Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First in 2009

Wish you ALL A Prosperous and Happy New Year !!!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be happy and successful ...

Have a Successful Year ahead !!! 2009 HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR

"Everything in life is temporary. Darkness of the night; or a bright day. Even sunrise is temporary; so is sunset. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry. Because it won't last forever either. Everything passes by"

Have a great life ahead !!! .

A year has passed, since i started blogging, though I started the blog long back but started writing only a year back. What a great enlightening journey it has been ! In the beginning..i was a complete novice..not that i am an expert now, but then i didnt know any short what is D or P:) that, and if got some comment,didnt know that i must acknowledge it, then my daughter sat with me and told , the blog is like your home and if somebody comes to ur home, aint u going to visit them and acknowledge them. and me felt too shy to reply the comment or write a comment. Would you believe it if i said that initially i used to ask my D to write on my behalf:), it was the same as when I got married, everybody called us for dinner, and i being so shy would avoid the invitations like anything, sometomes I would ask my H to go alone..poorH..he will say...but they have called because they want to welcome u:(.....I cant believe , i have changed over the years so much...from a complete silent introvert to a total extrovert, talkative person.
I started this blog to write my heart out and i wanted my views to reach others. But slowly and slowly following the etiquettes of the blogville......came the rules and propriety...and somewhere it turns a person into too much of a diplomat, whereas my whole life i have followed one thing genuine in whatever u say or do. Even in very trivial things also, i dont like to tell a whenever we go to someone's place for dinner, usual thanks would be something like that from everybody...oh the dinner was delicious, very tasty and blah blah, but for me...if i liked only one dish, I will appreciate that only and if i liked nothing, I would appreciate the efforts that hostess has put,.
last year I had taken a few resolutions and I feel I have followed them quite well, this time I would reiterate that...
I will follow the policy of no complaints...from people or life--in today's world complaining hardly gets u anything except in the govt. offices.....
acceptance and acknowledments of everything.
Be geuine , sorround yourself with the people who like u or whom u like, so that you have a positive aura all around.
Be happy with what you can do for your self and others, dont depend on others for your happiness.
Before saying or doing anything first chk----it doesnt hurt anybody, because I believe that anything which hurts anyone cant ever be good for u. Hurting anybody verbally or otherwise a strict no--no--in my book.
Be environment friendly..say no to plastic, consume less water and electricity.
Consume everything in lesser quantity.
Do something for less privileged.
These are a few commandments of mine, wish me good luck , so that i can follow them.


SMRITI said...

Hey Renu

Wish you and Your family, a very Happy New Year :)

Really like your commandments...good luck with those...I hope I can borrow a few of those myself too... :) and follow them as well..

Take care dear...All the best wishes for the year ahead. Keep blogging. Cheers!! :)

Prason Christopher Robin @ Chriz said...

all the very best for your commandments... happy new year

god bless...

i am back to blogging

Balvinder Singh said...

Hi Renu, a great post to start the year with. Wish you a happy new year.



Ajit said...

yeah, wish you the very best in 2009 and a happy and safe new year...


Anonymous said...

Wish u the same, Renu :)
U r such an inspiration

H?? hehehehhe Why is it still prohibited? :P

Shalom said...

Wish you and your family a blessed New Year, Renu!!! From what I know of you from the way you write, I'm sure you will be more than successful in carrying out your resolutions.

Sandhya said...

Hi Renu, the post was interesting, as usual. I too will try to follow some of your commandments, like not to hurt anybody by word or deed!

A very very happy New Year to you and your family!


Renu said...

Smriti: Thanks a lot:) and i wish u the same wholeheartedly.
Commandments are not very difficult, anyone can do if so desired:)

Balvinder: Thanks a lot and I heartily reciprocate the same.

SWAT: u will be surprised but my hubby is the most progressive person i have seen:), like in my whole life inspite of being a housewife, I am independent economically and otherwise, and he supports me completely in hatever i do:) ha na mushkil aise log paana? woh bhi 70's me,?
His just very convenient::))

Shalom: Thank u so much,yeah i try to be like that:) and even some people say...what has changed u so much? I just say...acceptance:)

Sandhya: Thank u so much for the wishes and wish u the same !
U have chosen the best resolution, if we can keep:)
BTW u have been tagged and awarded:)

Dream'R said...

hi...good luck with ur commandments...real nice positive way to start the new pretty new to bloggin hey hey hey..does a year make u like an old blogger??hehe...

cheers..and awesome new year ahead...dontcha worry...!!

sukku said...

Here's wishing you luck and thanks for sharing what was in your mind...and may the God Lord Bless you for a prosperous and a Happy New Year...

Piper .. said...

Hey Renu, here`s wishing you and your family a year of peace and happiness ahead!
What a fabulous post! Last night someone told me that I am never happy with anything and that I complain about everything and everyone. Now reading your post, I feel something tug at my inner being. I`ve finally made this year`s resolution - I will try and be content. I shall not complain. I love all your resolutions. And I thank you for helping me become a better person this year :) Hugs

Smriti said...

First off, that's a very inspiring quote Ma! Love it!

Being your "computer teacher" I can vouch that you've come a long long way when it comes to computer literacy and I feel so proud to see that you are always trying to learn new things in the blog land!

And here's wishing you all the best for your resolutions and I'm sure you'll be able to follow each and everyone of them.

Renu said...

Ajit: Thank u so much and I wish u the same !

DreamR: Thanks for dropping here, I am very happy that on new yr I got one more reader:), so keep coming:)
Yeah one yr in blogging makes u quite seasones..if u have been regular on the Happy blogging !

SuKKU: Thanks:)

Piper: I also wish u a year full of happiness.
U have always been a sweet person and thats what u r:)
Its true..I have seen that being positive and nice about everything gets u many more and make u happy also.
so cheer up, be happy all the time:)

Smriti: guria thank u:) ur profile photo is so cute just like u, as soon as i see it, it brings a smile to my face:)
and there still too many things to learn and i am waiting for YOUR trip.

Pixie said...

Your commandments are simple, yet profound... I try to follow the same too, but slip ups happen! This year I have promised myself not to slip up too many times! To be happy! :)

sansmerci said...

A formal invite to pick up ur award from my blog :)

will read the post in leisure and comment soon

Amrita said...

renu! cant bliv its been jus a yr since u started bloggin..cos u seem like a super star out here!! ur ethics speak for themselves and they come out thru ur posts... love readin each piece tht u post.. hope u have a glorious yr whr all ur resolutions stand the test of the 12 months :)
hmmm have a great year ahead and wish so for ur family too

PG said...

Renu, thanks a lot for these beautiful words. Thanks for sharing them with us!
A very happy, healthy, fulfilling New Year 2009 to you and your family!

Manasa said...

Sweet post... keep blogging :)

Happy new year to you :)

Renu said...

Pixie: yeah is always as simple or complex as u perceive it. I wish u no slip ups this time and lot of happiness:)

Sanmerci: Thanks, though there was no need to, see I have never put a line on anybody's blog, thinking that if they dont come on my blog, then whats the point in giving them?
I have taken it and put it with lots of love in a few days.
Thank u so much, u have made me very happy with what u have written.

Amrita: Thank u for ur kind words, friends like u give the oxygen to my blog:) Thanks for the wishes and me too wishes u a very happy and prosperous new yr to u and ur family!

PG: Thanks PG !I am very happy to have found a place(blog) where I can share the good and bad with the world. Seen u here after a long time..been busy?
Wish u a year full of blessings and happiness for u and ur family !

Manasa: Thank u manasa ! and a very happy and prosperous new year to u and ur family !

starry nights said...

Wishing you and your family an happy and wonderful new year.Congrats on your blog anniversary too.keep blogging.

my space said...

Have a fabulous 2009..I like your commandments..though honestly tough to follow..I am sure you will keep them..Look forward to more Fab posts from you this year..

Renu said...

Starry Nights: Thankx and me too wishes you the same !

My Space: Thank u AArti and good to see you commmandments difficult? that so:),I feel once I put my mind on anything, it becomes easy to manage.

Reflections said...

"But slowly and slowly following the etiquettes of the blogville......came the rules and propriety...and somewhere it turns a person into too much of a diplomat"

Renu, U r the best.....I was just grinning to myself regarding the above sentence.....coz I knw exactly wht u r talking abt:-D

HAPPY NEW YEAR to U tooooo!!!!!!!

Renu said...

Reflections: nancy..I was missing u:) yeah,, thts just not me,u know what i mean:), and now onward i am going to be just me, genuine 100%:)

sansmerci said...

WOW! i jus love everything u ve said it feels as tho its just for me to follow... i swear i ll try my best to follow these in this year :)

and yea.. m asking my mom to write a blog too.. now that i ll b leaving her after the wedding.. she ll have a let out:)... i even told her she heeds to read ur blog n get inspired!

Renu said...

Sansmerci: yeah sure, rather help ur mother in starting, once she starts, she will become active automatically:)
Thank u so much, u always make me happy:)

PG said...

like always busy food blogging! :D It takes up so much time.

Renu said...

PG: When i saw other food blgs I saw that everybody takes so much of trpuble, i cant do so much, even I have a food blog..Meri rasoi..though all the dishes are typical north Indian,but I cant do much systematic way:)

Anonymous said...

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