just like in the movies, muslims mean dastarkhwan, aaddaab and shararas.


This movie is about two people who meet at different places in different countries, once by chance, later by planning.Ali jafar is a rich boy who meets Adirti Rao at London Airport, where she misses her flight to NY and then spends the day with him. He is smitten by her, but she makes certain rules.like no emails or phone calles. One day she just drops in on him to give a surprise and sh herslelf is shocked to see him with another girl. Then he tries to find her and when she is in paris goes there, she meets and enjoys and sleeps with him and then goes away in revenge to let him suffer.In the last he goes to NY to her, and finds she is getting married.
What a story...nothing is well etched out. Both Ali and Aditi look good only in a few scenes, rest is all trashy.
Go to watch only if you want to see those three cities...


manjujoglekar said…
I do want to see Kahaani! I've heard the story, and thought it was interesting and different.

It was broadcast on a television channel last week and our cable connection broke down at that very time!

Jodi Breakers sounds interesting. I'll see it if I get a chance.
Rachna said…
I loved Kahaani. Vidya was fabulous in the movie. And, I hated Madhavan too. He is so fat. I mean come on why only the pressure on females to stay slim?
Amrita said…
Even i find vivah sweet :) barjatya movies somehow have an old world charm to them. i can watch HAHK any number of times, and of course more for Madhuri Dixit :D
Hmm completely agree on how fat madhavan has become :( I used to watch sea hawks jus for him :(
Bikramjit said…
Have only seen Kahani in all the names .. i liked it tooo

Renu said…
Manju: yes its worth it, a very different movie and very interesting..

Jodi breakers is good in parts.

Rachna: I think one should stay true to one's profession, if one is in a visual media.be it any gender, one needs to be good if not perfect in appearance, thats what they get paid for.

Amrita..pata ha mujhe to nasha ho jaata ha dekh kar:)
Sea hawk was best serial I have seen, they dont make it like that anymore.

Bikram: you havent missed anything:)
sm said…
kahani havent seen it
Tomz said…
kahani was a great movie. But I dont know if you understand the tragedy of a film goer who already knew its suspense (i am talking about myself)..And more than the film what I liked was the Rabindra Sangeeth crooned by Amitabh Bachchan
ashok said…
good reviews...i will see them when i get a chance :)
Renu said…
sm: its worth it.

Tomz:But I am the opposite, I wanted to know the suspense first, so insisted upon my nephew to divulge it, so that i can see the movie in peace:)

deeps said…
Interestingly… in haven’t watched a single one of them… but I guess, maybe I will try vivah..
thanks for sharing
chitra said…
I too loved watching Kahani...a different type of story , presentation ..want to see once again..
Shalom said…
So Madhavan has become fat? Sheesh! But I guess its the South-Indian mindset, most of the actors there are overweight .... big is beautiful over there. But he should seriously lose weight, he used to look so good! I was so completely fida over him in Rang De Basanti :)
rama said…
They showed Kahani some time back on the TV, but it had already started and I couldn't really understand the story, so I thought i will see it next time from the beginning. It is supposed to be quite good. It is good to read reviews from people / friends who have seen it. I am watching out for it.
Renu said…
deeps: Vivah is not a new one, but my favourite with old style romance and values.

Shalom: I am so happy to see you here:)
I think now south is changing a little...Madhvan is my fav. too and I felt sad to him so gross..

Rama:..with this movie, director has shown that to make a good movie one doesnt need stars,or exposure or item songs or lavish locales and designer clothes, instead a good story and good actors in the hand of good director are enough.
rahul aggarwal said…
alright, now i understand the reason for the comment on my kahani post :-)

out of 3 i've only seen Kahani!
Renu said…
Chitra: To me it was good, but once only, repeat value is only for romances:)

Rahul:I dont know how I missed that post earlier..but you write reviews very well, Ican write only what I like and what I dont.

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