I always like to do tags..cant say why..may be it tells me that someone remembers me and wants to know about me....may be it gives me the feeling of wanted..whatever:), but i enjoy doing them...but yes for the complicated ones, my daughter has to do a little here and a little there:), but then my daughter has always been a perfect helper and assistant to me and continues to do so,inspite of being busy with job & that order only..:) and because i want to enjoy every thing in life i am doing all the tags slowly at my always delayed:(.

Hiphop grand mom tagged me for this....

My oldest memory:

I have many.....but the oldest one is ..where have this very hazy picture of me and my grandmother (daadi) going to Neemsaar( a pilgrimage) going on a Riksha and falling down and one more of watching GANGA JAMUNA with my daadi and younger sister sitting just in front of the screen and getting scared by fight scenes:), And u will be surprised to know that in the same hall, my parents were watching the same movie in the balcony:) Actually what happened that my parents went and then me and my sis goaded our granny to take us also..poor the time we reached there, there was no other place available..and we were adamant upon watching...and on top of it..what we told our granny ........ it is a religious movie...see the name is Ganga jamuna;) , u will also enjoy:) I must be 6 yrs old.


10 yrs ago, i was in kanpur and enjoying the life at the fullest, as my son and daughter both were in no work, i had a very good social circle and better friends, some people may call it very shallow also, but i say that these are the different phases of life...I used to love organising parties and was a very active and popular member of our club:)


What should I have in quite mundane...actually nothing special, i just wanted to clean up my H's drawer and put all the papers in order...u see its all in a mess, since i was not here for last month----every day when i get up..I thank God for giving me another beautiful day along with a lovely family:)

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:

It will have my laptop with net connection, some music--melodies from Rafi, ghazals from Talat Aziz and some good books--may be Hindi literature, and tea and if I could keep ppl also, then my sister ( so that we can do the gupshup).and of course TEA.

This year:

Has been very good to me, I came to Chennai and my brother visited me..i cant imagine him coming here, as its very far away and he is an extremely busy man, he came just to see me.......then all my children came together.............,my daughter came twice...then SIL also..what a bonanza it was...and then my son and stayed with me, here. ,for two....... months, and icing on the cake was that I had my own royal trip to my home town:), the downside had been only that i had the of checkups of my life this yr and went under the knife also, for the first time in my life, but i prefer to see the sunny side that i came out hale and hearty with my voice intact:)

14 years from now:

cant say anything, whether i will be there or...... just wish and hope that i retain the positivity of my mind, and able to do something for the others.without taking anything from anybody and live my life with dignity.And if I am able to make any difference to even a single human being (unrelated to me), I will feel that I lived well, it was worth it.

Now I need to do the tagging...let me see whom I i see it there is no point in tagging 20 somethings:) and most of the bloggers i know are very I tag...Sandhya, JP ,Starry nights and Balvinder.


sansmerci said…
y no 20 somethings :) i do have old memories and i can very well think and dream of 14 years from now :D .. hehe jus kiddin .. very well writen .. always love to read more bout u thro tags :)
Amrita said…
heyyy my cousins took thr granddad to the movie hare krishna hare ram sayin it was a religious one :D

hmm u went under the knife!! uh :s thats scary...

u had a wonderful year.. wish many more to come by with the same chirp and gud times
Hip Grandma said…
very cutely done.Thanks for taking it up.will do yours soon.
Renu said…
sansmerci: Thankx Swarna:), why not take it up? BTW did i tell u that ur new profile photo is very attaractive?.

Anrita: Same we used to do:)..but thats the fun in having grand parents who pamper u to the hilt:), I had the best time with them.
and Amrita..its not scary at all..if u have faith in God...I felt less pain than that in stomachaches and headaches. and best part is at these times U feel, how much everybody loves u:)
Shalom said…
I think sometimes we get illnesses to appreciate what a blessing good health is. Nice reading this one :)
Renu said…
Shalom: you are always right:)
Smriti said…
Ma some of your answers are so thoughtful, some so funny and others so emotional. All in all a very sweet tag :)

BTW it's SNOWING cats and dogs here!!
Pixie said…
Humph! Why no tagging us?!
I will take this one up!

Loved reading your memories, by the way!!! ;-)
Renu said…
Smriti: Thank u Guria :)

fir kya karen? ham abhi aa jaye:)

PIXIE: Oh sure, take it up:), I thought all of u are so young, what can be old about u, even if its memories:)
J P Joshi said…
Enjoyed reading your post. Will do my part as soon as I can get my scatter-brain to focus on my past, present and future, as demanded by the requirements of the tag. Thank you.
PG said…
Well, I want to ask th same question as Pixi, why not us. I have a number of friends which are not my generation. I think it is more a matter of if you get along well or not than the age factor.
I would like to pick this up too, but I guess if i do it then it won't be before January.
I came here after a long time. A good read. Good to know you more too.
BTw, if you were serious about the german sentences, then go ahead! :D
SR said…
wow renu! I have been away for a long time - nice to know all this about you.
Renu said…
JPJOSHI: Do it at ur own convenience:), thats the way I do it.

SR: Thanks SR, yeah I was wondering where have u vanished:)
Sandhya said…
Interesting post. You have tagged me now and will I be able to do it, even 50% interesting like you have done?! I am a bit experienced now, I feel, after reading so many blogs! Will try, at my own time.

Thanks, Renu.
Renu said…
Thankx Sandhya !,Take ur own time, as I have taken mine:), and i know that u will come up with something much more intersting than this.
J P Joshi said…
Mission accomplished!!!
Renu said…
JP: :)

PG: Yeah I stand corrected:), actually I thought that at a young age..what is old memory? and what will be 14yrs ago:)

Yeah i was serious:), is there any differenc in pronunciiatiation?

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