yesterday I saw RU BARU ,its literal meaning is...face to face... a very different concept which I havent seen earlier. The story unfolds like this...
Nikhil (Randeep hooda.....now dont ask me who is he;)...one of the many exes of Sushmita sen), gets up in the morning...very busy, as he has a presentation,his live-in girl friend Tara (Shahana Goswami) wants him to go to India with her and meet her parents, and then come to her show at Theatre, as usual a busy morning and as ocupied he is with his clients..he is a little irritated, says no to going India, then presentation is not succesful and when he take a taxi to go to the theatre..taxi driver engages him into a conversation telling him..whatever u want to do..do now, life may not give u a chance again..since u love ur girlfriend..show it., but then he doesnt like the show much and then they have a tiff in the restaurant dining out, Tara goes out alone, he wants to stop her, but she doesnt listen, and boards a taxi...................and ............Crash..........
And he gets up..really it was a dream...he is really frightened now....and as the day advances..everything happens the same way he saw in the dream...exactly....even the clothes are same..but his responses are different.........now he is cool,,,,and he seals the deal, and then takes Tara to spend a day together and fulfil all her dreams like..
buys flower for her,
decides to go to India to see her parents.
genuinely appreciates her performance in the theatre,
makes arrangement so that she fulfills her desire of singing on stage,
takes her to his parents,
Makes peace with his parents.
Since he saw taxi crashing, he didnt want to travel by car, takes a train.
By the evening Tara is so happy..says..its the bestest day of my life.
and then he proposes:) also.
While coming back he wants to walk back, but Tara insists and they sit in the taxi...same one......and Crash.
But it is Nikhil who dies this time, not Tara.
What a spooky one ! And Randeep is looking every inch a modern executive..quite dashing and handsome , dapper in suits, while Shahana is like next door girl, sometimes sweet, sometimes very ordinary to look at.But I loved the interchanges between them. And then there is her girl friend who is always instigating her against Nikhil...so typical of gfs:)... They never like other's bf and nor trust them:)
The movie is worth a watch, interesting and tells u...the same thing kabir told us long ago.......whatever u want to do do it today..dont post pone it for tomorrow.....u may not get a second chance for everything.
Most of the time people go to see some really trash movies because of their star values,and dont give a second stare to movies without stars, but i prefer simple movies with actors and a story line.


Sandhya said…
Renu, the story is not only spooky, but funny. What happens next?! Part-II?!
Reflections said…
Sounds interesting...will watch out for it whenever it comes on TV:-D.
Hrd RDBJ is quite good...tho i'm not a shah rukh fan as such, I cant deny his movies have 2-3hrs of timepass value;-P
Swats said…
I haven't seen the film but I think Shahana is a fine actress. She effortlessly played the role of Arjun Ramapal's disgruntled wife in ROCK ON

and even in Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd- Boman Irani's wayward daughter
The concept is intriguing. Good to note that there are some interesting conceptual movies going on in bollywood for the last one year. I will pick up moserbear when ever it is out...

Destination Infinity
DeeplyDip said…
hmm...spooky but inetersting...must watch it soon :)
Ajit said…
hey Blog hopping from JP Joshi...
good one... I definitely want to watch the film now...
Pixie said…
Hmmm... sounds interesting! Will try to watch the movie... :)
Renu said…
Sandhya: There is no part II, the movie ends with the hero dying and heroine crying...it just tells u that..sometimes life may not give u a second chance.

Reflections: I watche dit on TV only:) Shahrukh's PR and his fan following is so good that his movies cant be a total flop, though I saw on some TV channel that RNBDJ has made losses.

SWATS: I didnt see Rock on, and didnt know her in Honeemon travels:(. But here the chemistry between theem is good amd makes it worth watching:)

Destination Infinity: I always go for something different and keep looking for such movies:)

Deeplydip: yeah sure:: watch it, its worth..has a very new generation treatment of the situations.

Ajit; Thanx for dropping ! Hope to see u here often !

Pixie: yeah sure:)
Monika said…
sounds interesting will check it out

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